It’s rare to burn an old man, a gentle tone that he has never heard before, and ask Su Ling a moment’s silence until Su Ling suddenly despised himself for thousands of times during the ceremony. "The report is really joking! Am I wrong? "

"It’s no good angering the king for you!" Burn three-dimensional dust is on the verge of chapped, cold face is soon covered with ice, and for Su Ling’s strength, his heart is nothing but nai!
How many times he couldn’t bear to be cruel to her, but she couldn’t understand his kindness! If she keeps doing this, she will suffer because of her sex and behavior in the future!
This statement is no joke!
Su Ling eyes slightly dazed looked at burn assumed the dust expression also froze a heart suddenly some strange feeling some words without brain so blurt out "burn assumed the dust if today broke into the barracks is not me but Hector even jinse you will force her to apologize! ?”
The distance between two people is still very close, but there are reflections in each other’s eyes, but it feels so close but so far away!
There is no denying that in Su Ling’s heart, Huang Yin’s dust has helped Hector even Jinse again and again, and it does hurt her! No, it’s not. It’s because her wife is so important to him that she can’t catch up with passers-by at all!
If so, you must have agreed to marry her at the beginning? With his strength and bullying, she doesn’t think an imperial edict can trap his footsteps!
Burn assumed the dust seems to be unexpectedly Su Ling suddenly have this question, and her eyes are no longer so naughty and charming expression. Instead, she looked at him seriously. This feeling suddenly made him hide something!
I was speechless!
It was not until Su Ling laughed at herself and raised her eyes to laugh at Huang Yin’s dust that she focused on her face again, but her tone was not as sure as before. "She won’t break into the barracks at night!"
"What if!"
Su Ling’s temper is coming, and she just wants to know an answer! Although she knew she was indefensible, but for the fruit correction, she was so wrong that she asked not to speak!
She has a so-called attitude towards Huang Yin’s dust. There is someone in his heart, but now she is facing his coldness all day, and she also wants to know whether she is really annoying!
"Go to sleep late at night!"
After taking a deep look at Su Ling, the eye socket was dim but stopped this topic! He did have some differences with Su Ling in the past two days, but it seems that this difference has made her even more presumptuous!
"Burn assumed dust I ask you something! I just broke into the barracks tonight, but you didn’t even ask me why, so let me confess my mistakes and have the ability to punish me or don’t play dumb with me! " Su Ling severely despised himself and immediately looked at Huang Yin’s attitude of getting up from the table. He was indifferent, and there were 10,000 grass mud horses rushing in his heart!
This fellow must have bewitched her, otherwise how could she have asked such shameless words just now!
What a shame! It’s a shame and a disgrace!
Burn three-dimensional dust spin body move in Su Ling discourse moment was aroused anger wild unruly turned and looked at Su Ling tone quenching "Su Ling! Don’t challenge the patience of the king! Just your trespassing into the barracks tonight is enough for you to eat a hundred clubs! "
Just as his voice fell, he saw that Su Ling had bounced up from the chair and immediately stepped on the console table in front of him and jumped at him, with "I’ll eat your sister’s cudgel!"
As Su Ling denounced, then she made a fist with her little hand, and went directly to burn the dust and say hello to Toshiko by jumping in the middle. It was extremely fast and moving!
But in the face of the invincible god of war in the barracks, she suspects that some eggs throw stones!
When she saw Su Ling move, Huang Yin dust turned around and left the place lightly and quickly, and Su Ling was still moving with momentum, so she stopped to watch it fall on the ground in front. After all, Huang Yin dust pulled her arm from her side for an instant, and Su Ling’s awe-inspiring little face suddenly burst into a snicker.
With the help of her strength, she turned her figure, waved her fist, and once again ran to the cheek of the burnt dust to say hello, but perhaps the burnt dust forgot her cunning or worried that he would lose his cool.
Always pulling before he bent down and Su Ling turned to jump and waved, how could she bump into each other so skillfully and with her lips sticking together!
Second watch, around 1 o’clock!
Zhang Baiyiqi’s surname is jade, and the name is cold!
Always pulling before he bent down and Su Ling turned to jump and waved, how could she bump into each other so skillfully and with her lips sticking together!
In a flash, the universe is vast!
Su Ling’s fist-clenched little hand was still held by Huang Lao, and her other arm was held in the palm by a king’s pulling gesture. At this moment, the four lips seemed to stick together and everything around her became empty.
The long breath of each other surrounds the noses of both sides, and the four eyes clearly reflect each other’s shock and measures.
The first kiss is gone! This is Su Ling’s idea!
Rhombic lips are soft! This is the feeling of the third child!
The two men looked so silent for a moment until Su Ling felt a ray of flame in his dark and deep pupil, and all the minds were able to withdraw their strength instantly. At that moment, Su Ling pushed his chest to completely open the distance between them, and her face was radiant and her lips seemed to have a cool feeling.
Huang Yin’s dusty eyes are like fire, and there is a touch of indistinguishable heartbeat on his cheeks. It seems that he feels good for the first time!
It’s still iron-blooded, tough, overbearing, wild and unruly, and the dust of Huang Yin suddenly stands in front of Su Ling. While she is secretly regretting, someone takes her soft body in her arms once again, while Su Ling struggles like a banyan tree until she feels that his thin lips are approaching again. Some methods can suppress the excitement. When he still doesn’t succeed, Su Ling directly slaps her in the face of Huang Lao, and the ambiguous flowing breath of this main account is instantly broken.
And it’s such a coincidence that the curtain of the main account is just opened at this time, drunk and stunned. Looking at the scene in front of me, I want to talk about it, and my heart has already faced up to the fate of the princess!
Mother also dare to hit the third master? How bold?
Burn three-dimensional dust Toshihiko didn’t see anger, but it was already gloomy as a drop of ink. Su Ling jumped two meters away from him. She even saw that she was rubbing her red lips and eyes on her cuffs with disgust, so it was getting deeper and deeper.
"I kissed you this pig! Nima is disgusting! " Su Ling shook her hands and pointed angrily at the burning old man. After scolding, she ran out directly from the main account door. On the way, she was very strong. She pushed Zuiqing aside and was shot in Zuiqing koo. At this time, she was staring at the column in front of her eyes. If he went a little further, his face would be shot!
I’ve heard from the breeze that the little princess is not easy to mess with, but why didn’t they say that the princess is a bit of a tiger? Call the sovereign a pig in front of him? Let’s not let him be a dark guard!
It’s not that I didn’t turn around when I was drunk, and it’s not that I grew grass in my heart. The ice sculpture behind Third Master has begun to emit air conditioning. Can he still see the sun?
"Things to say!"
Burn three-dimensional dust anger is obvious, eyes blink or not. Looking at the camp door, the corner of the light glanced at one side and drunk, saying that it was cold and wild.
Drunk Qing slowly turned around and lowered his head, trying not to look at his third master’s face and looked at the ground dryly and said, "The man who was sent to prison by the third master has already confessed that he is the Mahayana of the Fourth Master’s bodyguard!"
When I heard that Huang Yin’s eyes were flowing with extreme chill, I scraped myself drunk and remained silent for half an inch until I felt that my head was almost frozen. I heard "Send it to the new barracks to practice with the fourth grade!"
Drunk and running for life seems to smell the news and want to run outside. If you haven’t opened the curtain, the cold voice rings again, "Protect the princess!"
When I got drunk and walked out of the camp step by step, I felt that my desperate efforts were saved! Therefore, he secretly swore to himself that he must stay away from the princess, especially when the princess is with the third master, and he can roll as far as he can, otherwise his heart will be overwhelmed if he is scared again!
The moon shadow is like a hook, bending and entrenched in the solemn battlefield of Mo Kuang. From afar, it seems that you can see a beautiful shadow sitting cross-legged on the ground.
And not far from that beautiful image, there is also a slightly lonely and slender figure staring at her silently outside the most magnificent camp.
"It’s time against putting! Mom actually kissed a pig! " At the moment, Su Ling is sitting cross-legged on the battlefield, constantly grabbing the sand and blowing it casually, and her fingertips are contaminated with crumbs and she keeps grinding and squeezing them.
No one is seen outside the battlefield, even the patrol guards are missing a lot. Su Ling sat alone in the vast battlefield and spilled radiance all over the floor. I couldn’t help but look up at the string, the moon and the heart, and all kinds of irritability accumulated and released!
"Well, meet again!"
Just as Su Ling was upset, her armor jingled around and a familiar voice echoed in Su Ling’s ear.
Looking askance at Su Ling’s frown, I wonder if it’s not appropriate for this man to cover himself with armor. Especially when he said’ meet again’. She met him? !

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