That is, he flew to the demon world instead of the fairy world!

After those people used that skill in the 12 th celestial realm, they would make the fairy wares corresponding to that celestial realm appear in the Qi Dian. However, he is now in the demon realm of Tianlan. Can the same skill work?
With a fierce grind, Xiao Wen suddenly closed his eyes again and resolutely decided to use that skill at once!
Now he simply has no choice, even if there will be no new fairy in the Code of Instruments, isn’t this the only skill available? !
The mind is more and more calm, and the induction of stone paintings in the abdomen is becoming more and more clear!
Xu Li, Xu Li again …
Finally, Xiao Wen felt that he had established a strong enough connection with stone paintings, far exceeding the degree of taking fairy wares from stone paintings at ordinary times. That feeling was like he could take anything from stone paintings!
Open! ! !
With a roar in my heart, Xiao Wen Dan’s stone paintings in the field suddenly lit up, not only did nothing fly out, but Xiao Wen’s Dao Li was sucked in!
But this is not the purpose of Xiao Wen. He saw that the Tao force in his abdomen was absorbed, and all the Tao forces in other parts of his body rushed to the abdomen, but at the same time, there was a thin aura of Tianlan demon world outside his body flying through his body to his abdomen!
Almost there, almost there …
Finally, the first aura got into the stone painting, which actually aroused a ripple in the faint light on the stone painting!
Subsequent demon world reiki also quickly flew into the stone painting. After several interest rates, there was a sudden outward rush of different forces in the stone painting, which blocked all reiki, including Xiao Wen’s Tao force.
It was in this short period of time that it seemed that a certain trick in the stone painting was opened, and then the stone painting was calm again.
After a whisper, Xiao asked quickly to sink his mind and once again entered the stone painting.
Quickly entered the hut, picked up the book "Qi Dian" and turned it over. At that moment, Xiao Wen was afraid that "Qi Dian" was still exactly the same as the original.
"Well …"
Holding the "Qi Dian" with a sigh, Xiao asked his face was full of joy, because the "Qi Dian" had a lot more content!
Fairy, fairy, or fairy, all of which Xiao Wen has never seen or heard of …
The fairy device of Tianlan demon world!
As long as there is a new fairy device, Xiao Wen is most worried that there is no new fairy device after it is applied according to law. Now that a big stone falls in his heart, he wants to turn over the little black book again.
As a result, I was about to leave the "Qi Dian", but suddenly I felt something was wrong. There were a few words on it that should not have appeared.
"The spine of ice fish works wonders, so it is best to use it as the main part of the embryo …"
"The flexibility of dazzling fire marten’s hair is far better than that of similar stone fairy materials, which can replace the gold thread in the whip …"
"More than six order water belongs to the demon Dan of xìng monster beast …"
What’s all this about? ! !

Chapter three hundred and fifty-three Boundary seal
Xiao Wen even turned over a few pages and all of them appeared that kind of situation, so he had to calm down and look carefully, and then suddenly saw the problem!
None of these new fairy wares can be refined without the combination of stone, mineral and monster beast!
Xiao asked about the refining device for so long that he didn’t even refine a non-stone fairy device. Now suddenly there are so many different fairy devices, which is really overwhelming. .. and he can easily infer the fact that if he wants to improve his strength from the aspect of fairy wares, he has to refine these alternative fairy wares, because other types of fairy wares are not the most out of Se in Tianlan demon world at all.
However, I have no experience before. Is it easy to get started now? If it really takes years to get familiar with it, where can he wait …
Calm down, calm down …

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