Fahai said, "Xu donor is a mortal, and he doesn’t know the change of evil, so he naturally doesn’t know." Let me ask you, your wife is beautiful, rare in the world? You are an ordinary person, and why should you take her? "

Xu Xian said, "There is indeed a lady in my family who looks like a fairy, which is rare in the world, but my lady is kind-hearted and will never be a demon."
Fahai said, "You naturally don’t know that a demon has changed her magical powers. If she pretends to be kind, how will you know?"
Xu Xianxin moved slightly, as if he could not find an explanation, and he couldn’t help thinking. Fahai said, "Has anything incredible ever happened in your family? The genie is ever-changing, but it’s simple to cheat you, and you just think it’s strange, and you never think of what the genie did. "
When Fahai said this, Xu Xian thought a lot of strange things happened. Unfortunately, at that time, he just believed that his wife had high skills and unique skills. Now that I think about it, it is only because her wife has the magical power that she can do it. The more she thinks about it, the more she feels right. The doubts in her heart are growing, and Fahai is adding fuel to the flames. That Xu Xian is a mortal, and she can withstand the confusion of Fahai. Just for a moment, then Xu Xian is more sure that her wife is a Uber.
Xu Xian worried: "Master, what should I do?"
Fahai said, "Don’t panic, Mr. Xu. Now, Mr. Xu is not sure whether his wife is a demon or not. I can prove your wife’s identity, but I don’t know if Mr. Xu cooperates with her."
Hearing Fahai’s words, Xu Xian grasped at straws and said urgently, "Yes, yes, master, what can I do? Tell me quickly."
Fahai said with a smile, "I think that your evil spirit is made by a thousand-year-old snake essence. Now the Dragon Boat Festival is coming, you just need to give your wife the realgar wine on the Dragon Boat Festival, which will not only confirm your wife’s identity, but also untie the knot in Xu’s heart."
"Master," said Xu Xian, "that snake spirit has been good for thousands of years. Can this realgar deal with it?"
Fahai said, "Any snake must be afraid of realgar. Just try it. If your wife is not a snake demon, it’s just what you want."
After hearing what Fahai said, Xu Xian thought of his wife’s kindness, and slowly began to scold himself for being confused. How could he question his wife? It’s a pity that Xu Xian doesn’t know. This Fahai is to calculate that Xu Xian will be uncertain. Now, after giving him an ambiguous answer, Xu Xian will naturally give lady white snake the realgar wine according to Fahai’s words. After all, the previous Fahai has left a seed of doubt in Xu Xian’s heart.
Xu Xian bid farewell to Fahai and returned to his home. lady white snake hurriedly made a face wash for him, and took care of everything for him tenderly. Xu Xian saw lady white snake in this way, but he was sure that his wife was not a Uber in his heart. Unfortunately, there was always a little doubt in his heart. No matter how much Xu Xian thought about his wife’s good, the doubt still lingered, but it grew stronger. Slowly Xu Xian began to doubt lady white snake, but whenever he saw lady white snake, the doubt immediately dissipated.
Sleeping at night, Xu Xian was confused and felt that something was icy and cool, reaching out like a mold, and the touch from that hand was clearly scales. Xu Xian hurriedly untied the quilt and saw a huge white snake coiled in the quilt, but her wife was nowhere to be found. Seeing this big white snake, Xu Xian stepped back to the door in a panic, but he couldn’t open it.
Xu Xian shouted in panic: "Honey, where are you?" Lady. "
The white snake on the bed heard Xu Xian shout, but the snakehead turned to a woman’s face. It was just that Xu Xian saw that the woman seemed to be similar to her own wife. When the snakehead turned around, Xu Xian leaned against the door and clung to the door. It turned out that the head of the snake was exactly like lady white snake. I saw the white snake swimming slowly and crawling towards Xu Xian, shouting, "Xianggong, Xianggong."
Seeing that his hands were waving wildly, Xu Xian said in despair, "Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. "
"xianggong". Xianggong, wake up. " Lady white snake kept shaking Xu Xian, and his mouth shouted Xu Xian with concern. Then Xu Xian suddenly got up and woke up, only to know that everything was a dream. Xu Xian was scared in a cold sweat by this dream and was uneasy.
When lady white snake saw that Xu Xian woke up, he naturally knew that Xu Xian had a nightmare. He gently grabbed Xu Xian’s hand and said, "Xianggong, what’s wrong with you?"
That Xu Xian was just jumped in a dream and was in shock. Now he was caught by lady white snake, and he was even more frightened. Then he saw lady white snake’s appearance and immediately thought of the dream scene. Xu Xianben was an ordinary person. This series of scares directly scared him out of his mind, jumped out of bed, rolled on the ground for two turns, and then got under the table. He was called a group and shivered, but he was always worried about lady white snake and his eyes were frightened.
Lady white snake saw Xu Xian so much, but he was even more worried. He got up and got out of bed and walked towards Xu Xian. When Xu Xian saw lady white snake coming, he was even more afraid, holding the leg of the table more tightly, as if it were his only lifeline.
When lady white snake reached the table, he squatted down and reached for Xu Xian. "Xianggong, it’s me," he whispered. I am your wife. " That Xu Xian saw this and immediately withdrew from the table, jumped into bed, and completely covered the whole bed with a quilt. Just judging from the shaking quilt, this Xu Xian was scared.
Lady white snake went to the bed and just wanted to open the quilt. Suddenly, the quilt didn’t move, and then it slowly collapsed. Lady white snake hurriedly uncovered the quilt and saw that Xu Xian fainted in the quilt. Originally, Xu Xian got into bed in a hurry, which was nothing, but after he got into it, he thought of the white snake coiled in the bed in his dream. As a result, Xu Xian was directly stunned.
Lady white snake will settle Xu Xian, quietly looking at Xu Xian, worried in my heart. Originally, lady white snake only wanted to repay Xu Xian for saving his life, but he didn’t want to repay him. Instead, he pulled himself into the marriage, and then he fell into the world of mortals.
Xiaoqing knocked at the door outside the door and said, "Sister, you want the sedative tea."
Lady white snake walked out of the door and pulled Xiaoqing into the yard. Xiaoqing said, "Sister, what happened just now? Look at your worry. "
Lady white snake said, "Your official just had a nightmare and was frightened. He just fainted. I wonder what he dreamed. I was upset just now, as if something big was going to happen. "
Xiaoqing said, "Xu Guanren is an ordinary person. It’s normal to have nightmares, so why should my sister worry?" When he wakes up tomorrow, everything will be over. "
Lady white snake sighed, "I hope I’m too concerned. Xiaoqing, you should go to bed early, too. I’ll take care of the officer here. "
Xiaoqing said: "That elder sister, you also go to bed early. I’ll go first. "
When Xiaoqing left, lady white snake folded his hands and bowed to the west, saying, "Merciful Guanyin Bodhisattva, may you bless my official to recover soon and live in peace all his life. Disciple lady white snake will definitely serve the Bodhisattva in the future to thank the Bodhisattva for his great kindness. "
Zhang Wen and Beibei were watching the lady white snake from Penglai. When they saw lady white snake praying for Guanyin, they shook their heads and sighed, "It’s better to ask for help than to ask for yourself. You made a vow today. I’m afraid this catastrophe will require you to swear, but it will be inevitable in the Millennium. It turns out that you asked for all the disasters. If you hadn’t made this vow, I could have helped you once. What a pity! "
Beibei said, "Dad, that white snake is so pitiful, you’d better help her."
Zhang Wendao: "She made a promise herself. Even if I help her, I will exchange this vow in the future. In the end, it will be inevitable. If I help her, it will only hurt her, and if I intervene in this matter, then Xu Xian’s chance will be exhausted, and their love will be settled in the future. Do you want this lady white snake and Xu Xian to say goodbye forever and never see each other again? "
Beibei shook her head and said, "They are all good people, and Beibei doesn’t want them to be separated."
Zhang Wen said with a smile, "That’s right. The disaster of the white snake is also Xu Xian’s chance. As long as the chance comes, he can understand past lives. Then they will naturally have the date of goodbye, but they have to grasp it themselves. Once they miss it, they will have to wait until the amount of robbery arrives before they can meet again. It’s just that Xu Xian’s chance is even stronger and the future is boundless."
Beibei smiled and said, "As long as they can be together in the future, let’s stay out of it."

Chapter 32 Re-teaching Women
Zhang Wen said with a smile, "We are theatre goers. Although this play is doomed, we can change some things, but some things can’t be changed. Once changed, the fate of the people in this play will be changed. If we like that side, we just need to help them a little. We still need them to grasp the future by themselves, and let others control their own things. It’s not a play, but a game, which will only bring sorrow to the people in the play."
Beibei thought about it, but she couldn’t understand Zhang Wen’s meaning. She shook her head and said, "What Dad said, Beibei doesn’t understand."
Zhang Wen touched Beibei’s head and smiled: "It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand now, you will understand in the future. You just need to know that some things can be done and some things can’t be done. Many things in this world have to pay a price. "
Beibei said with a smile, "I understand this, just like accepting my younger brother. I have to give them some benefits and give them a look, otherwise they will not surrender to me and be my younger brother faithfully. The cat says it’s called hitting a stick and giving a sweet jujube. "
Mr. Zhang’s brow wrinkled, then stretched out, and the smile on his face seemed a little stiff. "Lovely daughter, it’s not the same. Although it can be understood this way, we are gentle people. How can we be rude when we are the boss? You should remember that when we are the boss, we should be gentle, be a lady and be clever. This will reflect your boss’s style and make those younger brothers admire you. "
Beibei cocked her little head and said, "But the cat said that when the boss is dignified, he should shock the younger brother with momentum. What is this? There are countless younger brothers flocking to worship, so I think that in the future, the younger brothers in the Three Realms will all worship me. The cat said that this is awesome and very decent. "
Mr. Zhang’s head was covered with black lines, and he took a deep breath and said, "Beibei is a big miss. You can’t do this. If you want to be the boss, that’s their big sister. Big sister is different from the boss. Big sister doesn’t need the gas of a tortoise, just needs to be gentle and virtuous, just like lady white snake. Look at Xiaoqing as her younger brother, and she is obedient. She is gentle and virtuous, as long as you can achieve her.
Beibei thought for a moment and said, "Yes, the white snake took Xiaoqing as his younger brother, and she is also the boss. Then I can be a good big sister like her."
Mr. Zhang finally put down his worries and said to himself, "I finally got my lovely daughter back. Fortunately, I let her leave the panda, otherwise my daughter would not be a puzzled woman. As long as you teach her well in the future, she will definitely become a lady. "
Two people quietly looking at the picture on the water mirror, beibei is constantly imitating lady white snake’s behavior, just to be a good big sister, or at the head of the younger brother in the next three years. Seeing that the father and daughter were looking at lady white snake and Xu Xian, the girl came forward and said, "You two don’t take a fancy to lady white snake, do you, and are so concerned about her?"
Zhang Wendao: "I didn’t take a fancy to lady white snake, but I took a fancy to Xu Xian. Who do you think he is?"
Looking towards the water mirror, I saw that Xu Xian was asleep in the mirror. I looked at it for a moment, and then I counted it with my fingers. But after a while, I still couldn’t see who Xu Xian was reincarnated. To be fair, I calculated forever, but I still couldn’t figure out the life story of Xu Xian. I only knew that Xu Xian had been reincarnated in recent decades, all of which were ants, plants and the like, for a year. The front is a mess, there are reincarnated people and reincarnated demons. Anyway, all species within the six roads are reincarnated, but after that reincarnation, they will be reincarnated again within a hundred years.
Pingxin said, "Is this Xu Xian an innate god? But why can’t I calculate his first life? I can grasp these six metempsychosis, unless he is reincarnated before the six paths are opened. "
Zhang Wendao said, "There are six ways in the world since Pangu opened the sky, but there is no place for The six great divisions in the wheel of karma. The innate gods are all people with great magical powers, and it is not easy to be reincarnated. But this Xu Xian is different from those innate gods. He has inexplicable causes and effects, involving three saints. You are one of them, but I paid back the cause and effect at the beginning, but you still owe him a good karma, and you only need to help him once to pay it off. "
To be fair, I heard what Mr. Zhang said, but my heart was unclear, and then I was involved in heaven, trying to find out where the cause and effect were, but I found nothing for a long time. Pingxin couldn’t find the cause and effect, so she sighed, "I’m not good enough, but I can’t find the cause and effect you said."
Zhang Wendao: "There are bright and dark causes and effects in heaven. The bright cause and effect is the big cause and effect, which are constantly involved with each other and must be solved. The dark cause and effect is the small good karma. It doesn’t matter if you don’t pay it back. This kind of cause and effect can be broken by itself as long as the strength is too different, but if the two people are equal in strength, the cause and effect will reappear and become the bright cause and effect, which must be resolved. The world is ignorant, just thinking that the cause and effect is a curse, but I don’t know that this cause and effect is also a chance. Good causes return to good results, and Heaven will record them one by one. These causes and effects are nothing to saints, but Heaven can use them to limit the promotion of saints. "
Pingxin realized this and said, "You mean this cause and effect will limit the sage’s state of mind, and it will be difficult to make progress."
Zhang Wen nodded and said, "Exactly, this cause and effect is an opportunity given by Heaven to all beings. As long as the people in the upper body are heavenly, they can resolve the cause and effect themselves, so that their mood is complete and the Tao can be improved. If you don’t go to the body and mind, that day’s Tao can naturally use this small cause and effect to contain all beings. "
Ping Xin said, "I was born at the beginning of heaven, and I have been living in the witch clan since then. I have never forged a good relationship with others, but I have forged a lot of karma with you."
Zhang Wendao: "You don’t know it yet, just because that Xu Xian hasn’t understood his previous life yet, and there is a far cry between you. If he understands himself in the future, you will naturally know what you owe him. I’m leaking the secret now, and the things behind me can’t be leaked any more. "
"You are the way of the day, but you still come to bully me. What you said is the number of days. There is nothing to talk about. It’s just a trick for saints to deceive all beings. Now you are going to bully me with it."
Beibei smiled and said, "Aunt Xin, heaven can’t be bullied. If you don’t know, you just don’t know. If someone tells you, it will cause and effect again, and the loss will outweigh the gain. Dad didn’t tell you because he didn’t want to ruin your chances. As long as you realize it yourself, you will be able to achieve perfection and practice again. "
Zhang Wen touched Beibei’s little head and smiled: "Look at how smart my daughter is. She can understand, and you should understand that I am not deceiving you. Your own chance can only be obtained if you look for it yourself, but the chance for others to help you is ruined. You should go back and slowly understand the cause and effect. As long as you realize it, it will be your chance. Even if you can’t realize it in the future, you will realize it. This opportunity is indispensable. "
Pingxin said, "You two fathers and daughters have teamed up to bully me, and I’m too lazy to know what the cause and effect are. Sister Wang Shu is still on the road to enlightenment, and I don’t know if she has gone through customs. I’ll go and see her first. Take your time watching the play. "
To be fair, she left alone, but she wrote down the cause and effect. Although she can’t understand, she can think slowly according to this clue. There is always a chance to find out the cause and effect, and then she can naturally solve the cause and effect and complete her own state of mind. To know that this saint’s state of mind is satisfactory, the realm will naturally increase by one point, and there will be less obstacles in practice in the future, and more help will naturally make enlightenment easier.
Beibei left with peace of mind and said, "Dad, my aunt seems to like Dad. Why can’t anyone like me?"
Zhang Wen smiled and said, "Beibei is still young, so naturally no boys like it now. In the future, as long as Beibei can do what lady white snake did, your husband will naturally appear. But now Beibei must study hard to be a lady, or no one will dare to like you in the future. "

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