Su Ling felt in a daze that all her limbs were as sour and painful as lead, which made her almost curse! I’ve been fighting the enemy for days and nights, but I’m not tired. What’s wrong with her today? !

"Girl girl …"
Struggling with Su Ling’s strong support, she slowly opened her heavy and sour eyes, which was a magnified face. If she didn’t have the strength all over, she would have waved it with one punch!
Who are you scaring? She’s not scared!
"Who are you?"
This voice … Why is it so ugly!
While more and more sober mind Su Ling finally saw the scene in front of him.
I don’t know! It’s strange. Is this crossing the rhythm again? !
"Girl, are you awake?" At present, the big face that just stepped back once again blocked all her sight. The female head with two croissants and tiny eyes matched a Zhang Yuanyuan face, which was a bit incongruous but had a unique flavor!
"Wake up!"
Su Ling struggled to hold herself up, and when she moved, she felt sore and sour in her heart. She couldn’t help but slowly move her plain hand to her chest and touched it, then frowned and secretly felt that she was not shot!
"Girl, don’t move yet. I’ll call Gong!"
The girl trotted out of the wing when she saw Su Ling’s sober face with a happy look. At that time, Su Ling felt that if she was given a pair of wings, she could fly!
Move the plain hand from the chest to the eyes, get familiar with the palm and tender fingertips. Su Ling has a little relaxation in her heart, but it’s too hard for her to be so weak now!
Just after the girl left the wing, Su Ling remembered everything. It was bright and dazzling outside the house. It should be noon that she could become like this. Last night, the dust burned her hand!
Don’t report this revenge. She changed her surname to Huang! Damn it!
If Xia Xiaoxue were here, she would have talked to her last night and teased her. She has already married Huang Yinchen, and she has already been crowned as a husband in the form.
"If the princess survives, there will be a blessing!"
Su Ling was barely able to support the light at the door of the instantaneous wing, and the familiar Uber tone made her have a headache.
This is where and where!
How come she’s lying here with you Qing coming in so openly!
I don’t know the difference between men and women? !
Su Ling’s eyes, with a faint look, are wondering if this fellow’s clothes are not in a normal color? He’s wearing a yellow shit and yellow smoke sand that makes her eyes hurt!
"After seeing you, happiness is gone!" Although Su Ling is morbid, her charming face is more affectionate and weak, and she is less stubborn and stubborn on weekdays. Instead, she is a little distressed and feminine at this time.
You Qing is wearing a golden silk embroidered robe, even if it is not red, but his enchanting temperament is like a shadow, no matter what color he is wearing, it seems to be the same!
Smell speech on holding eyes breath seems to be I didn’t expect Su Ling to have such a sharp breath when she was injured. At that time, two people looked at each other with four eyes, and both of them were exploring.
"Is Princess Gong Changmei ashamed of herself?"
After that, Guan Qing showed his indiscretion and showed his suspicion. Instead, the man consciously sat down on Su Ling’s soft couch and even leaned slightly to look at Su Ling’s face at close range.
"You brought me back?"
Although Su Ling asked, she was also thinking about several possibilities in her heart. She was with the breeze just before she passed out last night, but now she is in a strange environment and accompanied by You Qing. She almost realized that it was him.
As Su Ling thought, Guan Qing raised her slightly upturned lips and blinked a pair of naked and ambiguous eyes, deliberately exhaling like orchid and said, "To be exact, it should be the palace to save you!" If there is no palace talk, I may want to see you now, so I can give you less ingots and beg you to dream! "
Su Ling "…"
Does the Qing emperor know that he is so vicious? Do the people of Qingguo and Limin know?
Her own mouth has been damaged enough. Guo Youqing is an ancestor!
She’s still a patient. Patient. Hey! Damn it!
"Do your parents know that you cursed me so viciously?"
After all, Su Ling still can’t help being angry with him. What the hell is this!
Su Ling’s words seemed to please You Qing inexplicably. Seeing that his brow was hard to cover up, He Yue relaxed his eyes and got close to Su Ling again. "How can I be willing to curse you? I hurt you. Will you come?"
"Ya, can you stop being disgusting? You are so eager to bring me back. Tell me what your purpose is!" Su Ling took a squint at Guan Qing’s eyebrow with a wicked face, and then he stretched out his hand and hit his handsome face to one side directly.
You Qing seems to be a bohemian and evil person. In fact, he is also a deep-minded master who hides all his emotions on the surface of Wan Ku. This is the rest of her play!
In the process of bickering with Guan Qing, Su Ling recovered a little strength, and suddenly shot Guan Qing’s face, and he also slightly converged for a few minutes because of Su Ling’s debauchery. Then he sat up straight and failed, and with Su Ling’s slender right hand and two fingertips, he slowly picked up his chest, rubbed his eyes and said, "You never have to wave your breath when talking to Cong people!" It’s doomed to be lonely that Princess Dust is so eager to hurt you! "
Su Ling sighed and made up her mind that she didn’t want to speak. Listening to them talk around is really a wave of energy! Since he’s circling with her, she can be silent to the end!
Guan Qing said that he would cast a shadow on the fundus with his eyes half drooping and his eyelashes curled. I didn’t know that he had waited for half a day except to hear a sigh.
This made Guan Qing sit still for a while and couldn’t bear to look at Su Ling’s eyes with surprise!
Su Ling naturally noticed that Guan Qing wanted her to open her mouth with a look at her eyes!
"Don’t you think so?"
After all, you Qing couldn’t resist Su Ling’s temper, but he took the lead in opening his mouth and looked at Su Ling carefully. With a pale face, a strange feeling crossed unexpectedly and asked, "Have you ever been to Qingguo before?"
Fuck you!
She has just come to this world for three months, and the situation has not yet been straightened out. Go to Mao Qingguo!
If you think about Su Ling, you will shake your head faintly. "No time!"
"Continue to talk about it!" Guan Qing said since the words to the bottom of my heart faint doubts and then asked, "Palace is curious to burn three-dimensional dust so to you, do you want to be with him? Maybe you don’t know his past … "
"Wang Ru doesn’t need to say too much!"
Su Ling "…"
If someone gives her a machine gun now, she will not hesitate to get rid of the dust! Why does this fellow die at an important time every time?
What? What the hell is this?
Why is it so difficult for her to know some secrets?
Guan Qing’s eyes are shining with light. It seems that it’s no surprise for the arrival of Huang Yin’s dust. His posture is still heavy. Looking back on the soft couch, he looks at the door with Su Ling, and the figure comes with him. There is also Guan Qing’s bodyguard Chu Night.
But Chu night looks very ugly with one hand still clutching his chest and staring at the figure of burn three-dimensional dust at the door and said to Guan Qing, "Pardon me too much …"
"Chu night don’t blame yourself! It’s your honor to be defeated by Qi Chu, a famous dust king! " You Qing, sarcasm or praise are hard to tell. He really means it.
Huang Yinchen walked powerfully in the backlight, and the figure was plated with a layer of velvet golden light. Su Ling squinted and looked at him. Then she turned her eyes to you and sighed and said, "Your ability needs to be strengthened, so it’s nice to be found casually!"
It’s not that she looks down on Guan Qing, but at this time, her aversion to Huang Yin’s dust is all coincidental and unfortunate.
She doesn’t know, but she feels that Guan Qing looks more pleasing to the eye than Huang Yin’s dust!
"If you don’t behave well in this sentence, it will be a waste to come to the world!" Guan Qing said suddenly to when Su Ling didn’t see the virtual shadow flashing in front of her eyes, and she felt a strong wind blowing in her ear.

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