The sharp sabre with a whirlwind crossed Douge’s other door, cutting off his nose a little bit and his hat brim.

But at this time, the Douge pistol rang less than one meter away and hit the Mercedes-Benz and the horse’s abdomen bounced through the horse.
However, the war horse did not die. After running for more than ten meters, it was able to turn the horse’s head according to the knight’s instructions and prepare to charge again.
Knights have been extremely angry in their hearts, staring at Dou Ge’s eyes, and the sunset glow reflects a male flame!
The knight once again violently smoked a horse’s ass. The horse jumped forward again in a conditioned way and rushed at Dou Ge again. The knight’s sabre tilted his horse and rushed at Dou Ge like a sharp arrow.
DouGe site corners of the mouth gave a cold smile like watching a dead man, looking at the horse knight suddenly a cold accident happened in my heart.
The steed was shot in the abdomen by Dou Ge, and the gun body had already bled. Because it was not the key, the horse had not fallen to the ground, but just now, the force rushed to the steed and it was unbearable.
At this moment, the horse’s hooves suddenly fell to a soft ground, and the powerful potential energy made the horse rider out of the saddle. Just before Dou Ge fell, Dou Ge swung up the butt of the gun and slammed it and shouted, "I told you to chase me, I told you to chase me now. I don’t think you can chase me."
But more cavalry came after them, and there were infantry behind them. They almost had to kill the assassin of their general.
Dou Ge threw a rifle full of blood and brains and ran again. When he saw it, Luo sent it to abandon his fight, and the enemy followed.
The knight is chasing after him!
Luo sent a message saying, "It’s really over this time!"
Dou Ge shouted, "Don’t run so long, run to the bush in front and fight with them. It’s not that easy to kill Dou Ge!" …,
But after all, the horses are a little faster, especially those who have already run away. As soon as there are five or six horses, Ma Chong comes behind them and wields a sabre to cut their heads.
At this time, sparks flashed in the bushes in front, and the hot bullets "tweeted" and the horsemen were hit and fell to the ground.
Dou Ge stopped and burst out laughing!
A knight riding a Mercedes-Benz from a distance hid in the saddle and jumped at Dou Ge when he saw him leap and wield a knife.
Dou Ge can clearly see the ferocious face of the man who came at him by the faint light after sunset, which is exactly the knight who just escaped from his gun and howled in the reeds.
This knight holds a sabre in his hand, and the light of the sabre has already shone on Dou Ge’s face.
In the distance, a bullet suddenly hit Ling Feifei’s knight. This shot was well played. The bullet rushed into the knight’s body and offset his potential energy. It was like a wall blocking Dou Ge’s knight. The knight was finally blocked and fell abruptly in front of Dou Ge. His body convulsed and he was almost dead.
DouGe kicked before scold a way "his mother! What’s the animosity for me to follow you? You have to kill me. "
There was a rumbling in the knight’s throat, but he didn’t say anything in the end, and he died with a stare.
Dou Ge quickly looked back and wanted to know who had shot the gun.
This shot is really a wonderful shot. The angle and timing are very accurate in all aspects, which not only kills the enemy, but also prevents the enemy’s body sabre from jumping on Dou Ge.
If it weren’t for such a subtle shot, even if it could kill Ling and pounce on the enemy, it wouldn’t stop him from pouncing on Dou Ge’s sabre. If it weren’t for such a subtle shot, Dou Ge would have been run.
A dense and accurate bullet was fired from the bushes, killing the main horse and stopping in the mountains. All the horsemen fell and became dead bodies.
A group of people rushed out of the bush, and besides a row of brothers, they also guarded their brothers.
In addition, Dou Ge also saw two familiar figures, one was Zhang Liuhe, the company commander of the security company, and the other was Zhang Yiping, the head of the team.
It turned out that they came to meet themselves in person! Dou Ge was deeply moved.
Zhang Yiping turned the rifle in his hand and then lowered the muzzle. "Hurry up and lead the horse. This horse is really tall and magnificent. It’s rich!"
Brother Dou ran over and shouted, "Thank you for saving me with the gun!"
Zhang Yiping smiled and asked, "How did you know it was my gun? You can recognize the brothers when they all have guns? "
Brother Dou said, "That shot was amazing. It’s not something that ordinary people can do. That shot is really exquisite. Otherwise, even if I killed that Englishman, I wouldn’t be alive to talk to the group seat here. Who else can shoot like this except the group seat?"
Zhang Yiping ha ha smiled a few times and said, "I just happened!" " Then he patted Dou Ge on the shoulder and said, "You did a good job, young man …"
Chapter 77 Person of hometown
The 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Battalions launched a counterattack against the 25th and 26th Infantry Divisions of the British Army. At the same time, more than 200 people from the 4th Battalion have been lurking here in a large grass not far from an artillery position outside Soisson since midnight last night.
Because of the war for several years in a row, no one has cultivated the fields here until they are full of people. The tall thatch and some fast-growing vegetation lurk here, and you can’t see them from the outside.
When the sun just rose, a group of Chinese workers came from the east of Soisson. The gray Chinese workers and Mao Zengda were the most familiar, once proud, but now they are deeply ashamed.
About 500 or 600 Chinese workers in this group were ragged and gaunt, and a platoon of British soldiers escorted them to work in this artillery position.
Zeng Dawa, the deputy company commander, volunteered to say to the company commander Ji Wu, "The company commander asked me to mix with migrant workers to find out the situation!"
Jiwu nodded Ceng Dawa’s ability to handle affairs is stronger than him. The battalion commander, the shopkeeper and the head of the team, Zhang Yiping, all appreciate him.
Zeng Dawa took off her helmet, left her shirt and trousers, and left a big underpants. She smeared mud on her shirt and underpants and made her hair messy. Finally, she took off her big leather shoes and bare her feet.
Zeng Dawa climbed from the grass to the side of the road and swaggered out of the grass while no one was looking.
At this time, there happened to be a man pushing a scooter full of shells on the highway. Seven migrant workers pushed Zeng Dawa behind them and went over to join the cart.
The "cart" pushed into a forest. At the bottom of the tree was the British artillery position. Those large-caliber guns were scattered in the shade of the tree. The barrel was as big as a washbasin. Zeng Dawa shouted "Rich!"
When pushing the second round, a "cart" in front of it suddenly tilted and several shells rolled from it.
"Look out!" A migrant worker called out, and next to him, the migrant worker horse scattered on the floor, and Zeng Dawa followed suit.
Suddenly, "beep" a whip sounded and a whip was whipped. A migrant worker around Zeng Dawa had a torn back and a red whip mark behind him.
A gruff voice sounded in his ear, "Get up, hillbilly. You don’t know, the shells won’t explode without fuze, and you won’t get up, fool!"
The migrant workers who were beaten didn’t dare to hum. Get up and continue to push the car full of shells to the front
Zeng Dawa looked back at the man who whipped the whip. Everyone saw that this man was of medium height and had yellow teeth.
Zeng Dawa asked the tall man in his twenties who had just been beaten, "Who is this fellow from China? Is it necessary to be so cruel?"
The man glanced at Zeng Dawa and didn’t know her, so he advised, "You’re not our supervisor, fellow villager. Please go. It’s not good for this yellow tooth to see you. He will arrest you and send you to the British!"
"Afraid of a ball!" Zeng Dawa spat, "He hates these bullying dog legs more than the British. Don’t bump into an old hand or you’ll break his neck like a duckling."
"My name is Hua Dahai from Anhui."
"My name is Zeng Dawa from Shandong."
"This man is our supervisor, Huang Daya, and our South China University of Technology Camp is the most hateful supervisor. To please the British, they will do anything for their fellow villagers." Hua Dahai’s words to Zeng Dawa became more angry with him.
Talked to Hua Dahai, moved several shells to another battery, and Zeng Dawa secretly wrote down the artillery terrain and guards.
At this time, another rickshaw with a large manpower had an accident, and the frame was scattered and the shells rolled all over the floor.
Huang Daya came over with a whip, and the whip was whipped to the ground for a few times. The dust was flying. His eyes were stinging and he cursed viciously, "Rotten dog, slave embryo, no chicken-Ba, pick up the shell quickly. It won’t explode without fuze. I’m afraid you’re a fool!"
Zeng Dawa went over and said, "The supervisor’s car broke down and it seems that he needs to change a big car."
Huang Daya waved the whip, twisted it into a twist and made a crisp sound. His eyes glanced at Zeng Dawa with malicious intent and asked, "Who are you?"
Hua Dahai rushed over for Zeng Dawa and replied, "He is the first cousin of Qian Jian. He came here to find a fellow countryman to catch up."
Huang Daya whipped out and rang with a squint in the "beep". "What? I want the money supervisor to be old and old, and I am not afraid of anyone here except the British! "

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