And the other person, when he looked at the other person, I don’t know how many people had a loud noise in their heads and stayed there completely. The woman is plain and neat, and it is not easy to see her figure. She only knows that she is a little shorter than Xiao Wen. However, her face is really breathtaking, and it is too much to praise with the best words in the world! This is another woman from the upper bound, and probably the most beautiful woman from the upper bound in the history of the celestial world! As for Han Xiuxiu, almost no one remembers her again. If you insist on it, you really have a sense of overreaching the starlight and moonlight.

At this moment, Han Xiuxiu, who is standing alone, is surprised. God Se is changeable, and obviously she is not calm, and her heart is turning.
Then they saw Xiao Wen and the woman finally moved, coming out about two feet away. I can see you, Xiao Wen was very polite to this woman. This means that the two are not familiar with each other?
Xiao asked why he should walk outward, and he felt embarrassed. What happened once, and how to face these people?
Just before landing, Yan Ning and Ouyang Yue greeted him. Yan Ning first asked Xiao about his whole body with concern, and then said, "Nothing is good!"
Brilliant! Only this sentence, play ning will return the initiative in communication to Xiao Wen’s hand, which is obviously fully considered for Xiao Wen!
Xiao asked is also a careful heart, throwing caution to the wind, xing, will completely abandon all kinds of scruples, xing decided to act.
"Some things are inconvenient to tell, but please forgive me." Xiao asked seriously tunnel.
"Who doesn’t have a few secrets? It’s nothing." Ouyang Yue careless tunnel, but this guy’s eyes can’t help but aim at Nan Yunqing’s side, and he probably wants to attract Nan Yunqing’s attention.
Nan Yunqing hasn’t stayed in any place for a long time since she came out, but she is looking at the environment of this world and understanding something with her heart. It was not until the performance of Ning and Ouyang Yue greeted Xiao Wen that she withdrew her attention and nodded slightly to them politely and indifferently.
Yan Ning immediately responded politely, but Ouyang Yue’s heart was pounding "bang, bang", and he hardly knew what to do. Don’t wait for his reply, Nan Yunqing has turned his attention to other places again … For an instant, Ouyang Yue’s intestines all regret it. Just now, I should at least give a message back. Now, in order to keep my manners, it’s hard to speak again …
At this time, Xiao Wen has already asked: "How is your search?"
Yan Ning’s face immediately lit up with a happy Se, saying, "It’s confirmed that there is nothing of value in the main hall. The four auxiliary halls are full of ancestors’ bones and relics, but they can’t break the ban at all. We can only get the fairy fruit and lingcao in this garden. Ouyang Yue and I should pick more than the rest of the people combined. "
"So? Isn’t it necessary for us to stay on this hill any longer? "
"If there is still no way for those ancestors’ relics, it is really unnecessary."
Later, the storm caused by Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing finally gradually passed, but I can see that others obviously don’t take them for granted. Some people deliberately stay away from them, while others deliberately want to make friends with them.
Another half an hour later, everyone decided that there was no need to stay on that hill, so they offered their own fairy wares and flew down the hill. Because Nan Yunqing has given all the fairy wares to Xun Yu for safekeeping, she can only take a flying sword with Xiao Wen when she goes down the mountain and stand behind the green frost sword.
In fact, Xiao Wen still finds it difficult to regard Nan Yunqing as a beautiful woman. He still regards her as the Nanwu God. As for Nan Yunqing, she doesn’t care about this two people sharing a sword. Her mind is still in the environment of Feixia Valley.
Instead, the other 27 male disciples were most concerned about this matter. When they saw Xiao Wen flying with Nan Yunqing, their eyes were red with jealousy.
Soon down the mountain, Nan Yunqing obviously didn’t care about those animal bones, but he still paid attention when he saw the mirage.
Those animal bones have been hanging here for more than 90 thousand years, and they have not been refined into immortals. The aura has long been completely frustrated and has no value to take away. So the people searched in that area for a long time, but they didn’t find anything useful, so they unanimously decided to leave.
Since there are twenty-seven cases and the relics of the ancestors of the five giants here, after going out, those immortals in Zongmen will definitely risk robbery and come back, so even if they can’t take them away now, to some extent, those things are already in their 27 cases.
Not long after everyone had just flown out, Nan Yunqing, who had been feeling the environment of Feixia Valley, suddenly asked behind Xiao Wen, "Why didn’t you take that mirage?"
"There is no way." Xiao asked, and after that, he brought an expectation to his heart.
"Since there is no owner’s thing, take it away, and take back any ancestral gate to make it the eye of the mountain defense array."
"Do you have an idea?" Xiao asked surprise tunnel.
"hmm." Nan Yunqing calmly tunnel.
Xiao asked not exultation, immediately turned around and flew back. Play ning, ouyangyue closer to him, a look at his fly back all zheng, glances immediately after catching up.
The four disciples of Mu Xing Zong and Zhao Ri Zong have always had a good relationship with Xiao Wen. When they saw Ning and Ouyang Yue, they all went back, and they simply followed.
So the remaining twenty people couldn’t help it, and all of them flew back.
At this time, Xiao asked that Nan Yunqing had flown over the mirage, and Nan Yunqing was whispering something to Xiao.
A moment later, Xiao asked, looking up in surprise, "How could this happen?"
"Then can you do it?"
"I am injured, and I am not sure about it."
"Well, I’ll find someone else, and you can control the sword." By this time, Xiao Wen had seen the performance of Ning Fei coming, so he waved directly to the performance of Ning Zhao and jumped down.
Dozens of feet of ground beside the mirage was as rotten as a beehive, but someone had stepped on it before. In fact, people could stand completely, and Xiao Wen stood firmly after jumping.
After Yan Ning also fell, Xiao Wen grabbed Yan Ning and whispered in Yan Ning’s ear: "Brother Yan, punch me on the back of the head later. The force is not too small, just making me feel dizzy. Can you do it?"
"You want to take this bead?" Play ning asked.
"If you want to feel dizzy, I don’t need to punch at all. I can stimulate several acupuncture points with gold needles."
"That’s better! Hurry up, those people have gathered around … "Xiao asked to lower his voice.
"Well, you stand still."
While talking, Yan Ning took out the golden lily, and when she identified the acupoints, she tied it to Xiao Wen’s head. It’s impossible for Yan Ning not to be tempted by this mirage, but as a disciple who devoted himself to the lake with art, he has experienced too many things before, and he has his own attitude towards the matter of exploring secrets and treasure hunting. At the moment, he didn’t move at all and asked Xiao to rob the pearl.
After a few stitches, Yan Ning said, "All right."
Then, everyone looked at Xiao Wen and staggered towards the mirage. Some people’s faces were y and n sunny, obviously unhappy!

Chapter one hundred and seventy-three Meat Pie (in the middle of the night)
"It’s a pity that someone has a weak voice. Otherwise, I really want to speak for your Sect. In that case, let’s not live here, let’s go inside again. " Yu Xiang is generous and tunnel.
"good." By this time, the two waves of people were very close, and they were about to cross each other when they saw it. Xiao Wen suddenly frowned and said, "You don’t want to sneak up on us, do you?"
In an instant, Yuxiang and others all stopped, and all looked at Xiao with a cold face!
"Xiao shidi is quite jǐng." Yu Xiang stopped in the air outside Xiao asked three zhangs and smiled rather thoughtfully.
"So, really let me guess right?"
"Ha ha ha ha ….. guess right, guess wrong? It’s only strange that although you brought a beauty from the upper world down, she was only a fairy realm, and then you took that mirage! " Yu Xiangsuo xìng put the words out, and was no longer gentle at the beginning.
Xiao Wen laughed, too, and suddenly he proudly scolded: "You are blind to your dog’s eyes. Which eye do you see that Nandaoyou is a fairy realm?" !”
Se in Yuxiang’s face changed immediately, and her eyes focused on Xiao Wen’s face, but she couldn’t see if Xiao Wen was lying at all.
"Who are you in? The south girl said that she was hurt, and she was really angry with Se. Even if she is not a fairy realm, how much strength can she exert? Don’t talk any more, hand over the storage ring, hand over all the fairy wares, and leave Miss Nan behind, so we can spare your life! " Yu Xiangsheng se folded tunnel.
Yu Xiang words just say that finish, Bai Mo behind him, a total of ten people will spread out, a half-moon stuck in front of the canyon. What Xiao asked unexpectedly was that there were two guys in the ten people who left their team before!
"There are eleven of us, but you only have six. It seems that there is no need to fight, right?" The Bai Mo, who dazzles Yang Zong, is proud of his tunnel. Others were quite handsome, but when he spoke in this tone, he was ugly for no reason.
"You are really forgetful. You don’t remember why your classmate named Hong Dakai didn’t go into the valley, do you?" Xiao asked sneer at a way.
"Even if you don’t mention I also want to mention! Hong Dakai was tricked by you, and even I was humiliated. Today, I will personally kill you here! " Bai Mo harsh voice way.
Yu Xiang suddenly raised his hand and motioned for everyone not to talk first. Then he looked at Yan Ning and others around Xiao Wen and said, "Brother Yan, brother Ouyang, brother Luo and brother Gan, the situation is right in front of us. What do you think? I know that you two have befriended xìng Jianzong. However, you are just low-ranking disciples. Why do you lose your life for the clan friendship that you have never benefited from? If you leave now, I promise you that I will never embarrass you again and let you go out of the valley calmly. Moreover, after leaving the valley, I will never say anything about you leaving Xiao Wen, and these people behind me will never say anything! What do you think? "
"Very well, a man who knows the times is a hero. Now I’ll give you thirty minutes to think about it. I hope you don’t make mistakes." Yu Xiang said with awe.

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