But whether Qin Zhengyi Xiaoqi can’t guarantee it.

Xiaoqi looked through one. In these two days, Wei Zhi missed more than 20 words.
This time Xiaoqi gave him a message before Wei Zhi called in again.
"hi, Happy New Year!" Xiaoqi tried to relax.
"Xiao qi? !” Wei Zhengyin said with anxiety, "Your mobile phone is always on."
"Oh, I went to the countryside and forgot to bring my mobile phone. I just came back."
People over there seem to be relieved. "I’m glad you’re okay."
"Happy New Year" Xiaoqi said again.
"Happy New Year!"
At this time, something came in. Xiaoqi could hastily say a few words and then hang up the Wei Zhi dialect.
Words are Enron Chen Dafu elder brother and Sun Jin several people called in to surprise Xiaoqi, and there were words between Yin Xuejie and Heimei.
It’s all good health, all wishes come true, and so on. Xiaoqi looks at herself from beginning to end. She can smile bitterly if she doesn’t get a foot injury.
The last thing Gu Nan said was that he had prepared a big red envelope for his apprentice, which had been put into his salary card. He told Xiaoqi that he didn’t appreciate it. Just kowtow and serve tea when he returned to Beijing.
Xiaoqi is in distress situation. How did this child go with Enron?
Enron also prepared a big red envelope, but not directly into his card, but wait for Xiaoqi to return to Beijing before giving it to him.
Hehe … It’s good to be a junior.
Xiaoqi is injured in both hands and feet, and she can stay in her room to recuperate after she leaves the hospital.
I don’t know if it’s blue morning to order Xiaoqi to recuperate. The food is so exquisite that it’s enviable and varied, and every dish is beautiful, which can definitely make people’s index fingers move.
Xiaoqi doesn’t hesitate to give anything to eat, but his hand is hurt. This time Xiaoqi is completely an uncle.
Dress, others wait for food and water, some people feed, want to go out to bask in the sun, and there is a wheelchair where to sneak and take a bath … Well, take your time!
Of course, Xiaoqi’s luxury recuperation is enough for the blue servants to comment on it, but Xiaoqi’s body not only turns a deaf ear, but also takes it for granted.
Finally, Xiao Qi couldn’t bear to be disturbed, holding his injured hands and saying, "Young Master, get it."
Then the whole world was quiet.
Who dares to take orders from the young master? Besides, being injured by the young master belongs to the scope of work-related injuries, but this treatment is really ancient.
After a while, it was already the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, and the car racing accident did not stop with the passage of time.
Four people were seriously injured, two died just two days ago, and five vehicles were found one after another. Fortunately, the death toll reached a peak, and the news said that most of the dead were mutilated when they were found.
Lan Chen is very busy these days, and it is rare to see him in the main house, but when Lan Chen asked him that day if he knew there would be an accident, Xiao Qi’s heart beat slowly.
In fact, Lan Chen woke up when he wiped his sweat. When Ye Shu, Mr. Zhuang or others were in the same ward, Xiaoqi could sleep. Only when Lan Chen approached, he became alert. Even in his sleep, he remained alert to Lan Chen.
I really don’t like this man in my life, but I just can’t bear to let him die
This ambivalence is even unclear to him. To be continued.
Chapter one hundred and eleven I’m coming to pick you up!
School started after the fifteenth day of the first month. After nearly half a month, Xiaoqi was recuperated. There was basically no problem with the head injury or leaving a scar. However, it was not obvious that the hand injury was not as serious as Xiaoqi’s performance, but it was swollen badly at that time.
Even the most serious foot injury has recovered well, which is also beneficial to Lanchen’s eating every day. If it weren’t for the violent running and walking, it wouldn’t be a problem. Plus Ye Shu felt sorry for himself, forcing him to eat supper every night. Xiaoqi felt that he not only gained a few pounds, but even the double bus came out.
It’s the fifteenth day of the first month, Lantern Festival, and even the fireworks are particularly bright. It’s natural for the blue house to do its part. The money for fireworks alone is enough for a well-off family for two or three years.
According to the original schedule, Lan Chen should return to Beijing on the seventh day of the seventh day. After all, Beijing Real Estate Hengfeng Real Estate Co., Ltd. needs his on-the-spot command more than two well-run Shanghai companies.
But I don’t know why Lan Chen didn’t go back to Beijing as expected. Now he can remotely command some things of the company through video conference. His secretaries are so busy that they have to run at both ends for a few days. Every two days, they will need him to personally sign the documents and send them to the sea. After Lan Chen confirms the signature, the secrets will fly back to Beijing.
According to Xiaoqi’s words, it’s a waste of people and money, but the young master of the blue family has deep pockets, so people can’t rest assured of such small money.
Even if Lan Chen doesn’t go back to Beijing himself, he still arbitrarily limits Xiao Qi’s plan to go back to school.
Xiaoqi wants to cry. His stock has been offline for such a long time. I don’t know what happened. Although I have some friendship with the exchange manager, I can let people look after it, but after all, it is not reassuring to look at it by myself.
On the fifteenth day of the first month, the Lantern Festival was the most noisy or the sky was full of colorful fireworks, so the blue morning was naturally dragged out of the blue house by his gang. I heard that another little Jiang Jie of the blue morning rushed back to the sea from the United States for the holiday, and the blue morning could not miss the appointment. The location was a top private club on Haiyu Yongfu Road.
At the moment, people in the compound are setting off fireworks, which is a busy but not chaotic scene. Xiaoqi looks at it for a while and feels like chatting and then goes back to his room.
It’s getting dark. Although fireworks and firecrackers are banned in some areas of the sea, some people have already started to set off fireworks, and the earth is shaking with a bang. Compared with the New Year’s Eve party, it’s not.
And the Blue House Fireworks is a must-have success. I believe that the news, newspapers and major networks will rush to report it. After all, the Blue House is surrounded by fireworks watchers at the moment, waiting for the Blue House to light dazzling fireworks.
Xiaoqi still eats people in his own room and delivers a very rich dinner, but Xiaoqi doesn’t feel much delicious after eating like this for half a month. Instead, he misses the millet porridge with dried radish in school food.
Xiaoqi didn’t eat much for dinner. Now that her hands are ready, she can’t be fed by others. Soon after she finished eating, someone came to help her take it away and change the seasonal fruit salad.
Xiaoqi was lying in bed, leafing through her mobile phone and eating a fruit salad without a bite.
Suddenly, Xiao Qi got a fright when he shook. He didn’t hold it steady and hit the bridge of his nose directly.
"Well, hey …" Xiaoqi’s tears came out in pain.
"Xiaoqi is me"
Xiao qi a tingle sat up from the bed "Wei Zhi? !”
"Well, are you surprised?" Wei Zhi asked.
Xiaoqi ha ha a smile "no, it’s a little unexpected" but it’s also understandable.
"Did you have dinner?"
"Just finished eating you?"
"Not yet"
Xiao Qiyi was stunned. "Why haven’t you eaten so late?" Xiaoqi looked at it and it was past 7: 30.
There seems to be a lot of people where Wei Zhi is located. Xiaoqi pressed her mobile phone to her ear and listened with difficulty.
"Yeah, I’m not hungry yet," Wei Zhi complained in the words.
"Then you go to eat. Where’s your servant? Are your parents not here either? " You won’t send all the servants away like Lan Chen, will you?
"I want to eat your cooking."
Xiaoqiyu can’t let him fly to Beijing to cook for him, can he?
"No?" Wei Zhi asked.
Xiaoqile casually said, "OK, I’ll do it for you when you come to my place."

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