Chapter two hundred and thirty Three Ancient Saints
A very heavy blue light wheel rises slowly from the top of Tuobaoge, like a blue sun.
The sound of whispering and chanting came out of thin air from the depths of vanity, and a solemn and sacred one seemed to rise from the bottom of all terran creatures in Yanshan City with the ardent hope of ancient ancestors.
"This … this is the shadow of ancient sages!"
Just then, I don’t know which monk, with a hint of trembling in his voice, pointed to the sky.
"The shadow of the sage?"
"Murphy … Murphy, this time, I can see a real saint’s road, a song of civilization and history?"
Hearing this sentence, everyone can’t help but let out a shiver from the bottom of my heart. This is a beautiful ceremony that hasn’t happened several times in millions of years!
Sure enough …
A blue river that surges from the vast void is incredible. What makes Yan Hong stunned most is the long river of civilization of the Nine Xuan Terrans. The deep core of the incredible sacred power of sages shines with a hint that makes him extremely familiar and imprinted in the deepest part of his true spirit-
"This is … immortal power, and it is still condensed and shaped, even reaching the number of 29, with the immortal power of youth!"
This can let YanHong feel a strange feeling from the bottom of my heart, "how is it possible! You know, the immortal interest condensed by the realm of the ancient gods is only a faint feeling, even if the deity did not reach this terrible weather when he was mixing the sacred land of Yuan, this kind of power may be far away from the time when the deity proved to be the supreme ancestor. It’s just inferior to a line! "
YanHong heart, a mystery, not that he look down upon this side of the world, but according to YanHong, this side of the world, even in front of him the top king series master YanYunCang, now doesn’t even have the realm of the ancient gods, and this, is already standing in the first-class masters, distance peak. It’s only a short distance. Just like this, how can He De condense such an exaggerated scene?
"It seems that this deity follows the traction of metempsychosis in the world. Sure enough, it won’t be that simple. This world. Resolving is not an ordinary new world that has just been born for a long time! "
Even if I have been as calm as Yan Hong, I can’t calm down at this time, and my eyes reveal a trace of joy. "On this ancient road, I will definitely go all out to get the key to touch this great opportunity!"
At the moment, life’s core monuments, the supreme ancestor, is beating wildly. Instinctively, he told him that there is a great chance in this world, even for the eternal ancestor who has already been enlightened and awakened in the future, it is a great chance!
"I didn’t expect that the vision in the history book of green civilization was so mighty. I’m afraid … it will be my great chance!"
At this point, Yan Yuncang also can’t calm down. He stares at the book shining with incomparable brilliance above Lingquan, and the joy in his eyes can hardly be concealed. Even if the water of Lingquan, which protects Lingbao, is suppressed by it, it is reduced at a visible speed, which is ten times more than the normal opening cost, and there is no love.
In the whole Nine-Xuan Terran, only a few top strong people can understand that every opening of this Nine-Xuan Terran’s treasure, the ancient sage road, is a great opportunity for the opener.
If it weren’t for his talent, Yan Yun had reached the peak of the king’s rank, and his power was unparalleled. He had resisted the pressure of those horrible animals in the depths of hundreds of ancient mountains, and he was born in this hundred million wild mountains, tearing off a piece of ancient mountains, opening the threshold for Jiuxuan Terran to step into this ancient earth with extremely rich resources, and made great achievements for the whole Jiuxuan Terran. I’m afraid this big chance is not his turn!
Want to know, just the capital series of the city, the whole Terran has 36 seats, even the powerful giant city of Yanshan City, although rare, can gather together, I’m afraid there are still ten seats and eight seats, but I didn’t expect that this great chance, which has never happened in millions of years, was so clever that he ran into it!
"Ha, ha, ha, boy, since this happened, it is no longer suitable for this ancient road to be opened here. Let’s go."
YanYunCang finally was more than I could bear, burst out laughing, mind move, two people had already appeared outside the treasure cabinet.
The green light, like a bright sun, came into being slowly and went straight to the sky. The endless breath of civilization permeated the whole Yanshan City, and at a terrible speed, it began to spread to all directions.
"Why heaven and earth can be long and long, and I am puzzled. I have been sitting under a bitter Yao tree for eight thousand years, watching the sun rise and the moon set in the distance, and my head is spinning, and I finally realize …"
An elderly man with a white eyebrow sitting under an old green tree first appeared, his hair and beard fluttered, his mouth was singing a mantra, and the endless avenues were full of true meaning.
"Under the bitter Yao tree, enlightenment lasted for 8,000 years. This is the ancient sage of Yao. According to ancient records, this sage saw through the mysteries of the world and preached the whole nine-xuan earth. Now his orthodoxy is still prosperous and clinking, and he finally wandered away …"
At this time, an old man handed down from an ancient family looked at the sage with madness and blood in his eyes. "Ha, ha, ha, this is an immortal scripture, which contains the lifelong understanding of this sage!"
"Yaogu Saint, one of the Three Ancient Saints!"
The rest of the people, without looking at the old man’s madness, listened attentively to the sage’s sermon.
Isn’t it silly that the sage preached in person and was distracted by the immortal scripture "Eternal Life"?
I missed this great opportunity, and I’m afraid I’ll regret it in the future, enough to make anyone vomit blood and kill himself!
One day, the whole Yanshan city was immersed in the grand preaching voice of the sages. At this moment, no one dared to make any noise to disturb the preaching of the sages.
At this juncture, once you disturb others’ enlightenment, your mind will never stop-blocking others’ enlightenment, which is no less than the hatred of destroying your family and genocide!
The sun rises and the moon sets, although there is a blue sun shining in the air, but when the day begins to rise, the sound of the heavens will come to an abrupt end after all.
"Is the sermon of the ancient sages over?"
八 零 电 子 书 w w w . t x t 8 0. c c
Don’t think it’s nothing, but you must understand that the ancient gods are the way to return to nature the day after tomorrow, and they are the way to live forever. Everything in the world can’t be touched or seen.
I’m afraid it’s rare to find a classic that can point directly at the way of the ancient gods, even if it’s a pre-heavenly fiend who opened up the origin of three thousand Taoist traditions and the great magical powers walked everywhere. This powerful world with the impact on the eternal world, I’m afraid, can’t create this level of inaction.
"The world often takes worldly affairs. However, among the heavens, there are thousands of ways, and on the boundless earth, but the world only takes one ladle. I think that heaven and earth are all over the world, and the song is all-round, but I prefer to be straight …"
After the figure of Yao ancient saints dispersed, another square-faced man dressed in animal clothes and with bare heels came to sing. Before the rich road mark in Yanshan City could disperse, another road mark that was totally unacceptable but equally profound fell. (To be continued. . )

Chapter two hundred and thirty-one Nine Xuanyin
"It’s better to take what is straight than to seek what is curved. This is the Fautu Testimony of the Ancient Saints!"
"One of the same three ancient saints, the ancient saint!"
Although the "Fautu Testimony Code" is too old, this handed down code is incomplete, and there are many people who can identify it.

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