Now the forest air in the body is really yuan, which is not purely true yuan.

Makoto Fundamentally speaking, it is to absorb the essence left by the reiki between heaven and earth after being refined by then. This is the purest energy. But … Now windson breath in the body is very complicated. It was also the first to absorb the earth-yin element through double cultivation. There is also an aura that absorbs between heaven and earth. And at the beginning in the mysterious cave of a star to absorb the fairy gas. More on the forgotten star to absorb the more violent fairy gas. Then he absorbed a lot of pure fairy gas in the independent space of the soul-destroying disc. This caused the forest air multifarious breath in the body now.
Every kind of breath will be the most essential part of the broken Dan before the forest air. All kinds of reiki gathered in forest air to the body. It caused the forest air to be extremely special now. Then with a milky light!
Earlier, Lin Feng noticed that there was something wrong with the color of then, but because there was no substantial impact on his own strength, Lin Feng didn’t care much. Now it seems that this pigeon-egg-sized elixir has a great influence on its further strength.
This is not because of the impure aura in the elixir, is it? Or do you have to gather enough pure fairy gas to finish this Dan crushing? After running the real element in the body once again. Windson also began to think.
Since the independent space of the soul-destroying disc. Windson has always absorbed the purest fairy gas, but this can’t fundamentally change the complicated true elements precipitated in then.
Windson want to want to go. Also failed to come up with an effective way. Now it seems that then there are signs of continuing to grow up. If you can’t break the elixir, then it will grow up with it when the absorbed fairy gas reaches a certain level. This is a headache for Lin Feng. Although it can provide him with enough strength, it can’t fundamentally improve his strength. It’s just like a martial arts expert, no matter how powerful you are, you are no match for a gun.
Suddenly in my mind, Lin Feng remembered when his own elixir had just taken shape. At that time, the elixir was directly made into the same complex and impure, so it was almost blown up by Fei Xian in the fighting contest of the university sports meeting.
Later, in order to solve this problem, he reorganized then.
So now is it possible to reorganize then as it was at the beginning? Of course, this time’s practice must not be the same as last time. After all, the energy contained in then Dan Li has reached an alarming level. If we are not careful, it will be the end of the explosion.
But the grim reality has no time for him to waste on repeated consideration. In addition to the role of adventure factors that are not lacking in the body, Lin Fengshen took a deep breath and tried to slowly pierce the then with the soul force, hoping to use the soul force to slowly peel off the true elements that make up the then.
When the soul force pierced the elixir, a limp and numb feeling like an electric shock instantly spread all over the body. Suddenly, the true yuan in the elixir poured out like a flood burst its banks. Is already eight turn golden body windson at the moment is also can’t afford to pour out the true yuan.
Bang! Bang! In an instant, the clothes on my body were broken by the extreme expansion of the skin, and then Lin Feng’s almost invulnerable skin slowly burst and oozed blood.
At the moment when the real yuan leaked out, the consciousness of windson was also very weak under the impact of powerful forces. I tried to control the real yuan that poured out, but this is undoubtedly like a gladiator. Lin Feng’s last consciousness is: It seems that this bet is wrong …
However, at the moment when windson lost consciousness, cocoa, which has been practicing in the sea of windson consciousness, seems to feel something. Nowadays, cocoa has condensed into a solid spirit body under the nourishment of fairy spirit, which needs huge energy supplement. But because of the mysterious connection with the host, it can’t directly absorb the energy under the control of forest air, and it can only accumulate slowly by time.
But at this moment from windson then pour out of the true yuan is not controlled by windson.
True Yuan is the purest power. Seeing so many true Yuan cocoa, my eyes immediately turned green. Also didn’t go to tube this really yuan is from the forest air then overflow greedy absorption in forest air body raging really yuan.
The vigorous real yuan flows to cocoa in a flash, and the real yuan is absorbed by cocoa. And Cocoa’s transparent body has gradually become clearer. After absorbing the scattered real yuan in forest air, Cocoa also fell silent to digest this new-found power, but what she didn’t know was that driven by instinct, the spiritual body extended its tentacles to the source of the real yuan-then forest air.
Not the kui is a five-line spirit baby condensed from the reiki between heaven and earth. At the moment when Coco put the spirit on Lin Fengjin, I saw that a milky bond seemed to be established between two people. It was simply a true yuan belt formed by the true yuan in Lin Fengjin. And windson’s pigeon-egg-sized elixir has also become dramatically smaller because of the absorption of cocoa, and even the five-claw Jinlong soul that has long been integrated by windson has been pulled out by this force.
Fortunately, windson has already fallen into a coma, otherwise it would be strange to see his hard-earned cultivation results go down the drain without vomiting blood.
With the continuous change of forest air then, the body is completely materialized. It was not until the last silk condensed into cocoa that it stopped absorbing the true yuan in Lin Feng’s elixir. At this time, Lin Feng’s elixir had already changed from the size of a pigeon egg to the size of only a grain of rice!

Chapter three hundred and fifty-one Huang Yuan Dan (on)
Cocoa finally woke up and looked at her body with joy and felt very satisfied.
Baby-like pink skin with milky luster, sparkling eyes showing the purity of cocoa, and that fleshy pink face make people want to hug her in their arms and have a good intimacy.
After enjoying your body, Coco didn’t notice the windson lying naked on the ground without any breath. Brother? Brother, what’s wrong with you?
For ages windson still no response. Cocoa nasty flurried to spy on windson body. How to say it is also a spiritual baby born from the aura between heaven and earth. Coco soon noticed that Lin Feng was knocked away by the powerful true yuan force because of the true yuan leakage and fell into a coma.
Biting his little finger, Coco thought for a while and soon showed a knowing smile. I saw a five-color light suddenly shining on Cocoa’s chest and then scattered: crystals of gold, green, blue, red and yellow light appeared in Cocoa’s hands. This is exactly what windson got on the forgotten planet.
The essence of five elements of aura: kim hyun, Mu Xuan, Shui Xuan, Huo Xuan and Tu Xuan. At the beginning, as soon as Lin Fenggang got the five Xuan, he was robbed by cocoa without urgent research. Now that Cocoa has condensed into entities, these things have no practical significance for the spirit formed by her aura between heaven and earth.
Five Xuan in the hands of cocoa cheerful hopping cocoa wanted to think a hand stretched out just absorbed from windson’s body, so the five-claw Jinlong soul appeared in the hands of cocoa.
Nodded a mighty force of five elements poured out from the cocoa body and wrapped the soul of Five Xuan and Five Claws Golden Dragon in an instant.
Moments later, a golden dragon embroidered with five-color luster appeared in the hands of cocoa. Cocoa was satisfied with a smile and wanted to put the golden elixir into Lin Feng’s body. It seemed that it was inappropriate to offer a miniature version of cocoa from the body. This is clearly the lifeblood of cocoa-the spirit of the five elements of Lingying-the spirit of the five elements! Slowly blend the five elements of spirit into the five-colored cocoa in the elixir, and this will be satisfactory to send the elixir into the forest air.
I don’t know what to call this elixir. As soon as I entered the forest air, I merged with the former then. Then began to release the majestic aura to repair the damaged meridians in windson’s body, and even the gods who had just been smashed by Zhenyuan were slowly condensed by this force.
With the recovery of god’s knowledge, Lin Feng woke up slowly, and when he opened his eyes, he came into view as a lovely little girl doll, Lin Feng, one leng, subconsciously let out a cry: Cocoa?
Cocoa looked at windson ha ha a smile. Agree with the windson to answer. Windson a surprised. I haven’t seen cocoa for a long time. She has actually condensed out the entity. Struggling to get a look. But a stabbing pain spread all over the body.
Ah! Let out a cry of pain. Windson feebly fell again. At this time. Lin Fengcai remembered that his previous attempt to reorganize then led to the leakage of Zhenyuan. Himself was leaked to the true force scattered gods just passed out.
Thought of here. Windson hurriedly check up their physical condition. The whole body meridians although there are still some stinging. But there is no place to break. The original pigeon egg-sized ivory then has disappeared. In its place, a five-color shiny elixir was quietly suspended in the abdomen. And this strangely, there is a golden dragon with five claws hovering on it. Through then. You can even see a little person wrapped in five-color glow. And in front of cocoa generally no two.
It is very strange why your body has changed so much. Subconsciously want to assemble Zhenyuan from then. But when the spirit in-depth then when they. Lin Fengcai is now. Then there is nothing inside. Where there is no real yuan!
Windson once panicked. Although I said before that I have never been able to complete the broken Dan further. Reach nine turns of golden body. But at least your own eight-turn golden body and the pigeon-egg-sized elixir provide enough real power to make yourself not afraid of any opponent. But now I am proud to be then gone. There is not a trace of truth in the body. How can this not call windson worry?
Spirit again and again to wander in the then. Every corner of the body. But the result remains the same. There is no trace of truth in the body. Windson is desperate. Although feel now own spirit seems to be more powerful than before. But what’s the use? There is no real power. I am no different from ordinary people. This moment. Windson deathly heart all have.
Aside to cocoa looked at windson that rain or shine. I don’t know what I gave birth to, so I can only watch. After a while. Lin Fengcai self-effacing opened his eyes and looked at Cocoa with a wry smile. Brother Cocoa is a basket case now! Call … Say that finish self-deprecating smile slowly exhaled a polluted air.
I thought about countless possibilities for my future exhibition on the road of spiritual practice, but I never expected that fate would play such a big joke on him.
Cocoa’s mind is similar to that of a child, but it is also able to recognize the meaning of windson’s words and cried when he was scared.

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