Shi Fan, relieved, said, "Yes, bitch."

As a result, the Qinglian Lingshan is decorated with colorful silk. The flowers and rains are colorful, and the demon kings of the cave houses and the monks of Qinglian Lingshan Terran all know about the celebration, and they are all overjoyed.
Qing Ye and Nvnai left for ten thousand years, and the Qinglian Lingshan was under the control of the stone alum, so there was no occasion for celebration. And those who had made great achievements in picking up the golden fairy fruit, some demon kings and Terran monks were invited to the Qinglian Palace. Celebrate with the same temple.
Violet Lingshan these pick Jin Xian, mostly is the first batch of listen to Qing Ye’s sermon of the lich king, there are nearly one hundred lich king, and more than 20 people, but later some worship into violet Lingshan terran monks.
Looking at more than one hundred pick Jin Xian in the temple, Gao Cheng, the seventh disciple of the violet saint, was shocked and ashamed at the same time. For more than one hundred years, pick Jin Xian, before seeing Qing Ye two days ago, was the top of the six realms in his eyes. Quasi-saints and saints are generally rare.
These days, what he saw and heard brought him great shock.
Think of him, a high-level Jin Xian, who can sit in the same hall with many Luo Jinxian, because he is a disciple of violet saints.
"It seems that you can’t lose face to the master. You really have to practice hard and reach the pick of Jinxian as soon as possible." Gao Cheng thought to himself, of course, he dare not think about sanctification now.
Over the years, Stone Alum has managed the Qinglian Lingshan Mountain according to Qing Ye’s instructions, and has managed it well, and has taken care of all the monks who came to worship the Qinglian Lingshan Mountain, especially the Terran monks.
Therefore, there are now five or six million demon monks in Qinglian Lingshan, and there are also many Terran monks. There are nearly one million people, many of whom worship Qinglian Lingshan in the name of the Father and the Virgin.
Now the north is afraid of Luzhou, although the environment is bad. It’s inaccessible, there are many poisonous monsters, and the existence of Lingshan is poor. After the six celebrations, which were not as silent as in the ancient flood and famine period, Lu Ya became the heavenly emperor. Qing Ye and Nannai took him back to heaven.
The next day, Qing Ye and the prostitute were sitting on the main hall, and several other disciples were dragged in. Qing Ye said, "The land of the immortals, the southern part of the continent, the eastern part of China, the western part of Hezhou, and hundreds of thousands of countries, large and small. In particular, there are tens of thousands of Buddhist countries in Hezhou, Xi Niu, and countless Buddhists and soldiers, which have played a great role in the rise of Western Buddhism. In the future, the struggle between religions needs to be participated through the struggle between countries in various continents. I brought you here this time to let you rule our monks who are afraid of Luzhou in the north. "
Shi Guan bowed to him and said, "Teacher, we are afraid of the harsh environment in Luzhou in the north. Moreover, some giant demons are not weak. Our Qinglian Lingshan Mountain is powerful. Although it is not difficult to establish a country and rule, the resistance is not small."
In the north, I am afraid of some rare places in Luzhou, where there are some huge monsters in the wild and some powerful people, who are not even weaker than the disciples of the four religions.
Qing Ye mused, "Then take your time. Not in a hundred years, not in a thousand years, not in a thousand years, not many countries, just a few big countries. You are responsible for this matter, Shi Fan, and let our Terran monks who have reached the high stage of picking Jin Xian in Qinglian Lingshan go down to be the country’s master. After that, let them decide on the things in these countries. You have to worry more about building city palaces in these countries. As for those giant demons, if they don’t take the initiative to stop them, Don’t pay attention to them. If they stop making trouble, Qing Ye will let go: "Kill them!"
Stone alum respectfully said, "Yes, I will follow the teacher’s instructions."
The next day, Qing Ye and Nannai told the disciples everything, and then they went to the underworld.
After the six realms of nature, the underworld and the demon world. Qing Ye and Nunai haven’t been there yet, and this time they want to see what the underworld and demon world are like under their disciple’s rule.
There are billions of miles of blood between the underworld and the ghost world. Therefore, if you want to enter the underworld, you must first go through the sea of blood. It is difficult to enter the underworld if you are not a person with advanced mana.
Qing Ye and the prostitute came to the sea of blood on horseback and green, respectively. They came to the sea of blood, watching the waves and waves of the sea of blood, the bloody and dirty air over the sea, and the wailing of the ghosts on it. The prostitute couldn’t help but frown: "The sea of blood has harmed many ghosts for hundreds of millions of years, so that it can’t be reincarnated and interfere with The six great divisions in the wheel of karma."
Qing Ye shook his head: "Everything exists for a reason. A sea of blood is a natural existence of heaven and earth. Even without a sea of blood, another sea of blood will be born.
War between heaven and earth happens all the time, and there are hundreds of thousands of tragic creatures every day without millions, even the reincarnation of Yin and Yang in the ghost world can’t stand it. Then those ghosts will have no blood sea, and resentment will generate another blood sea.
The prostitute didn’t say anything when she heard what Qing Ye said. In fact, she never understood this truth and sighed, "Then let’s go." Qing Ye nodded, and the prostitute leaps clouds, riding a mount to the blood.
The two of them are full of energy, such as pearls hanging on the curtain. Within a few miles around, the blood of the blood can’t be close to half a point. However, when they entered the depths of the blood, about half of the time, they met something with their eyes open.
Stop right there. There was a shouting over the sea of blood, and then the sea of blood pushed aside the blood waves and walked out of hundreds of Asura.
Looking at these Asura, Qing Ye and Nvnai couldn’t help but glance at each other. Qing Ye smiled at her mouth, thinking that she couldn’t ignore the bodhi old zu of Styx, but didn’t think that some of his little Nie Gong would stop herself.
Hundreds of Asura, but all men, dressed in dark red shirt armor, it seems that, but is responsible for the patrol team.
Headed by a young man, however. Asura clan, men have always been ugly, this young man, in appearance, reminds Qing Ye of an animal on the earth, rhinoceros.
Hundreds of Asura came to Qing Ye and the front of the prostitute for several miles. Looking at Qing Ye and the prostitute and their mounts, the arrogance of the previous arrogance was quite a lot. He could see that Qing Ye and Nu Wa were not simple. In fact, most people who dare to cross the sea of blood and go to the underworld are not simple.
But so what? In the past, those who went to the underworld through the sea of blood dared to resist and refused to pay.
"Travel. Generation, which is not finally become the blood of nutrients?
"Hey hey, have you ever thought of a bloody sea? The young man, led by the toll, laughed, but it was uglier than crying. Seeing that Qing Ye and a prostitute were not simple, he also dared not be too rude.
"Pay the toll?" Qing Ye and Nu Wa Yi-ash, when did Styx do the business of robbers?
"This is the rule for yesterday’s young man.
"Oh, rules, how to pay?" Qing Ye ponder to say with smile, prostitutes are familiar with Qing Ye.
This husband is joking again. The female milk thought helplessly.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-eight It turned out to be a violet saint
When Qing Ye and the prostitute heard that they had to pay the toll, they didn’t have much resistance. "Instead, they asked with a smile how to pay the toll. The young man headed by Asura couldn’t help laughing, but looked a little arrogant: "You are also available. I didn’t resist, either I blew it, or the disciples of the four religions came, and they had to pay the toll obediently on our blood. Since you are so knowledgeable, I won’t charge you more, two best fairy wares and ten best elixirs. "
Remove Lingbao, and you will get the best fairy. The best elixir is second only to the top ten elixirs. Qing Ye and female milk eyebrows a wrinkly, I didn’t think this toll is quite low.
Especially when Qing Ye heard it, four disciples came. Also have to obediently pay the toll, Qing Ye smile more sheng, Qing Ye naturally know this young man in Asura what are the four religions.
Qing Ye looked embarrassed, but said helplessly, "This brother and his wife have something to catch up with the demon world, but he doesn’t have the best fairy, let alone the best elixir. What can we do?" There was a proper look of anxiety on his face.

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