Yuan Shi said, "As saints, we are immortal under heaven, and saints are invincible. This small array can’t keep me exhausted, but I don’t know how much strength we can leave after this."

In the beginning of Yuan Dynasty, I was worried about whether Qingyun and Xuanqing would let go of their five saints after the sky. You know, this saint has no strength, that is, he has no mana. A saint without mana can’t kill, but it is very possible to be sealed. In the beginning of Yuan Dynasty, I was worried about being sealed.
Tongtian said, "We, as the deities of a religion, dare not attack us even when we come to Penglai. Otherwise, the teacher will definitely attack us. Why are we afraid of this two saints of Penglai?"
Zhun Ti said, "Qingyun is shameless, but I’m afraid he dares to do this outrageous thing. We’d better be careful not to be calculated by these two Penglai people."
Yuan Shi said, "Taoist friends are right. It’s just that we’re only fighting today for cause and effect, and our cause and effect have not reached this point. Even if Qingyun does something outrageous regardless of the sage’s face, Taoist friends in Xuanqing belong to one of Pangu’s four clean-ups, but they won’t see us robbed."
Zhun-ti listened to Yuan Shi’s words, but he was still worried that this large array would sink himself in. Nowadays, the number of days is chaotic, and the big robbery has been continuously evolved into an infinite robbery by the saints. If you are not careful, it will become an infinite robbery, and it is very possible that the infinite robbery of the saints will fall. This is what Zhun-ti is most worried about.
Then he said to Lao Tzu, "I wonder if brother has a plan to go out?"
Lao Tzu said, "It is extremely difficult to break the big array if heaven and earth are separated now, and we can only break through the array by resisting this day. Pangu’s great god stands tall in the sky, and can hold the heaven and earth to the utmost truth. Although we five saints are not as good as each other, this heaven and earth is not Pangu’s heaven and earth, and we can leave the battle only by holding the heaven and earth to the utmost truth. "
Lao Tzu said, "Then came the voice of Qingyun. "Sanqing really deserves Sanqing. I didn’t expect you to think of this flaw so quickly. Although you think of a way out, you have to come to the sky. If you can’t hold on, it’s no wonder that I am. "
Zhunti said, "Shameless little man, today we have been calculated by you, and we will end this cause and effect someday."
Qingyun said, "Cause and effect will come to an end one day. If you do this today, you are doomed to continue to evolve into a catastrophe. I am afraid that next time you wait for the battle, this catastrophe will become an infinite catastrophe." What Qingyun said is a warning to the saints, don’t continue to evolve, otherwise the next time the saints enter the array, this saint will also fall in this large array.
Then the leader said, "We’d better go out first, and then discuss how to break the array. Nowadays, strength can’t be helped by people. "
The saints had no choice but to conquer the sky. Compared with Pangu, the Five Saints’ joint efforts to reach the sky are not bad. Like Pangu, the Five Saints stepped on the earth with their feet and lifted their hands, slowly separating heaven and earth. With the increase of heaven and earth, the Five Saints also grew taller.
This heaven and earth is the same as that of Pangu, except that it is not as big as the outside world, and there is no "heaven" for the five saints to fall, so in the end it is just that the five saints have lost their power and fallen. Under heaven, saints will not die unless they are robbed.
I don’t know how high heaven and earth are, but when the Five Saints feel that heaven and earth won’t close, they fall out of the array one after another, but they are exhausted. Fortunately, this large array is resisted by the Five Saints together, and finally comes out of the large array, otherwise the Five Saints are doomed to be sealed in this big Jinnouchi.

Chapter eighty-three The holy Penglai
The Five Saints went out in a big array, took a break and recovered a lot. Five people returned to the reed shed and sat down separately. Lao Tzu said, "This chaotic array in Penglai is so mysterious that we can’t break it. Now we have to go to Zixiao Palace and ask the teacher to preside over it."
Yuan Shi said, "The elder brother is right. It’s just that after the teacher joined the Tao, he rarely went into the flood, and we were in charge of everything. The teacher said that the catastrophe could not be changed unless it was heaven. Now, although it has evolved into an infinite catastrophe, I wonder if it was the teacher’s heaven?"
Tongtian said, "This time, the deity robbery was just a fairy robbery, which coincided with the human robbery. Now it has evolved into an infinite robbery, and the teacher should know it. I want to come to this matter and the teacher will come forward. "
Lao Tzu said, "Well, let’s go to the Zixiao Palace to meet the teacher together, so that we can ask the teacher to come forward and resolve this great robbery."
The saints said, "Great goodness." A group of five saints went to Zixiao Palace to meet Hongjun, but they didn’t want to be stopped by the boy in Zixiao Palace.
The boy said, "The old ancestor said that this robbery was in the hands of your saints and brothers, and all the matters in the robbery were handled by your saints and brothers. Dear saints and brothers, please return. "
The saints could not help looking at each other when they heard the boy’s words. Yuan Shi said, "Brother, did the teacher give another explanation?"
"I have nothing to say," said the lad. "I just want to tell you saints and brothers to handle this big robbery yourself. Dear brothers, I have to go back to my life and say goodbye. " Then he made a kowtow to the crowd and returned to the palace.
Seeing this, the Five Saints had to return to Lupeng. Tongtian said, "Brother, you understand the most, but have you ever understood what the teacher meant?"
Lao Tzu said, "This time, the teacher told me that we had to take charge of everything ourselves, but now we are blocked by a large array set up by the Second Sage of Penglai, but we can’t perfect the catastrophe."
Yuan Shi said, "This time, the teacher said that Penglai would not be robbed, but the teacher let the door rob it. Murphy … "
As soon as the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty said, the saints began to worry. This catastrophe was originally intended for the man in Penglai, and he will naturally be robbed. Now this situation seems to be caused by the man in Penglai. The saints thought of this and could not help worrying about the final trend of this robbery.
Then he said, "It’s only a matter of days before the robbery. We all thought that the robbery was just for robbery, but now it seems wrong."
Tongtian said, "The uncle was involved in this robbery, so we will go to Penglai to see him."
Zhun Ti said, "Qingyun belongs to Penglai, and we are going to have a holiday with it. I’m afraid it will be difficult."
Tongtian said, "A scholar is a heavenly way, so you should follow the number of days. If you don’t know the number of days in Qingyun, you will act recklessly, and you will never be unreasonable."
Yuan Shi thought for a moment and said, "I don’t want to be involved in a big robbery. I think I want to negotiate with my uncle to make a big robbery. If the teacher doesn’t care about this, my uncle will definitely come forward. We can go to Penglai and ask him to come forward."
Lao Tzu said, "Now there is no way around, so that’s the only way. I’ll go to Penglai as soon as I wait, and ask my uncle to come forward. "
The Five Saints came to Penglai in the East China Sea together, only to see that the Penglai Mountain Protection Array was the chaotic array. In a short time, Baiyun came out to see the five saints. "Your lordship, please come with me to the island," he said.
Baiyun entered the large array with five saints, and the saints also saw the power of this array. The chaotic large array on this island is many times stronger than the large array under Sanshan Pass. After the saints entered the array, it was like returning to the sky. The chaotic world in that large array was more like chaos than the chaotic world 33 days away. Among them, fierce things are constantly erupting, and the saints are confident that this array can kill saints.
The five saints went out in a large array, entered the inner island from the outer island, and saw the chess game that day. This time, they saw the power of the chess game between heaven and earth. The chess game between heaven and earth now lacks the auxiliary array, but its power is still strong. The starry sky and the earth are more than one hundred times more powerful than the chess game between heaven and earth under Sanshan Pass. This chess game between heaven and earth had to be arranged with chess boards and chess pieces between heaven and earth, but Qingyun didn’t have these two things, so the power of the large array was naturally insufficient. Now the Five Saints are even more shocked when they see the true power of this chess game between heaven and earth. The strength of Penglai is unfathomable.
After entering the inner island, I saw the spirits and beasts playing on the three islands, and the spirits everywhere grew, most of which were rare species in the wild. The island is full of aura, which liquefies into fog and flutters on the island, and the mountain springs that turn into aura flow in the mountains. I don’t know how many times it has won compared with fairyland. Penglai is more luxurious than a saint.
The five saints were brought into the floating clouds palace by white clouds, with Zhang Wen sitting at the top and the panda standing aside. Seeing that the Five Saints came to Zhang Wen, he said, "I can see why you came here. Both Hong and I agreed not to intervene in this big robbery, and everything depends on you waiting for the Saints to finish."

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