However, Gao Cheng’s worry is unnecessary. The moment he has been expecting for a long time has not come, but when he opens his eyes, he thinks he is in a dream. How is it possible? Gao Cheng gave his thigh a hard twist, and then he gave a terrible pain. "Ouch!" " 1, floating in the hall empty.

Why can’t Gao Cheng believe what he saw? Because he is now in the carefree fairy mansion tens of thousands of miles away, isn’t the carefree fairy mansion occupied by the Sword Sect of Shushan? And just now, he was still tens of thousands of miles away from Xiaoyao Fairy House, which made Gao Cheng feel like a man and a woman standing in front of him in a dream handsome enough to let him hit the wall, and the beauty of the woman made him feel suffocated.
This move by Gao Cheng made Nu Wa feel a smile, such as flowers blooming, laughter ringing like a bell, and kept Gao Cheng dumbfounded.
Because Qing Ye’s appearance and temperament have changed a lot since HarmonyOS was reborn and rebuilt as a saint, Gao Cheng didn’t recognize Qing Ye. Looking at the pig brother of the only disciple in the past life, Qing Ye was a little depressed and said, "Gao Cheng, come here." After hearing Qing Ye’s words, Gao Cheng couldn’t help shivering. Only his master called him Gao Cheng. Gao Cheng asked late, "You, how could you?"
Qing Ye remembered that his present appearance had changed greatly from his previous life. In Gao Chengwen’s eyes, he used the * * force to change himself back to his previous life appearance, but these are just appearances, and only saints can see through this appearance.
Seeing that the master who failed in robbery actually stood alive in front of himself, Gao Cheng was full of disbelief, surprised and happy: "Your master? Master, is it really you? !” Qing Ye nodded with a smile and saw Qing Ye nod, high.
In the past, picked up Qing Ye and began to cry.
Gao Cheng’s crying opened up full horsepower and lasted for a cup of tea before stopping. A few years ago, it was rumoured that Qing Ye’s robbery failed, and then he was hunted down by the Sword Sect of Shushan. In recent years, he has been living in the shadow of a fugitive, sleeping uneasily and eating uneasily, because the Sword Sect of Shushan even used this method in the process of hunting him.
Now, the master who protected him and cared for him is back! It turns out that the master didn’t fail in robbery! Gao Cheng wept with joy in his heart. He was like a wandering child in bad karma who suddenly met his relatives. At this time, he cried all the grievances he had suffered in recent years.
Looking at the only lover in this past life, Qing Ye also felt guilty. If it weren’t for his feud with Ouyang, maybe he would have a good life.
However, a big man was crying with his legs in his arms, and his image was not so good. Qing Ye looked at the unhappy Nuwa with a wry smile in his face.
After a long time, when Gao Cheng calmed down, Qing Ye patted Gao Cheng on the shoulder and said, "Gao Cheng, go and meet your teacher’s mother." When Gao Cheng heard Qing Ye’s voice, he looked up and saw Nu Wa with Qing Ye’s eyes. He saluted Nu Wa, and then laughed at Qing Ye and said, "Master, it turns out that you didn’t come back these years because of your teacher’s mother? Teacher Niang is so beautiful, no wonder you are reluctant to come back. "
What’s more, Gao Cheng thought that Qing Ye had gone back to the mountain because he found a woman outside.
Qing Ye smiled bitterly when he heard this. This disciple is almost the same as liu er, but he didn’t refute Gao Cheng’s words. He just said, "Come here and I’ll give you two things to defend yourself."
After Gao Cheng, he was overjoyed, his eyes lit up, and he ran over like a fart. The master came back this time and gave him something for self-defense, shouldn’t he? The magic weapon that Qing Ye gave him before has long been robbed by those guys whose eggs have been broken by Shushan Sword Sect.
Peter said that Qing Ye wanted to give this beloved disciple a magic weapon. It was said that after Elder Shui and Wen Liang fled all the way back to the general altar of the Sword Sect in Shushan, they reported the matter to the head Chen Yigu. After hearing the report from Elder Shui, Chen Yigu took a look at Prime Minister Mogao, hesitated for a moment and said to Mogao, "Uncle Mo, do you think this young man and woman mentioned by Elder Shui is the master who used to move a lot?"
Mo Gaoshou looked dignified: "It is possible, but things are too strange. How could they go to Luofu Mountain? And there is no reason to find trouble with our Shushan Sword Sect? Moreover, it is said that saving people requires Shi Bozu to go. Is it the enemy of Shi Bozu? "
Chen Yigu nodded, his face also condensed: "Let’s report this matter to Shi Bozu now and see how his old man decides?" Everyone came to Ouyang Zheng’s secluded abode, and then reported the matter to Ouyang Zheng. After listening to Chen Yigu’s report, Ouyang Zheng frowned. After a moment of silence, he said to Chen Yigu and others, "Since the other party wants me to go, I will go!"
Hearing that Ouyang Zheng really wanted to go, Chen Yigu said quickly, "Shi Bozu, this is." Ouyang Zheng sneered: "It’s all right, I just practiced the sword canon to a great extent, and I’m worried that I can’t find a suitable master to try it. I don’t want the opportunity to come now. I’d like to see if this guy who uses a big move can resist the power of my heavenly sword."
Big move? If Ouyang knows that what Qing Ye used in front of Mo Gaoshou was not a big move, but a time-space avatar ten thousand times stronger than the big move, I don’t know what to think.
Qing Ye cleared the forces assigned by the Sword Sect of Shushan in Luofu Mountain, and then sent word to Ouyang Zheng to spread in the fix true world. When Ouyang Zheng went to Luofu Mountain, other masters of the fix true world also came to Luofu Mountain with the idea of watching drama.
You know, Ouyang Zheng, a scattered fairy in the Eight Robbers, is now the first master in the name of the earth’s fix-up world. How dare anyone stroke the tiger’s teeth? Compared with Ouyang Zheng, many experts are more interested in Qing Ye.
Chapter one hundred and sixty Shock the audience
Suddenly, the wind and cloud gathered slightly in Luofu Mountain. It was as quiet as a pool+within a few days, and it was a lot of excitement. There were many people in the mountains and forests, and even some old monsters who stayed at home for hundreds of years rarely appeared in front of everyone.
Such as the mad Taoist priest, one of the most mysterious masters in the field of fix true, and the bodhi old zu The Hunger, the leader of fix evil.
Crazy Taoist, wearing shabby Taoist clothes, was found in the garbage. It was colorful and colorful, and it was patched with cloth everywhere, holding a sword-like knife-like instrument, and knotting a beard at sixes and sevens. The whole person laughed and laughed, but when the leaders of major sects and Buddhist masters saw it, they all thanked him.
Because the mad Taoist has a deep friendship with Ouyang Zheng, there are some senior experts around the mad Taoist who are talking with him, trying to understand Ouyang Zheng’s mentality about this trip to Luofu Mountain.
And The Hunger bodhi old zu, dressed in a crimson robe, red eyes, red eyebrows, even that face is floating with a strong red airflow, close to the baizhang, some fix true person will smell a faint pungent smell of bloody filth.
Some skills are simple, and they are fascinated by it, and they want to leave the body. Therefore, around the bodhi old zu in The Hunger, except for a few magic-repairing experts who are around to kiss up, others are unreliable.
"This mysterious master spoke out to provoke Europe. I wonder what the bodhi old zu thinks of this?" An old man with a sharp mouth and a sharp eye bowed before the bodhi old zu in The Hunger and said.
The Hunger bodhi old zu Xue’s eyes flashed with cold light and said slowly, "This man can exert his magical powers, and his skill is not weak, at least he is an immortal. But if he is really an immortal from heaven, he may not be able to win the battle against Ouyang Quan, the immortal. I heard that Ouyang Quan’s sword code has been revised to Dacheng not long ago, and with his power of eight robberies and scattered immortals, it is enough to hurt the immortal who got the land of true immortals!"
Several other elders around him were shocked. Just now, the monkey’s sharp-eyed mouth said, "Ouyang Zheng, did he, did he practice the heavenly sword?" Obviously, some people can’t accept this news. If Ouyang repairs the sword canon to Dacheng, and the two swords of heaven and earth combine the power of heaven and earth, who can stop the earth from fixing the truth?
They are practitioners of magic, and Ouyang Quan, a respectable monk, has been killing them all the time under the banner of exorcism. Ouyang Quan really practiced the sword code to Dacheng. Doesn’t that mean that their end is coming?
With. The Hunger bodhi old zu also how much can compete with ouyang whole. But now? I’m afraid they’ll live even worse in the future.
Out of their worries. The Hunger bodhi old zu sneer: "hey. How can it be so terrible to have a whole stool? "
Just the monkey mouth sharp-eyed old man to react. Ingratiating smile: "How? ! Ouyang whole calculate what thing! Can’t compare with the bodhi old zu! Are we afraid of Ouyang, the hypocrites, who are led by the bodhi old zu? !”
Several other people have echoed the great praise of The Hunger’s magic power. The best in the world.
The Hunger was very satisfied: "Ouyang soil preparation is really nothing! When the time comes, Yang Zheng and this mysterious immortal will both lose. I took out my mobile phone again and detained them in blood. Then I will be able to unify the whole world of the earth! " Say that. Pointed to laugh. The whole body is bloody and magical.
Hear The Hunger unbridled self-care laughing and blowing there. Some disciples of the decent four sects are angry. There are not many disciples of Emei Sect, Kunlun Mountain and Wudang Gate. However, some disciples of the Sword School of Shushan rushed to hear the words of The Hunger and others. I am angry. A few careless younger disciples even laughed out in anger.
Looked at the several disciples of shushan sword school, The Hunger snorted, and then with a wave of his hands, he gave off a few red lights, and when they passed, he saw that several disciples of shushan sword school turned into a pool of blood.
The Sword Sect of Shushan didn’t expect The Hunger to dare to kill people in public, and his face changed greatly. Although he was not afraid of The Hunger’s title, he relied on dint, and Ouyang Zheng was coming soon, so he had to draw swords.
At this time, Chen Yigu was also in the Sword Sect of Shushan. As the head of the Sect, he naturally had to rebuke all the disciples for taking their swords back and then turned to leave.
However, when he left, Chen said to Blood Devil with a smile on his face: "Senior The Hunger, your skill is outstanding! Chen Yigu is knowledgeable! "
The Hunger sneered at Chen to lead the people to leave.
For hundreds of years, he has practiced the The Hunger Classics to Dacheng, and he has practiced immortality. Even Ouyang practiced the Sword Classics to Dacheng, and he was not afraid.
In Xiaoyao Fairy House, Qing Ye knew all the phenomena under Luofu Mountain like the palm of his hand.
Looking at the madness of The Hunger below, Qing Ye smiled at Nu Wa: "I didn’t expect that there were people on earth who practiced The Hunger, the ancestor of Styx, through such a feat, but." Qing Ye hands shook, half-empty water mirror emerged from the image of The Hunger bodhi old zu, but Gao Cheng was shocked to see that The Hunger bodhi old zu in the water mirror was a middle-aged man with slightly fat eyes, and all the blood gas that had been protected in The Hunger bodhi old zu had faded away.
"The young players named The Hunger didn’t even finish practicing the basic articles of the The Hunger Classic, and dared to claim to be the bodhi old zu like Styx! If Styx finds out, I’m afraid he will be refined into a blood god! " Qing Ye looked at The Hunger on the water mirror and said.
The Hunger achieved great success, and the bodhi old zu of Styx reached the quasi-holy summit, becoming one of the powerful figures under the saints between heaven and earth, and this The Hunger bodhi old zu didn’t even finish practicing the basic chapters of The Hunger classics, so he dared to brag about it there? Want to take advantage of yourself and Ouyang whole lose-lose, will be detained in the blood complications? Qing Ye squinting, the in the mind happy.
Qing Ye smiled at Nuwa: "Let’s go out as the host, so as not to keep others waiting and say that we have neglected these old-timers."
Nu Wa gave Qing Ye a white look and said with a smile, "You don’t even care about Master Hong Jun, now who can afford to be called your old-timer?"
Qing Ye didn’t speak, and then with nuwa riding a mount wrapped in fairy force high flicker appeared in front of everyone.
Dozens of miles around the Xiaoyao Fairy House were banned by Ye Qingshi, so all the disciples and masters who came here could only be grounded outside and could not enter it. Even the bodhi old zu of The Hunger cast a great magical power and could not enter, and everyone was impatient. Suddenly, someone pointed to the sky and let out a scream. They didn’t know what was going on. When they looked up with their fingers, they saw a pair of men and women riding wild animals in the air, while Gao Chenggang stood behind them.
Qing Ye and Nu Wa don’t know anyone except the individual of the Shushan Sword School, but they know about Gao Cheng.
Stop in the air? This is the so-called immortal strength?
At this point, Qing Ye and Nu Wa exude a faint trace of just a trace of sage’s power, and the tens of thousands of fix-true practitioners in the field of fix-true can’t afford to worship.
In the dull eyes of everyone, Qing Ye smiled at the bodhi old zu in The Hunger below: "Did you just say that you would detain my soul?"
Chapter one hundred and sixty-one Qing Ye is back.
Magic bodhi old zu in the face of Qing Ye light coercion, like my heart holding up a high forehead cold sweat streaming down, Qing Ye asked this sentence, The Hunger bodhi old zu originally enveloped the whole body blood gas a churning, and then was scattered by Qing Ye invisible coercion, revealing The Hunger’s original appearance.
None of the tens of thousands of fix true persons present have seen the true face of The Hunger. Now they have seen the true face of The Hunger at first, and tens of thousands of fix true persons are all in an uproar. Is such an ordinary little fat man The Hunger who was fearsome before?

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