Everyone stays where they are, relishing the former battle.

The sword fights Luo Mian, Wan Jian returns to the motherland, and Zhao’s adult is here.
Isn’t adult Zhao really an old monster?
Can anyone in the younger generation really do this?
"This is Zhao Daren real strength? After Zhao’s adult, my position in Qibao Liulizong will soar again. "Mo Tianchang gawked at this scene and my heart was full of shock."
At this time, he was a little happy that Zhao’s strength was so strong that he could rival the title of Douro, and his position in Zongmen would also rise.
"Zhao, your strength seems to be getting stronger again." Ning Rongrong took Zhao’s arm and she felt a little happy and a little lost.
She tried her best to practice, and now she has thirty-nine soul powers, but Zhao is already so powerful.
She felt a lot of pressure, but she was also very happy.
Zhao yueqiang, the more she likes it
"Well, I recently broke through something that is now level 49 soul force, and you’re not bad. You’re almost breaking through the soul clan, and then you can have a 50% attribute rise." Zhao spoiled and touched the baby Rongrong long hair
Rong Rong’s soul strength can give him so much bonus if it is enough, but now her soul strength can’t keep up with Zhao’s strength. If she helps him, he may collapse in less than a minute.
"I will try my best to nurse you behind you after practicing." Ning Rongrong smiled, and her beautiful face leaned against Zhao’s shoulder. She is an auxiliary natural nurse. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have enough milk now …
"Well, when you break through the soul, I will accompany you to get the soul ring." Zhao smiled and his eyes could not help but look at Ning Rongrong’s small breasts.
Baby Rong Rong seems to have some ambiguity, which makes people feel a little wrong. He feels a little pity, but Zhu Qing and Zhu Yun Baby are not auxiliary, otherwise wouldn’t it be great?
I noticed Zhao’s eyes, and Ning Rongrong realized that his language seems to be a little bad. On the spot, Qiao face couldn’t help but blush, but I still couldn’t help but stand up and show my beautiful figure curve.
Zhao looked at Ning Rongrong and couldn’t help but smile. Baby Rongrong is now more and more presumptuous and dares to tease him so much.
Walking ahead, several people in Ning Fengzhi naturally noticed Ning Rongrong and Zhao’s actions, and they couldn’t help but feel that some Nai girls didn’t leave behind.
Now Ning Rongrong’s mind is married behind Zhao, and I’m afraid it’s even more obvious
However, it’s good that Zhao Tiancai is indeed a double player in the world, and his position in the mainland will never be worse than that of others, so it’s good or bad to be with him in Ning Rongrong.
Zhao Ning Rongrong, sitting in a chair, walked directly behind Zhao and gently gave Zhao a clever and virtuous look by kneading his shoulders.
"Baby Rong Rong is so warm." Zhao couldn’t help thinking.
In normal times, Rongrong is not that good and would never take the initiative to massage him, but now she is so concerned about his face.
Ning Fengzhi looked at Zhao and couldn’t help but leave the pie mouth. He hasn’t enjoyed Ning Rongrong massage for so many years.
"Zhao, you just noticed that I’m a contra now, and we, Qibao Liulizong, have also found a way to sublimate the soul of Wu. Although this method consumes some resources, we can still bear it."
"And all this is thanks to you." Ning Fengzhi began. He couldn’t help but feel a surge of emotion surge at the thought of repairing himself.
"Father-in-law is kind. It’s also my business to deal with the seven treasures and glazed objects. These are all things I should do," Zhao said.
"Well, Zhao, I heard that Zhujiajian is ready to replace Daijia, and your ambition is not small." Ning Fengzhi said that if Zhao took the Star Empire, he would have the strength to compete with the power of Wu Soul Hall.
"Ha ha, my father-in-law is really well informed. I do have some ambitions. This mainland has not been unified for too long, so I want to try." Zhao said lightly that now he no longer suppresses his thoughts.
His strength and power are all mature, even if the Hall of the Soul has many titles, it may not be his opponent.
Moreover, his goal is not only the human continent, the stars, the forests, the far north and the ocean, but also the divine world. He wants to be the only emperor. He just wants to be a dictator. If anyone dares to disobey him and kill him, it is.
Is Putian the king’s land? He wants to build an empire where the sun never sets.
"It happens …" Ning Fengzhi couldn’t help but take a deep breath of air conditioning and look at Zhao.
Although he had already guessed this, he was not sure.
Has no one succeeded in reunifying the mainland for many years?
"So I think my father-in-law can achieve something with a lot of help." Zhao made no secret that if he had Ning Fengzhi’s help, he could fight the empire to bite a piece of meat on this day, even if there was no snow.
Qibao Liulizong supports Tiandou royal family in Tiandou Empire, and Ning Fengzhi is still a teacher of Xueqinghe. If he helps Tiandou Empire, he can naturally bring it.
Chapter 366 Ning Fengzhi’s mind
"What can we do for you?" Ning Fengzhi couldn’t help but leave the pie mouth Gherardini said that if there is not enough benefit, he won’t do it. Although Zhao is Rong Rong’s husband, he has to consider it.
Now he’s still the patriarch of Qibao Liulizong, but after considering the clan, Rongrong married Zhao Rongrong. What did she say to Zhao Xinzhao, and she didn’t just nod? That’s okay?
"If I can unify the mainland and establish an empire, my father-in-law will be a Buddhist." Zhao said slightly that it is absolutely amazing that Ning Fengzhi’s talents will develop an auxiliary clan so strongly.
After all, in Douro mainland, the auxiliary Wu Soul has no fighting capacity, even if the strength is almost the same, the Soul Master can easily defeat them. In this case, Ning Jia can balance the forces of all parties to establish a large door. Ning Fengzhi’s theory is superior in IQ and EQ.
Of all the major doors, except Ning’s family is an auxiliary martial soul, other clans are fighting, and other auxiliary clans are miserable, while Qibao Liulizong is popular. This is one thing.
In this way, people can also balance the forces of all parties in a country.
"Buddhist?" Ning Fengzhi looked up and looked at Zhao. If Zhao Zhen can unify the mainland and establish an empire, the gold content of this Buddhist is definitely much higher than his current status.
"But do you know our Qibao Liulizong and Tiandou Empire?"
"Over the years, we have to settle down by relying on the Empire of Fighting with Heaven. If we break up with Snow House, I’m afraid the consequences will be unimaginable." Ning Fengzhi continued.
Sword fight and bone fight two people silently watching Ning Fengzhi and Zhao dialogue didn’t say much, but their hearts are already surging waves.
Unifying the mainland is hard for them to imagine what a grand undertaking it should be.
No one has ever succeeded.
Even those big powers are afraid to think about it.
Even the Hall of the Soul, which has always been powerful, has never tried to unify the mainland.
However, it is not impossible for Zhao to succeed because the forces around him are so earth and Zhao Tiancai is too high to think about it carefully
"So what? Tiandou royal family is not a stranger, no matter how good it is? " Zhao smiled and held the massage hand behind him, pulling Ning Rongrong into her arms and holding her in her lap.
Ning Rongrong lying in Zhao’s arms could not help but feel a little red, but she didn’t say anything.
She is a woman of Zhao, and Zhao can do whatever she wants.
"You little" Ning Fengzhi looked at two people snuggling together and said that he naturally made a decision in his heart. Snow family and they are just interests. How can Zhao and they be deep?
Moreover, over the years, the situation in the whole mainland is quite complicated, and the offensive posture of the Wu Soul Hall shows that if we continue to support the Snow Family, it will not be the opponent of the Wu Soul Hall.
On the other hand, Zhao holds the Star Empire in one hand, and has the strength not to lose to Tiandou Empire. Plus other forces, there is a chance to fight with Wu Soul Hall.
"Wu Soul Hall power is not small. Do you have the confidence to fight with them? Wu Soul Hall has no 20 titles. "Ning Fengzhi woke up and said that his face was dignified, and the seven treasures glazed patriarch was terrible.
Wu Soul is famous in this Douro mainland, and its appeal is strong and terrible. If Wu Soul Hall announces the establishment of an empire now, many people will definitely take the initiative to surrender.

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