See Qing Ye call his name, high in the sky in Beirut that giant face eyes open. Scattered out a naked, coercion. Voice: "Qing Ye, hiding for ten thousand years, you finally appeared! Seeing this Lord God, you still don’t kneel down! Originally, I just wanted to borrow the HarmonyOS sword from you and punish you. I don’t want to care too much about you, but now I have to punish you. "

"Are you? Punish me? " Qing Ye said indifferently, "But I don’t know how to punish you lightly."
"I let you escape ten thousand years ago, but how can you escape this time?" Beirut said. Speaking of which, a wave of heaven and earth energy came to Qing Ye.
Qing Ye snorted, the whole body HarmonyOS qi operation, clear clouds overhead, in mid-air. As if there were countless air collisions and loud noises, the energy of heaven and earth that flocked to Qing Ye disappeared.
"Hum, it’s just a condensed body of energy. I’ll kill it first now, and then your Lord God will come, and then I’ll clean up your Lord God." When Qing Ye finished, he binged and said, "Pangu is real, and heaven and earth are born with me!"
I saw Qing Ye reveal Pangu’s real body in an instant, with his muscles knotted and surrounded by lightning.
Holding the axe of God in the right hand, when the axe cuts through the sky, the chaotic space will be broken. Now Qing Ye’s Pangu has been rebuilt, which is more cohesive with the new achievement method "Genesis Tactics". Although the way and mana are just the peak of Jin Xian, is it better than the energy condensation of a lower God in Beirut?
Qing Ye showed Pangu Zhen behind him, just like a fiend, especially with a clear cloud above his head, and a series of streamers flowed through Qing Ye’s whole body, blasting out the huge face in Beirut at the high altitude.
"Give me a punch, Pangu breaks the sky!"
A punch that contains incomparable strength. The space is all broken, just like being crushed by a giant tire, and the space seems to be distorted.
Boom, there was a loud noise, and the huge face of energy condensed by the force of the Lord God was like a cast of lime, and it broke apart under the bombardment of Qing Ye with one punch.
Numerous fragments were broken and abandoned, and then changed back to the blue power of the Lord God.
Beirut that giant face with an open mouth, haven’t speak, has been Qing Ye boom back to prototype, even before the bellow.
After the shock of heaven and earth, Qing Ye smashed Beirut’s giant face with one punch, and the boxing potential kept on. Directly in the sky, the space is broken, and you can see the turbulence in the space.
Everyone was dumbfounded! Even Eudaly looked up at the transformed Qing Ye in horror.
Boxing smashed the energy form condensed by the power of the Lord God? This, Eudaly even got stuck in the saliva in his throat and didn’t move.
Think of Qing Ye’s extinct punch, and they all feel the trembling in the depths of their souls.
At this moment, Beirut’s giant face became the force of countless blue gods. Play together again, Qing Ye saw, sneer: "Today, I completely destroyed your energy condensed body!" Say that finish, then offer a bunch of kunding.
Gan Kun stood upright in the air, spinning round and round. The space around the Gankun tripod collapsed, and the tripod mouth was shrouded in a white light, and then it faced the force of the blue God.
"Gan Kunding, everything is one with me, give it to me!"
Gankunding burst into a strong light. Facing the blue force of the Lord God in mid-air, the tripod’s mouth was white and misty, and the blue force of the Lord God, which was to be condensed, flew to Gankun tripod.
Received the power of the blue Lord God. Qing Ye hands a recruit, sneer at 1, dry Kun Ding back to the palm size, back to Qing Ye’s hands, and then, Qing Ye hands emitted a white flame, dry Kun Ding blue force of the Lord God turned into nothingness.
Thus, Beirut will be completely destroyed by the energy condensed by the force of the Lord God, and it will never be restored.
Eudaly, as the messenger of Beirut’s God. Stunned by everything in sight.
"Leaf day this little guy took the hand of female milk. Said, "Mother, father is the best, right?"
Looking at Ye Tian and looking at Qing Ye reverently, the prostitute smiled: "Son, what do you think?"
Ye Tian leaned back his little face and said, "My father is of course the best." The prostitute smiled and pinched Ye Tian’s little face.
There was silence between heaven and earth. However, it was not long before Qing Ye struck out the energy condensed by the force of the Lord God in Beirut. Between heaven and earth, there was a strong energy fluctuation again, and a cold air flow seemed to fill heaven and earth.
When they looked around, they saw a green light flashing at top speed in the distance.
Just for an instant, the green light came to the front of everyone, and then stood still. When everyone looked around, they saw that in the green light, it was a person who was full of green flames.
This is the body of the wind god in Beirut. Ten thousand years ago, before the body of the wind god in Beirut, Qing Ye retreated. However, after ten thousand years, what will happen?
Qing Ye looked at the wind in Beirut, the body of the Lord God. Sneer: "Beirut, your body of the Lord God is finally willing to show up."
Looking at Qing Ye, Beirut’s face, wrapped in blue arrogance, was faintly angry: "Qing Ye, you are a superior god, dare to kill my energy condensate?"
The energy condensate of the Lord God also implies the power of the Lord God, and an idea is enough to kill the God-level strong except the last God in dzogchen. However, the power has no effect on Qing Ye, and Beirut didn’t think that he wanted to use the power of the Lord God to condense the energy to stall Qing Ye. In case Qing Ye escaped again like last time, he didn’t expect to be destroyed by Qing Ye before the Lord God arrived.
It can be said that Liu Wang lost not only the power of the God he mobilized, but also his own face.
Once upon a time, was the Lord God so disrespectful?
In fact, even dzogchen’s superior god will flee before the energy condensate of the Lord God. However, this Qing Ye, whose strength is so much higher than that of ten thousand years ago, just struck out the energy condensate of his Lord God with one punch.
So, before coming, Beirut, which originally wanted to kill Qing Ye with one blow and take HarmonyOS’s sword, had to change its mind, but asked in anger.
"Kill your Lord God’s power and energy condensate?" Qing Ye looked indifferent, and then shouted, "I’ve killed your God now.". Say that finish, blow out.
Qing Ye Pangu really punched, easily tearing the space, the lightning stirred, and the space oscillated.
Beirut’s wind is the body of the Lord God, facing Qing Ye’s blow, which actually produced irresistible psychology. Instead of hard connection, it was the wind all over the body, spinning up, retreating, and retreating for dozens of miles.
However, how Qing Ye is willing to let go is closely followed by his figure. Under several punches, courtesy and respect were combined, and the sky roared, even the people on the ground felt the world shaking.
Inevitably, Beirut raised its iron bar and waved it: "Blasting of the wind!" " A combination of the five mysterious blows of the law of the wind. Destroy the space, and then double-punch Qing Ye.
There was a loud bang, and the gas was spinning, and it broke away and spread to the ground. The stone cracked. When the hurricane rotates, everything on the ground becomes powder.
Although the battle between the two men was dozens of miles away, Yu Jinbo was hundreds of miles away, and the nether world was the first to bear the brunt. Those middle gods were instantly strangled, and the general superior gods did not escape bad luck. Directly turned into a godhead.
Only some powerful superior gods escaped.
Eudaly hiding to one side at a distance. Originally shrouded in black air billow, also disappeared, a face of panic.
Seeing that Qing Ye had forced Beirut, the Lord God, to be at a disadvantage, Kedley’s mind rang: "How is it possible? !” Ten thousand years ago. That in the mainland of the dragon god, or a catty of small sanctuary, now incredibly, incredibly drove high above the Lord god to retreat?
With Qing Ye blow, Beirut a shock, back, look a little ugly, I saw this re-condensed main artifact with cracks on it.

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