After Dugu became famous, countless people flocked to learn from the teacher. Dugu proved that although the fighting level is invincible in the world, it is no match for these crazy fans, and the official organization of the Fighting House is also contributing. Therefore, Dugu Daodao had to select some well-qualified people who love fighting as several disciples and hand them over to the great disciple Dugu Tiantian to teach the art on behalf of the teacher.

For more than 20 years, these disciples have also made progress, and the best of them have started to spread fighting skills widely under the permission of Dugu’s testimony, and finally became a very famous fighting school in the fighting family, known as Dugu Liu. This school pays attention to grasping the timing and rhythm of the game.
In view of his brilliant record and his contribution to fighting, the official organization of Fighting House even rated Dugu as the only five-star fighter, and the system no longer graded him and granted him the right to rename his outstanding disciples at will.
You know, in the fighting house, everyone can only have one Id and can’t change it. It can be said that it is a great honor to grant Dugu this right now. Therefore, all the people who are marked with the genre of dugu at the beginning are all masters, and will attract everyone’s attention wherever they go.
Lin Feng’s Id in the home of fighting is called Lingfeng Dugu. It is conceivable that he is also one of the outstanding masters in Duguliu. And what outsiders don’t know is that windson’s fighting skills and even dugu’s personal testimony enjoy this treatment. In the fighting house, only the big brother dugu skyshatter and the girl dugu baby who just greeted windson.
Last year, Lin Feng ranked in the top 5o in the year-end of the fighting house, and all of them ranked in the top 5o among the tens of billions of registered people in the fighting house. All of them were a generation of great masters, and Lin Feng cultivated to this level at the age of less than 20 years old, which can be described as incredible. Of course, behind this brilliant achievement, the sweat paid by Lin Feng is unimaginable to others.
Since his parents disappeared at the age of seven, Lin Feng has been trying to cultivate the nameless achievement method and the ancient Wushu recorded in the achievement method, and the initial progress was extremely slow because of his youth and no guidance. It was not until a year later that Lin Feng accidentally entered the fighting home, and the children’s training class opened by his disciples Dugu Zhengdao, after a systematic training, Lin Feng’s fighting ability grew rapidly and he excavated his unique talent and power-hunch.
Windson’s power in combat can clearly predict the opponent’s next move and even predict the specific moves that the opponent will adopt. But this kind of power is not omnipotent. Windson can only predict the opponent’s next move or the next action, and the degree and strength when the opponent uses this move or this action are also unpredictable by Windson. For example, Lin Feng can clearly know that his opponent’s next move is to blow into his own other, but how fast and how powerful this blow is can’t be known by Lin Feng.
With the help of this talent, Lin Feng played all over the world in children’s training classes, and even some adults were no match for him. As Lin Feng’s reputation as a young fighting genius became louder and louder, it finally attracted the attention of Dugu.
Be in heaven immediately accepted Lin Feng as his disciple and personally taught this talented boy after Dugu proved that Lin Feng was a rare diamond in one thousand years. Then, with the guidance of the five-star master and the help of his own efforts and powers, Lin Feng’s cultivation in fighting is a thousand miles a day, which shows that it is absolutely no accident that Lin Feng can become a top player in the top 5o of the fighting house at the end of the year when he is less than 2o years old.
"It’s so boring recently. Master and big brother are always offline. Brother Xiaofeng, you have no one to play with me." Baby dugu said with a depressed face.
"Ha ha baby master and master elder brother don’t online, no one forced you to practice fighting, aren’t you supposed to be very happy? I remember that you were very happy if your current master and elder brother were not online. " Lin Fengxiao said.
"Hey, hey ….." Baby Dugu smiled shyly and said, "Although Master and Senior Brother are not online, no one forces me to practice, but once they are free, they are also very boring …"
"You are really …" Windson shook her head helplessly. This little girl is like this. Someone forced her to practice, so she shouted tired and bored. I really don’t know what she was thinking.
"Isn’t there a few brothers here? You can chat with them? Why don’t you play a game and find some rookies to abuse you? Didn’t you like to do this before? "
"I have a generation gap with them and I can’t talk." Baby Dugu looked at the brothers sitting on the side and whispered, "It’s really boring for them to get together and talk about fighting or women. Besides, it is not easy to find a few rookies to abuse now. Oh, I am so bored. "
"You didn’t find it yourself." Windson said in distress situation.
This little girl has this bad habit. Different from other high-star fighters, as a bronze three-star fighter, she doesn’t care about grades and scores at all. She likes to play games with people without stars, and always beats them to cry and cry. Now the Id of her "lonely baby" is even scarier than the devil in the eyes of ordinary fighters, and few ordinary fighters dare to compete with this little witch.
Lin Feng looked at the drunken Longmen and sighed, "The landlord’s house is running out of food. Please collect more and vote for the drunkard, or the younger brother’s chance to play will be greatly reduced …"

Chapter 31 Dugu Baby
"By the way …" Lin Feng suddenly remembered something and asked, "Baby, I remember you just got into Lanyang University on your planet last year, so are you still a freshman?"
"Yeah? What’s wrong? " Dugu baby asked strangely.
"Nothing. I just want to ask if you will attend the All-Federal University Games to be held in Dream University next month?"
"Of course I will participate …" Dugu Baby got excited here: "If I don’t participate, no one will dare to win the championship of this fighting competition!" Baby Dugu is not bragging. In those days, she and Lin Feng were known as the "Gemini" of the training class, and together they became the personal disciples of Dugu’s Daoism. Their strength was very strong.
Dugu Bao also has a natural strange ability to avoid risks automatically without any response from his brain. However, unlike the power that Lin Fengbai tried, Bailing has been engraved in the depths of the soul. This ability of Dugubao is not effective, and generally it will only appear in the most dangerous situations.
Although I don’t know how the fighting level of other university contestants is, Lin Feng knows that Zhao Rulong once won the third place in the all-federal high school fighting competition. In windson’s view, the fighting level of Dugu Baby is similar to that of Situliu, which is higher than that of Zhao Rulong and Kate. Plus her natural ability, it is really possible to win the championship in this fighting competition, which is all attended by college students. Of course, the premise is that windson does not participate in this fighting competition or refuses to release water.
Looking at the lonely baby with a smelly fart, Lin Feng shook his head helplessly and said, "I’m afraid you won’t win the championship this time."
"oh? Why? Brother Xiaofeng, have you heard that there is a master who is more powerful than me to participate? It doesn’t matter. You tell me I’ll ask him out now, and then Brother Xiaofeng will help me fight. He has no confidence to participate in the fighting contest. Wow, haha, I’ll see who dares to compete with me for the championship. "
Windson completely speechless, this little girl is always like this. If she is not fair, she will either pull Windson out or encourage the big brother to make moves for her.
"How to pull? I know Brother Xiaofeng is the best for me and will definitely help me, right? You have to know that people really want to win that champion, Brother Xiaofeng, will you help me? " Baby dugu see windson silent some worry and jumped on windson and jiao.
Don’t say that this trick of hers is usually a hundred attempts on Lin Feng and Dugu skyshatter. Lin Feng and Dugu skyshatter are often blamed by the master Dugu for spoiling the baby Dugu. But even if Dugu proves himself, there is no way to take this little girl.
But this time it’s different. Lin Feng managed to pull the lonely baby wrapped around himself down again and said with a wry smile, "It’s not that I won’t help you, but Brother Xiaofeng. I want to take part in this fighting contest myself."
"What? Brother Xiaofeng, are you going to join us? That’s not fair. If you participate, then everyone should stop playing. It is clear that the champion is for you. " Baby Dugu yelled. She knew very well the strength of windson. What is the concept of a five-star fighter? The title of the top 100 fighters among the 10 billion fighters in the fighting family! It’s not easy to take part in a mere college student fighting contest.
"Why can’t I attend? I’m a college student, too … "Windson was told by the lonely baby, and suddenly there was a feeling of cheating, but he was indeed a college student, although he skipped classes a little more …
"Really? Brother Xiaofeng, are you really a college student? I don’t think it’s like a perverted college student like you? "
Windson silly … Why don’t you like college students? It’s just that the fighting level is so "a little".
Baby Dugu looked at Lin Feng curiously, looking left and right. It seemed that he suddenly remembered something and said, "By the way, Brother Xiaofeng, are you really a college student?" What’s your name? What does it look like? How old are you now? Which university is it? "
There are also some hidden rules in interpersonal communication on the virtual network. For example, if the other party doesn’t take the initiative to say that you can’t find out the real identity of the other party, it will be considered as a very impolite thing and will arouse others’ disgust. In particular, some high-ranking people who make waves on the virtual network will never tell others their true identity, and even everyone who wants to find out his true identity will be considered his enemy.
Therefore, although Dugu Baby and Windson are very close, they have never asked about the real things of Windson. Since this time Windson took the initiative to mention Dugu Baby, they were unceremoniously asked. Anyway, they will all go to the fighting competition sooner or later.
In fact, she has long been very curious about this mysterious brother Xiaofeng. Is she so young and so powerful? Speaking of which, she doesn’t even know what windson probably looks like in reality, which is different from the character image established by Dugu Bao after modifying her own original appearance. Windson uses the template face that comes with the system, except that her height and figure are exactly the same as those of Windson in reality. Dugu Bao can’t guess what windson looks like in reality through this template face.
For a series of questions about the lonely baby, Lin Feng sold a prisoner and said with a smile: "Hehe, I won’t tell you! I want to see if you have put my brother in your heart and can recognize me at a glance, baby. "
"Cut still mysterious? I’m sure I can recognize you at a glance with the golden eyes of my lonely baby. " Baby Dugu made a face and said, "By the way, Brother Xiaofeng, why do you want to take part in this fighting competition? Aren’t you always too lazy to play games with people with low fighting skills? No one will be your opponent in this fighting contest. "
"In fact, I mainly took a fancy to the fact that the top eight of this fighting competition will be specially recruited by the military. To be honest, this level of fighting competition itself really can’t interest me." Windson light way.
"oh! It turned out to be like this. " Baby dugu thinks she understands the idea of windson. Now boys want to join the army and become a mecha manipulator with unlimited scenery. She thinks windson thinks so, too.
After thinking for a while, Baby Dugu suddenly got excited again and said, "Brother Xiaofeng, your goal is just to enter the military department, right?"
"That’s right!" Windson definitely replied that there were some doubts in my heart. The little girl didn’t know what she was thinking again and was so happy for a while.
Baby Dugu was even more excited and then said, "The top eight in this fighting competition will be specially recruited by the military department, which means you don’t have to win the championship, do you? In that case … "
"Rush to the list and pay the ticket!" Windson roared.

Chapter 32 Brush Money Competition
Lin Feng is also a smart person who immediately understood the little girl’s idea, shook her head and smiled and said, "Okay, baby, I understand what you mean. I promise you that if you can enter the quarter-finals and meet me again, I will release the water."
"Yeah … I knew Brother Xiaofeng loved me the most." Baby dugu cheered happily and jumped into windson’s arms and kissed windson’s face mercilessly.
"Baby, don’t be too happy. This fighting contest is a single defeat and elimination system. Although it is no problem to enter the quarter-finals with your strength, please pray that you don’t meet me before entering the quarter-finals. I won’t release water before the quarter-finals." Windson looked at the lonely baby happy and gave her a shot.
"Certainly not. I have always been very lucky. I will definitely win the championship this time! " Dugu Baby’s confidence exploded directly after receiving Lin Fengken’s reply.
After chatting casually for a while, Lin Feng decided to play a game to earn some money. I bought her an amethyst necklace when I was shopping with Chu Yu yesterday, which really cost a lot of money. Although I have enough money on me now to spend on forest air daily, I always have to leave some money for emergencies. Lin Feng is a traditional and cautious Chinese man who doesn’t like to be a decadent family who drinks today and drinks tomorrow.
Baby Dugu was so bored when she heard that Lin Feng was going to play a game. Of course, she was going to watch and cheer for Lin Feng.
It’s easier said than done to make money in a fighting home, and it’s also difficult to say, mainly depending on your fame and strength.
As for the ways to make money, there are many ways, such as playing a teaching match or being a gunman.
There are some rich fighters in the fighting house who don’t like to be apprentices. They like to invite some famous masters to accompany them in teaching competitions. When playing the teaching competition, the invited experts will point out the advantages and disadvantages of each move and put forward some suggestions suitable for you, which is equivalent to inviting a teacher to personally guide themselves, which has an inestimable effect on improving their fighting level.
However, Lin Feng doesn’t like to play a lesson match. Although there are many people who ask him to play a lesson match at a sky-high price by name, on the one hand, he is too tired to teach others; on the other hand, not all of these people who invite him come to improve their fighting level. Some of them are Lin Feng fans who just want to meet him, while others are purely people of certain forces in order to win him over.
As for being a gunman, it is easy to understand that people who have been gunmen through the ages don’t know how many even have their own set of rules. It is nothing more than helping people solve some troubles or providing entertainment for some rich people. But some famous masters are disdainful to be gunmen. Of course, there will be exceptions when helping friends.
It’s not once or twice for Lin Feng to be a lone gunman, but he has no money to take it. Every time my little girl loses a battle outside and feels uncomfortable when someone else wins, she will let Lin Feng or Skybreaking Dugu go to help her find her son and never give up until she beats others up. However, Dugu Bao is not a person who can’t afford to lose, mainly in the fighting family. Some people are very arrogant, especially after winning. Only when you meet such a person, Lin Feng and skyshatter dugu will make moves. Baby Dugu is a kind girl. Although she likes to make trouble sometimes, she is actually very measured.
Lin Feng’s favorite way to make money is to hang the holographic video recorded during his game on the forum of Fighting House for free download. Many people in the fighting house like to watch the holographic video of the analysis expert fighting, hoping to learn a trick and a half from it. And the price of downloading a holographic video is very cheap, which is acceptable to most people in the Federation.
The cost of each download is 30% for each opponent, 40% for Fighting House Forum, and 10% for tax payment. Although it seems that the income from a single download is pitiful, as long as the reputation of both sides is high enough, the level is high enough and the game is exciting enough, the income from both sides will never be less than or even dozens of times more than that from playing teaching games.
With Lin Fenghuang’s five-star level, find another master of the same level to play a game and hang up the forum. The money earned is enough for an ordinary person to live a life without food and clothing. However, things are rare, and it is worthless to hang more holographic videos of the same person. Moreover, Lin Feng’s pursuit of money is not too great, so he usually hangs one or two Chinese medicine money for earning pocket money and taking a bath a year.

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