The distance of more than twenty feet between the two cliffs Xiao Wen jumped seven feet, and after several strides, he ran five or six feet forward. It was already in the middle, and Youzi strode along, which looked like he could run past.

Zhang Hu has been furious. He will not hesitate to use the technique of burning the base to ruin his future, but he will also capture and kill Xiao Wen, only to watch Xiao Wen run away?
Just, Xiao asked why he didn’t jump at first?
Only Xiao asked himself to know that he was completely forced by reality …
If possible, he really didn’t want to jump, and he still doesn’t.
At this moment, Xiao Wen can clearly feel that when he has inspired the fairy technique in the cloud boots, there is suddenly a different kind of energy in the boots, and it is this energy that supports him not to fall. However, now this energy has been used half, and it is still consumed at an extremely fast speed!
There are still eleven or twelve feet away from the cliff. If he runs five or six feet forward at most, he will run out of energy, but after running out, it is impossible for him to find a borrowing point to complete the next jump!
One step, two steps …
He took nine steps forward again, and hongxia suddenly dissipated under the cloud boots. Xiao Wen suddenly lost his support and obviously fell down. He could only glide forward by inertia, but at this time he was still six feet away from the cliff, and it didn’t look like he could glide in the past.
Five feet, four feet!
When there are still four feet away from the cliff, Xiao Wen’s previous height advantage has disappeared and fallen under the cliff top! Moreover, due to the influence of the airflow, his gliding trend was completely blocked, and he could hardly see that he was still moving forward and fell flat.
In the end, it is inevitable that you will die!
On the other side of the Zhang Hu corners of the mouth just float sneer at, speed falling xiao asked there is a change!
Xiao asked the whole person to be a group, his hands completely reached under his feet, and then he saw a flash of green light, and a blue stone door suddenly appeared at his feet!
A clear door has a large area for a ride, but due to the uneven airflow in the cliff, it deviated as soon as it appeared. At this moment, Xiao asked his feet to slam on a clear door, and even the metal cracked on his boots, and his whole person threw it at the opposite cliff!
A clear door directly fell off the cliff, and the boots seemed to have exhausted all spirituality, but Xiao Wen was getting closer and closer to the opposite cliff. Although he still inevitably falls, it can be seen that he will hit the cliff first.
Three zhangs, two zhangs, ten zhangs …
One foot!
Seeing that Xiao Wen was about to hit the cliff and pop it out, two silver lights suddenly popped up in his hands, and he was inserted into the rock wall with a sound of "ceng" at the same time!
Two silvery lights made a "crack, crack" sound on the cliff, breaking the cliff like meat, and kept falling, but the speed was getting slower and slower.
After two breaths, the silver light finally stopped completely. On the hilts of two swords, Xiao Wen’s hand clasped it!
This do or die Xiao Wen was not so scared. He didn’t look down at all. He felt that the two swords were nailed firmly on the cliff, so he bent his arm and pulled up his body. Lightning took out the sword in his right hand and straightened his arm to plunge it into the rock above. Then he pulled up his body with his right arm, and his left hand cut the night sword higher …
This kind of action is completely easy for a Taoist awakened cultivator, so he listens to the sound of "ceng, ceng" all the time. After ten breaths, Xiao Wen has climbed to the top of the cliff and turned it over quickly.
Put all the two night-chopping swords on his left hand, and Xiao asked to turn around and look at Zhang Hu and Brother Six on the other side very comfortably.
Then, he even smiled sarcastically at Zhang Hu, and waved his arm like a farewell to relatives and friends. Then he turned away, quickly bypassed the rocks on the cliff and disappeared into the eyes of Zhang Hu and Brother Six.
Six elder brother completely froze on the spot, and he was quite sure that it was impossible for him to leap over a cliff more than twenty feet wide. It was not until Xiao Wen disappeared that Brother Liu finally reacted, turned around and ran towards the route, and shouted, "Let’s go, we can still catch up with him!" "
Brother Liu ran farther and farther, but Zhang Hu didn’t seem to hear it, and didn’t move at all. Because he knows very well that this is the last chance to kill Xiao Wen in his life. If he misses it, it will be a regret forever, and he will spend the rest of his life savoring it. The effectiveness of burning the base will soon pass. Brother Liu still has time to chase, but he has absolutely no time in Zhang Hu …
How could this happen?
Yeah, how could that be? !
Is it that what you have always insisted on is simply wrong? ! !
It’s impossible! ! !
Zhang Hu closed his eyes, then inhaled deeply and retreated slowly, farther and farther away from the cliff.
After a full retreat of ten feet, Zhang Hu suddenly opened his eyes, and his lips closed and he rushed forward!
During the rush, his hands quickly danced around him, pinching out one dharma tactic after another. With each extra one, the light on his legs would shine. When he finally ran to the edge of the cliff, the whole person not only had a very fast speed, but also his legs were almost as bright as fairy!
The rock where Zhang Hu kicked collapsed, and his men flew out like an arrow from the arc. I really don’t know how much faster its initial speed is than Xiao Wen!
At the same moment, the sixth elder brother in the distance seemed to sleep, stopped and turned to look back, and saw Zhang Hu’s figure that had already flown to the top of the cliff, and his expression immediately settled. Zhang Hu, is this crazy? No, this kid is likely to really jump over! Fuck, when did this guy become so powerful?
Zhang Hu’s heart in mid-air is not sad or happy, and there is only the determination and malicious folded to kill Xiao Wen before the end of burning the base! At this time, although it is only halfway, his judgment is still there. He already knows that he can definitely jump over. Catch up with Xiao Wen and kill him before the end of burning the base, which is all his thoughts at the moment.
Then, after he saw a rock on the cliff, Xiao Wen’s figure flashed out, and he strode towards the cliff as soon as he appeared. The speed was incredible, and the cloud boots at his feet looked like they had just used up the fairy skills and were greatly damaged. That is clearly a new pair!
But he Zhang Hu at this time is in mid-air, here is the cliff!
Words can’t describe the shock in Zhang Hu’s heart. Emotional Xiao Wen has guessed that he will jump over and keep hiding there! Seeing that he was nine, seven and five feet away from the cliff, this time, Xiao Wen had already rushed to the edge of the cliff!

Chapter 27 End
Zhang Hu never really thought that he would die in the confrontation with Xiao Wen, because it was not in line with his logic. Even though he was in the void at this time, Xiao Wen was already waiting on the cliff, too. He never wanted to give up the rest of his life after Daoji was damaged …
So his first choice at this time is to force Xiao Wen back, in the most sharp way!
And at this time he is almost nine points sure, xiao asked has no defense, can only hide! This is because, in the previous battle, all the immortals Xiao asked were two pieces, the first was two pieces to clear the door, then two pieces to cut the night sword, and finally two pieces of cloud boots. Xiao asked the only two defensive fairy devices, one of which had been cut by him, and the other was pushed off the cliff by Xiao asked himself. What else could stop his attack? Therefore, Xiao Wen can only hide, and he will certainly land successfully, then kill Xiao Wen, and finally slowly taste the bitter fruit of using the technique of burning the base today.
When there were still five feet away from the cliff, Zhang Hu’s hands flashed with brilliance, accompanied by a loud drink of "Nine Blades", and nine feet of blazing white arc flew out of his hand, making a sharp chirp towards Xiao Wen. Since it is the sharpest, naturally there will be no bends around, and all nine light arcs are flying straight lines!

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