One fund, one loan, one exchange center, three big functions, and many small function choices are enough to meet the needs of players now.

However, it is a pity that there is no access to the real banking center. At this time, the gold coin bank does not directly exchange the real currency option. This function has been hidden by Wang Gang and should be discussed with the real banking center.
Open this function to enable players to exchange gold coins for real money.
However, in order to make up for this shortcoming, Wang Gang thought of another curve to save the country and open an exchange center similar to the real stock market.
Players who need gold coins can register their personal banking information in the Gold Coin Bank, and then release the information of buying gold coins in the exchange center to set the price of buying gold coins.
Players who want real money can also hang their own gold coins in the exchange center to set the selling price.
This Wang Gang will charge one thousandth, of course, in gold coins.
In fact, even if Wang Gang and the real banking center reach an agreement, it is only a matter of form. It is easy for him to mechanically calculate the religious power and break through the modern banking system.
It is precisely because of this that Wang Gang Exchange Center can get a trial run. No problem, Wang Gang will release the software.
At the same time, there is also a notice in the exchange center whether there are players buying it. Wang Gang is not worried.
Because this is always the official release function, it is absolutely fair and guaranteed compared with the private transaction of players.
"Fat feeling has been adjusted very frequently recently. Is there any big move?" Yan Yan and Pang found a piece of land in Yingxiong Island and sat cross-legged on the grass.
"Big move? Which time was it too small? You don’t know how convenient it is to get up in the knowledge hall now! " Fat some despise said
"I know, I just went to the knowledge hall to see it, but I saw it before, and now I can’t find it. Later, I realized that I didn’t have enough information and books that had been moved to the top secret area."
"And now that I have converted the knowledge department of Information Technology University, I’m trying to correct whether I want to go to college or not. If I don’t go when it’s a wave, going out to soak up beautiful women after I don’t even have a college diploma at this level will be looked down upon." Yan Yan said with some depression.
"You don’t go to the university. You’re stupid. Don’t you know the beauty in the university? I’m sure I’ll go to those beautiful women, "said Yan Yan, who took a fat oblique look."
Yan Yan was about to speak when the wrist watch in their hands suddenly sounded.
"Gold coin bank? Can I still get a loan if I open a bank? And the stock market? Didn’t your sister agree that it was created by God? How do I feel that it is more and more like people are in control now! " Fat some surprise said
"What is this? Didn’t you see that in the gold coin bank, you can put the real money into this exchange center that is similar to the stock market by asking for the personal bank information password? I haven’t heard that Gold Coin Bank signed a contract with the real banking center! This is really amazing. "
"I think if I want to, I can transfer all our real property departments in the bank in a flash!" Yan Yan shouted and said
Although he went to Myanmar by magic to earn back 30 million yuan, don’t forget that he is a student who has just finished the college entrance examination
Although he is very mature and steady in front of others, he never hides his emotions but shows his heart when he is with life and death!
Chapter 76 Exchange Center
Fat opened the exchange center while talking. It almost made his eyes fall out of his eyes.
"How come I just opened the exchange center and there are so many people hanging gold coins for sale? Although there are not many people, it adds up to more than all the gold coins my dad bought after he entered!"
"I didn’t know there were so many people to sell when I bought gold coins before!" Fat and depressed.
"Let me see!" When Yan Yan heard the spirit, he immediately opened the exchange heart and looked up. The science of uniting makes the science of uniting and blessing the gods consume very much gold coins.
If you get gold coins by spirit, you can cultivate their belief level and soul strength, and the cultivation effect can reach four times the cultivation speed at most.
Not because of the speed limit of cultivation, but because there are no gold coins. If there are enough gold coins in the body, the consumption of gold coins can reach at most 15 times the cultivation speed compared with ordinary cultivation.
Fat and Yan Yan are not short of money in reality, but they want to buy gold coins because there is no specific trading place to buy gold coins by acquaintances. Although it is not very difficult, it is definitely not an easy task.
"Are these people crazy about money? Even the price tag is10,000 yuan and 1 gold coin. I will go to his uncle! " Yan Yan was more excited than that, but when I saw the exchange center hanging out, the players could not help but curse the price expectations of gold coins.
Even if the current price of his property is changed into gold coins, it can be exchanged for more than 2,000 gold coins. If it is to make the practice of blessing the gods consume enough days!
Although there are only days, it is equivalent to self-cultivation for 1 day!
"Let them hang for a few days at such a high price. I don’t believe anyone will buy it!" Fat is also very depressed said
Lin Dad bought gold coins before. At this time, because of being fat, Lin Dad has already consumed almost two people in practice.
Especially, Lin’s dad suffers from poverty every day if he doesn’t get faster because of the fire work.
"I don’t believe anyone will buy it if it is more than 5 thousand at most!" Yan Yan must have opened his mouth, but the voice just fell and the gold coins sold in the exchange center were swept by a human department for an instant.
"I’ll go!"
"I depend!"
Fat and Yan Yan couldn’t help glances. They couldn’t help but exclaim that there are absolutely five thousand gold coins hanging in the exchange center at this time without ten thousand.
It takes less than 50 million realistic funds to wipe out the moment, and there is no hesitation in seeing this man make a sample shot, as if he were afraid that others would take away the gold coins.

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