Windson shook his head helplessly took out some emergency medicine from the ring and handed it to Feng Xueli. Life is a matter of life, and it’s not a secret. If Feng Xueli’s wound is infected, his life will definitely be in danger.

Feng Xueli silly wait for a while looked at windson suddenly appeared in the hands of drugs. No answer. After half a ring, he suddenly looked up at Lin Feng and said, "Fairy? Monster? "
A 78-meter-long crocodile lizard that can be drawn with one hand sword can pull out a boulder on the ground with the power of flying out of more than 10 meters, and it also brings out a big hole of one meter in Fiona Fang. At this moment, suddenly, many first-aid medicines were conjured out of nothing. In Feng Xueli’s heart, perhaps only these two answers can be used to explain the strangeness shown by Lin Feng.
"Federal secret of space technology!" Lin Fengxiao smiled and explained. At the moment of taking out these emergency medicines, windson had already thought about how to explain it. Grandpa Sun said that space technology is the main research topic of the Federal Institute of Science and Technology recently. As for whether there is any research on space storage, it is indeed a federal secret, and even windson doesn’t know it, but it is good to use it to prevaricate Feng Xueli at this time.
Sure enough, although Feng Xueli still has some doubts after listening, it is not good to ask any more questions. Federal secrets are not something that an ordinary microbial research expert like her can inquire about.
Feng Xueli took the first-aid medicine and skillfully began to dress the wound for herself. After all, she is a professional. Soon the wound was properly bandaged and given an antibiotic to prevent infection.
Lin Feng put the remaining first-aid medicine back into the ring and asked, "What should we do now?"
Feng Xueli stared blankly and murmured, "I don’t know, although there are no disgusting cold-blooded creatures here." But we can’t find a way out at all. Maybe we will all die here! "
"It won’t. We can definitely go out safely! " Lin Feng affirmed.
"Really?" Feng Xueli smiled faintly and said, "I can’t think of any way to get out safely without tools." There is no means of positioning and I don’t even know where I am … "
Windson a silence Feng Xueli said is really true. Although there are tools in Lin Feng’s ring, it is no different to have them or not in this canyon with magnetic field disorder. However, Lin Fengke is not as pessimistic as Feng Xueli. After all, it is not impossible for him to go out safely with Feng Xueli.
Windson if malicious to absolutely can abruptly dug a passage from the ground to the ground. Before the passage is done, Feng Xueli can still be supplied for a period of time with the food and nutrients in the forest air ring. If it is not enough in the future, there are still many medicinal materials in the ring that can be refined into some Bigu pills for her to eat.
Ok, you can also use Daoism to put Feng Xueli into hibernation to reduce consumption without much food supply. Now he can stop eating for months. However, this method of making holes can only be adopted by Lin Fengcai if necessary. Now he doesn’t want to tell Feng Xueli this plan so as not to be regarded as a monster by her again.
"Forget it, don’t think so much now. God never shuts one door but he opens another. We’ll find our way out." Lin Feng advised, "Look, it’s still safe here. You’re hurt again. Let’s take a break first! "
"hmm." Feng Xueli slowly leaned against the shore of the stone and nodded his head. Even in this do or die Feng Xueli still maintained a calm and elegant posture, which made Lin Feng secretly nod.
Now that the secret of "space technology" has been exposed, Lin Feng doesn’t intend to hide anything. He simply took out a tent and a lot of food from the ring and even moved out a charcoal stove for barbecue.
I don’t care if Feng Xueli’s eyes get bigger and bigger. Lin Feng set up the tent by himself and pulled out two sets of brand-new field training clothes: "Miss Feng, you’d better go to the tent and change your wet clothes. You’ve just been injured. Be careful not to catch cold again!"
Feng Xueli wanted to think or took a training suit from windson’s hand and went into the tent to change clothes. Windson seize the opportunity to also outside the tent three times five divided by two will own clothes also changed a set. Although he can work to dry his wet clothes, there is no way to restore those holes in his clothes.
After changing clothes, Lin Feng burned a pot of water on the charcoal stove and took out two bowls of instant noodles. The convenience food in today’s society can’t be described as junk food. Nowadays, the convenience food is not only rich in nutrition and varied in taste, but also has a much higher price. However, it is more popular than monotonous nutrients.
After Feng Xueli changed her clothes and came out, a bowl of hot instant noodles was handed to her.
Feng Xueli has accepted the instant noodles in Lin Feng’s hands and said with a slight touch: "Thank you!"
"You’re welcome!" Lin Fengxiao smiled and replied.
Windson prepared for their own field training clothes to wear on Feng Xueli’s body seems a little big to cover Feng Xueli’s graceful and graceful figure, which makes Windson feel a little sorry.
After eating, Lin Feng let Feng Xueli go into the tent to rest.
Then windson arranged a simple warning law on the ground around the tent before cross legs sat down in the law. As long as a creature enters the range of law, windson will immediately sense it. This array is the most basic array that he has learned from the Book of Fixing the Truth for more than a month.
Will sink into the abdomen windson constantly will cocoa out five elements of reiki into their own true yuan to supplement the consumption of this period of time.
After these days’ tempering, the golden Dan species seems to be getting bigger, and there is a tendency to transform from small mung beans to large mung beans. Windson also don’t understand their own practice progress in the fix true person is faster or slower. At the beginning, he was in a fog and abruptly promoted from the initial stage of Dan formation to the great stage of then formation by a solution of "Nine Returns to Yuan Dan". He didn’t know how long it would take him to practice normally. However, in the Book of Fixing the Truth, he found the introduction of "Nine Returns to Yuan Dan".
"Nine Return to Yuan Dan" is also a very famous panacea in the field of repairing truth, which can be taken by practitioners of all realms. Of course, the effect of each realm is different after taking it. It can be said that those who fix the truth before Yuan infant can improve the truth after taking it, and those who fix the truth after Yuan infant can use it to heal their wounds, which can be said to be of infinite use.
Unconsciously, the true yuan of Lin Feng has been supplemented, and after seeing the spirit force in the whole body, Lin Feng now has a higher degree of integration between the strange energy entrenched in the cells and the cells. "I don’t know what will happen after the final integration. I hope it’s a good thing!" Windson thought.
Long vomitted an one mouthful polluted air after windson opened his eyes, it was still a piece of green in front of him. In this empty underground space, it seemed that even time had stopped, giving people a feeling that I didn’t know what year it was tonight.
Suddenly, Lin Feng frowned. He suddenly heard Feng Xueli’s breathing in the tent, which seemed abnormal.
Windson opened the tent and drilled into it. Now Feng Xueli’s eyes are closed, and her beautiful face is like a sculpture. Her body is trembling.
Lin Feng secretly let out a cry "Oops!" In the past, the hand touched Feng Xueli’s forehead and felt hot. She still burned!

Chapter 37 Love once in your life
Feng hurry-scurry took out some medicines from the ring, picked out a normal saline and injected it into Feng Xueli’s body. After thinking about it, I made some ice cubes with Daoism and put them on Feng Xueli’s forehead to cool her down.
At the moment when the ice touched Feng Xueli’s forehead, Feng Xueli suddenly opened her eyes and murmured, "Am I going to die?"
Lin Feng shook his head consolingly and said, "It’s nothing but a fever. I’ve given you an injection."
Feng Xueli remembered something with a faint smile: "Even if we can’t die today, we will soon have no hope of going out." After a pause, she frowned and thought for a long time before suddenly saying, "I’m so cold, can you hold me?"
Windson was a little surprised and didn’t understand why she suddenly said such a thing when she always stayed away from men. Did she suddenly begin to understand in do or die?
"Why am I not beautiful enough for you to hug me?" Feng Xueli’s tone is very calm, but there is a strange look in her eyes.
"You are beautiful!" After windson gave a wry smile, he lay down and hugged her. The beauty of this request as long as men are reluctant to refuse what’s more, windson was not a gentleman.
Holding Feng Xueli’s exquisite, sexy and elastic charming body, listening to her shortness of breath with a little breath, Lin Feng’s body began to give off a burst of attractive taste … Love again!
Perhaps feel the change of windson Feng Xueli’s charming body suddenly twisted up slowly in windson’s arms. That’s probably what it means to add fuel to the fire. Originally, windson was already out of control. Now Feng Xueli suddenly felt the sperm on her brain and a talon couldn’t help attacking Feng Xueli’s towering mountain peak.
"Well …" Feng Xueli suddenly snorted lightly without any objection, but took the initiative to kiss windson’s lips with his eyes closed.
Get such an obvious hint that if you don’t know what to do, Lin Feng can also buy quick tofu to kill you.
Gently pry open Feng Xueli’s shell teeth with his tongue. Windson soon came into contact with the fascinating soft satiny. Suddenly lilacs secretly sent body fluids to communicate. Their tongues began to dance wildly.
Windson talons also inadvertently divided into two ways to explore Feng Xueli’s wide training suit, wandering around the peak and exploring the valley. I don’t know if it’s because of the fever Windson only feel Feng Xueli charming body shangdi heat is getting higher and higher as if to melt people.
After a kiss, a beautiful female body was exposed naked in front of Lin Feng under Feng Xueli’s reluctance. It has both the sexiness of westerners and the delicacy of orientals. This wonderful female body seems to be a gift from heaven. Let windson couldn’t help but the talons of animal blood kept stroking Feng Xueli’s delicate body to learn a series of teasing skills when practicing mining and mending. Not for a moment. Feng Xueli’s whole body was flushed with pink gasps, and it began to become intermittent. With the movements of Lin Feng’s hands alternately high and low, it was like a movement that made people feel missing.
Holding the jade rabbit that I can’t catch with one hand. Windson quietly separated Feng Xueli’s slender legs, but at the moment of entering. Windson suddenly hesitated. Is this taking advantage of someone’s danger? There is no relationship between him and Feng Xueli. Did Feng Xueli burn her brain suddenly? Although Lin Feng never thinks he is a good man, there are some things he still disdains to do.
Feng Xueli didn’t give windson a chance to consider. Take the initiative to stand tall windson’s busy immediately broke through that thin layer of obstacles and entered the depths of Taoyuan.
In an instant, Feng Xueli was convulsed all over, and the entanglement of pain and joy made her reach the peak!
It’s no use crying over spilt milk. Windson doesn’t care if it’s taking advantage of someone’s crisis. After waiting for a moment until Feng Xueli’s breathing was slightly normal, Lin Feng began to shake slowly again. However, Feng Xueli’s action is far more intense than Lin Feng’s imagination. It seems that Lin Feng’s action is not enough to drain her deep heart. Feng Xueli pushed him down with his eyes closed and turned to ride on Lin Feng’s body …
At this moment of leakage, Lin Feng suddenly felt a strange feeling, as if Feng Xueli was just a beautiful body, and her spirit was out at this moment. Different from Lin Feng’s perfect blend of spirit and flesh when he was having sex with Qin Xinyu Hanyu, Lin Feng felt Feng Xueli’s joy in enjoyment while his spirit seemed to be watching coldly. This kind of feeling let windson some uncomfortable.
I don’t know how long it took for the two of them to climb the peak of the leak again. Feng Xueli was limp and stood in the arms of Lin Feng and gasped softly.
After a long rest, Lin Feng stroked Feng Xueli’s elastic and delicate skin in his arms and suddenly asked, "Why?"

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