Windson quietly face finally flashed a stunned color. Soon returned to normal quickly. Don’t care about being exposed. Gently took a sip of the wine in the cup. Hit it, hit it, hit your mouth. It seems to be remembering something. This starlight brew tastes really good. Full of fragrance. It’s confusing. However, it seems that the taste of this starlight brew is not pure. Compared with the Mesopotamian planet, the authentic starlight brew is always a little less delicious. Do you think so? Mr Rios!

Rios is still squinting. What seems to be no heard windson said. Mesopotamia mysteriously disappeared into the universe as early as a hundred years ago. I just got the formula of Starlight Brewing by accident. The taste is naturally worse. But as far as I know, In the entire universe alliance. Now you can drink to the place where the stars are brewed. It seems that except for me. No more semicolons! Mr. Lin, have you ever drunk authentic starlight brew anywhere else?
Shit. Old fox! You still play Tai Chi with me. I’m afraid no one would have thought of it. In the hands of the most advanced science and technology of the whole universe alliance, the Starcroft family turned out to be the origin of a planet. It is what windson said to Mesopotamia.
The planet of Mesopotamia followed the same path as the Earth Federation. Science, technology and truth-fixing: grasping the ground and developing the road. With the support of the Starcroft family. The scientific and technological strength of Mesopotamia has always been at the top of the whole universe alliance. Also because of this. Mesopotamia, the original planet, is gradually hidden under the aura of the first scientific and technological strength of the Universe Alliance.
A hundred years ago. Mesopotamia even occupies an absolute dominant position in the science and technology alliance. But … A hundred years ago. The entire Mesopotamian galaxy mysteriously disappeared into the universe. The original location of the galaxy formed a huge black hole. No one knows what happened in the Mesopotamian galaxy.
Generally speaking, black holes can only be formed when stars collapse, but there was nothing unusual during that time, so the mysterious disappearance of Mesopotamian galaxies became the biggest mystery in the universe alliance.
When Lin Feng learned the news, his first feeling was that Mesopotamia suffered the same situation as Huanyu. And this result is not puzzling. As a veteran aristocrat who has passed on for tens of thousands of years, people who may know the details of the Starcroft family are all lost in the long river of history, but it is normal for the Luo Orpheus family who has passed on for tens of thousands of years to know these things.
A hundred years ago, the mysterious man found the Luo Orpheus family. It is very likely that the planet Mesopotamia is the warlords that the mysterious man gave to the Luo Orpheus family.
In this case, windson is just a guess, but the result is absolutely close. The Mesopotamian planet, as the mainstay of the science and technology alliance, may only be laid hands on by the mysterious people of the Luo Orpheus family who know the details of the Starcroft family, which just provides such an opportunity for the Luo Orpheus family. I believe that the Luo Orpheus family will never miss such an opportunity to suppress the Starcroft family.
Lin Feng thought for a while before he said, Mr. Rios. I don’t know what you’re worried about. Do you think that with the support of Luo Orpheus’s family, the Science and Technology Alliance will not attack your family after destroying all the original planets and the Earth Federation? And now the main attack object of the science and technology alliance seems to be your family’s planet!
Windson doesn’t have much energy to play Tai Chi with Rios on this issue. The reason why Rios is like this is not because he cares about the face of the whole family, an old aristocrat who has been passed down for tens of thousands of years, and a stamp in the cosmic alliance. The whole universe alliance also needs to shake three powerful families. A powerful family with a huge family force that can compete with the whole science and technology alliance will not ask anyone for help unless it is absolutely necessary.
Now the situation of the Starcroft family is far from the point where it needs to ask for help from a small Federation that has just joined the cosmic alliance.
Rios didn’t expect Lin Feng to explain the words directly. After a slight pause, he smiled and said, Is Mr. Lin somewhat alarmist? No matter how bad my Starcroft family is, it’s not the turn for a few buffoons in the science and technology alliance to bully him. If Mr. Lin wants to further cooperate with our family in this respect, I think it is almost impossible. But … I am very interested in the mineral resources in Mr. Lin’s hand.
Rios also put your cards on the table and said that the result was basically expected by Lin Feng. It seems that I really worry too much. With the strength of your family, people in the science and technology alliance can really be called buffoons. I believe that the victory of the war will definitely belong to your family. It’s just a pity that people on Euphrates and Tigris can’t see this day. What a pity! I just don’t know if they can see their compatriots on Mesopotamia in another space!
Windson naturally knows that it is absolutely impossible for a Mesopotamian star to touch the nerves of the Starcroft family, but it is completely different to add Euphrates and Tigris. You know, the news of the inexplicable disappearance of the two planets was tightly blocked by the Starcroft family. After windson threw this, Rios’ face changed immediately. Sink a track: Mr. Lin, I don’t know what your purpose is!
Lin Feng ha ha a smile: Mr. Rios, you misunderstood! I don’t have any purpose. If you insist that I have a destination, it is definitely not aimed at your family! After all, now we are in the same trench, right?
Sure enough, Rios was silent when he said this.
Lin Feng said while the iron is hot: Now the Luo Orpheus family will fully use its strength to deal with the mysterious man behind your Luo Orpheus family, and it will not hesitate to make moves. One is to attack the strength of your family, and the other is to shock your family with absolute power. Luo Orpheus’s family is not a fool. They don’t think that your family can be completely defeated by a mysterious person. What they want is to let your family retreat in order to facilitate their future actions. I know that it is impossible for your family to compromise with the Luo Orpheus family and the science and technology alliance because of its origin with the original planet. But instead of letting the Luo Orpheus family drag your family here and wait until the science and technology alliance is empty to attack the Earth Federation. Wait until we lose-lose, and then unite. Can it be the opponent of the Federation of Science and Technology and the Luo Orpheus family?
Rios sneered: Mr. Lin, your analysis is really good! But how can you be sure that our family can’t compete with the Luo Orpheus family?
Ha ha! The strength of your family is really strong. Even for the Luo Orpheus family is also comfortable. But what about a magic general? Windson throw heavy again.
Magic general? Rios frowned slightly. This veteran aristocrat who has passed down for tens of thousands of years still knows something about the two worlds of ghosts and gods.
Otherwise, in Mr. Rios’ opinion, which person or power in the whole universe alliance has the ability to make the whole galaxy disappear completely? Aside from the Mesopotamian galaxy. I think Mr. Rios should know better than anyone about the current situation of the Euphrates and Tigris galaxies!
If only I really knew what was going on! Rios gave a long sigh.
Windson a surprised doesn’t he know? Subconsciously asked: Don’t your family know about the two galaxies?
Rios nodded helplessly. There were 11 administrative planets in two galaxies, with a total of 4.8 billion people, and no one escaped. This also includes 15 main battle fleets and four star fortresses in two galaxies! And our family’s eight Du Jie masters failed to escape! So now we get no more news than Mr. Lin!
This situation is completely windson didn’t think of eleven administrative planet. Four billion eight hundred million people, fifteen main battle fleets, four star fortresses, and eight Du Jie masters, none of them escaped. This had to let windson reassess the strength of the mysterious man. As for what the magic will be, it’s just an illusory card used by Lin Feng to impress Rios.
In view of the universe galaxy that guy just swallowed up six administrative planets and didn’t kill people in vain. Why is it so big this time? That’s 4.8 billion intelligent life!
Thought of here windson in the mind also can’t help but a dim situation of exhibition completely off his expectations. All practitioners should pay attention to a cycle of cause and effect, even ghosts and gods can’t escape the cycle of cause and effect, and no practitioner will make a mistake to kill even a demon unless absolutely necessary.
Why on earth did this guy fight regardless of karma? This must be windson to consider.
After a while of meditation, Lin Fengcai said to Rios: From what I know so far. All the lost planets were swallowed up by the mysterious man. Before this, the six administrative planets of Huanyu Galaxy were also swallowed up by this unlucky planet, but Miss Soglia, the princess of Huanyu Planet, saw it with her own eyes. If Mr. Rios doesn’t believe it, Miss Soglia can come and ask in person.
Soglia? It should be Soros’s daughter! Don’t ask, I grew up watching that girl! I didn’t expect Soros, the old guy, to escape fate! Rios gave a self-effacing smile and looked at Lin Feng primly. At this point, if Mr. Lin has any specific requirements, just ask! As long as my Starcroft family can do it, we will go all out!
Hearing this, the stone in Lin Feng’s heart finally fell to the ground. Today, his purpose is to hope to form an alliance with the Starcroft family. At worst, he also hopes to get the support of the family that has mastered the most advanced technology in the whole universe alliance in science and technology! Now the result should be an ideal result.
Lin Feng smiled with satisfaction: On behalf of the intelligent life of the whole earth federation and the whole universe, I thank Mr. Rios and the whole Starcroft family!
Rios was stupefied for the future of the family. How do you choose to cooperate with windson once rose to such a height?
Looking at Rios’ puzzled look, Lin Feng smiled slightly: I think Mr. Rios can see it now, not to mention how powerful the mystery is. Just by looking at his means, you should know that he will not be a person in our space! That is to say, he has nothing to do with people, immortals, gods and demons in our space. It is precisely because of this that he will have such a big action to devour the planet. This is simply killing the goose that lays the golden eggs and fishing for it! I don’t think that no matter what kind of people in our space are, they will not do such a thing.
Rios frowned slightly. Obviously thinking about the meaning of windson words. Not many will have an epiphany nodded his head. Lin Feng looked at Rios’ expression and said, as long as you understand it, he continued: Because of this, the intelligent life in our whole universe will face a crisis of survival. I think Mr. Rios should understand that I am not alarmist. However, the science and technology alliance based on Luo Orpheus’s family is actually trying to make trouble for the sake of time, so all of us can punish it!
There must be an excuse for war. This is not to say that I will hit you if I see you unhappy. Even the science and technology alliance has put a big hat on the original planet in advance to hinder the development of scientific and technological civilization to a higher stage.
Windson’s remarks are not groundless, but they also raise the anti-aggression and anti-technology alliance of the original planet, the Earth Federation and the Starcroft family to the political height in order to ensure the existence and exhibition space of intelligent life in the universe.
After that. The two men discussed a series of military and scientific cooperation.
Starcroft family mainly contains Luo Orpheus family and sends 38 main combat fleets to support the Earth Federation. The Earth Federation will resist the attack of the science and technology alliance head-on, and windson will help the Starcroft family contain the Luo Orpheus family. Now, after all, the four million slaves of the original planet in the hands of windson are excellent soldiers.
And the key is the mysterious figure this hard chi son nature is to windson. This is also one of the prerequisites for Rios to agree to cooperate. At present, the strength displayed by mysterious figures has put great pressure on Starcroft, an old aristocrat of the universe alliance. It is under this pressure that the Starcroft family has been timid before its actions.
In other respects, the Starcroft family needs to provide the Earth Federation with all the cutting-edge technologies. What windson has paid is to provide all kinds of mineral resources for the Starcroft family as much as before.
With this series of premises, everything will be developed slowly.
A few days later, the Starcroft family and the Earth Federation issued a statement saying that the Luo Orpheus family colluded with mysterious people in outer space to encroach on the living space of intelligent life in the Universe Federation. The two sides called on the races that are still worried about the universe alliance to unite to jointly resist the encroachment and annexation of the universe alliance by outer space. At the same time, the Genocide Treaty, which was privately adopted by the science and technology alliance, was made public for many times, and the contradiction between the science and technology alliance and the original planet was put on the table.
As soon as the statement came out, it caused an uproar in the cosmic alliance.
The contradiction between the science and technology alliance and the original planet has a long history, and it was as early as some people expected that this contradiction would be made public. To people’s surprise, the Starcroft family, which never appeared in front of ordinary people, appeared in front of ordinary people for the first time. And directly stood on the opposite side of the Luo Orpheus family and the science and technology alliance.
Then there is the authenticity of the existence of the invaders in outer space. After the release of the pictures of the Euphrates galaxy, Tigris galaxy and Huanyu galaxy being swallowed up, the whole universe alliance was shocked. All the spearheads point to the Luo Orpheus family and the science and technology alliance. At the same time, the Earth Federation, a small federation that has just joined the Universe Alliance, has also entered people’s sight.
Cosmic calendar: July 26th, 3o897. The seventh joint fleet of the Starcroft family Asian galaxy was wiped out in the Michelangelo asteroid belt, and the ninth joint fleet of the Orpheus family Somir galaxy was completely exploded in the cosmic war.
In September of the same year, the first mixed fleet of the Earth Federation, led by Ming-yu Chen and Sky-breaking Dugu, joined forces with the 24th joint fleet of Lantian Interstellar Federation to capture the military stronghold of Disraek, a science and technology alliance, outside the Milky Way-against the planet Ma in the Interstellar Canyon, which broke the military blockade of the science and technology alliance against the Milky Way.
After that, the first mixed fleet of the Earth Federation triumphed all the way and defeated several mixed fleets of the Federation of Science and Technology in a row. In the second year, it arrived at the administrative planet Las Coliana, the outermost planet of the Lavain galaxy. Here by science and technology federal four mixed fleet to stubbornly stop the war between the two sides in a stalemate.
The troops are losing ground. The Luo Orpheus family was furious. However, the support fleet sent several times was either devastated by the Starcroft family or was crippled by a mysterious beast cavalry composed entirely of Warcraft and people from the original planet. Fortunately, both sides were damaged by each other. But the mysterious cavalry of Warcraft is a splitting headache for the Luo Orpheus family. It is the first time that they have seen the established origin planet. People can travel in space by physical strength alone. Every soldier riding Warcraft can destroy the top mecha of the Luo Orpheus family by relying on its own and the power of Warcraft.
Even the galaxy-level space carrier ship with the highest defense power in the whole universe alliance was blasted into mustard under the attack of powerful beast cavalry.
Needless to say, this beast cavalry is naturally the slave of the four million original planet bought by windson and the new arms composed of those giant Warcraft in the forest of Warcraft. After being screened by Ape Liang, rivaldo and Soglia, Windson selected 600,000 out of four million people to form three main battle groups. Dreadwind Corps, consisting of Hemudu people, consists of 200,000 people respectively; Yuanmou Star Corps consists of 200,000 people; And Huanyu Star’s shadow and charm corps of 200,000 people.
These six hundred thousand people have been practicing in the independent space of the soul-destroying disc. The huge spirit of the fairy makes the strength of these people who practice the source power enter the country in a day. In just three years, 90% of the 200,000 people in Dreadwind Corps have cultivated to the limit of returning to their ancestors, and 80% of them have cultivated the source soul thorn. And by the science of uniting the spirit is given priority to with the universe star people composed of shadow incarnate corps of two hundred thousand people is all reached the highest state of uniting the spirit fan Yan.
A main fleet of Luo Orpheus’s family is equipped with ten galaxy-class aircraft carriers. Twenty-four interstellar cruise carriers and various frigates, patrol ships and transport ships. A total of 240 warships at all levels. Equipped with a total force of 850 thousand people.

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