Suddenly, the energy in the heaven and earth in the Gankun tripod vibrates and radiates invisibly, which makes the Gankun tripod hum.

It was Qing Ye and prostitutes who broke through the initial stage of Taiyi Jin Xian and reached the middle stage of Taiyi Jin Xian.
Qing Ye, who reached the middle stage of Taiyi Jin Xian, and the prostitute opened their eyes, and their eyes opened instantly. Everything seems to have evolved the way of birth and death in an instant.
After the breakthrough to the middle period of Taiyi Jin Xian, Qing Ye and Nu Wa stopped practicing.
Qing Ye mind a read, six ancestors busy then jumped back to Qing Ye head Qingyun, and then a closed, Qingyun after a clear, then back in the body.
Female prostitutes also collected Qingyun from their heads one after another, and then they opened the ban and went to their son Ye Tian’s training space. Looking at his son Ye Tian, who was sitting in the sky surrounded by the power of stars, Qing Ye said with a smile: "This boy, I didn’t expect to come back from the last trip and collect his temper and practice hard, and they all reached the peak of the true fairy." Between words, the heart is very comforting.
The prostitute also smiled and said, "This child, it seems that in a few years, he will reach the age of true immortality."
Ye counted and nodded, and now the two of them don’t disturb Ye Tian in the practice, so they went out of the dry Kun Ding.
It’s been eight years since Qing Ye and Nu Nai teamed up to create the Heavenly Palace. In these eight years, Long Jiuyou and Mo Xide have not only spread the teachings of the Heavenly Religion to every corner of the sea of chaos, but also extended the influence of the Heavenly Religion to the blood peak continent next to the sea of chaos.
The sea of chaos has been completely under the rule of Tianjiao.
Like the recruitment of government soldiers by various governments, Long Jiuyou and Moxide began to recruit heavenly soldiers for Tianjiao while propagating the teachings of Tianjiao, and all the heavenly soldiers they recruited were self-trained superior gods of God.
Hundreds of superior gods, self-cultivation of superior gods will not exceed ten, but even so, in the past eight years, the number of self-cultivation gods who have been applying for the job has reached a horrible number. More than three million.
These people are still from the sea of chaos. There are people who keep coming from the sea of stars and fog and other continents.
Hell, the strong are the most respected. The fact that Qing Ye defeated the destroyer and his posture like a fiend deeply shocked many powerful people in hell.
Among these mountain soldiers, Dragon Nine You will select a group of elite and strong, become peripheral disciples of Tianjiao, and practice the higher achievement methods handed down from Qing Ye.
In view of the fact that the gods in this star domain have gods in their minds and there is no concise elixir within the abdomen. Qing Ye created a set of "Anti-God Tactics", which, as the name implies, is an anti-four-Supreme God’s law, which is metaphysical and self-improved.
Take the deity in the minds of the gods as an uncondensed elixir in the abdomen to practice.
Those heavenly soldiers only preach the first-order achievement method of "Inverse God’s Tactics", while the peripheral disciples of Tianjiao can practice the first-order attachment method. At that time, Qing Ye intends to choose from these, town-festival pong, and then preach his "Detailed God’s Tactics Jump and Lead … Order"
Of course, these inner disciples are not Qing Ye’s disciples.
According to the "Anti-God Tactics", if you can cultivate to a higher level, you can achieve the cultivation of Luo Jinxian.
After Qing Ye came out, he came to Chaos Palace, and then sent a message to call Long Jiuyou and Merced.
Sitting on the main hall with the female milk, the chaotic airflow evolves over the Chaotic Palace, and the vast atmosphere of HarmonyOS fills the Chaotic Palace. Every time they stand under the Chaotic Palace, Long Jiuyou and Merced feel small.
When Qing Ye and Nu Nai went through the customs this time, they felt that the pressure on the leader and empress became more and more intense and unpredictable.
After the two met, they stood aside respectfully.
Looking at the two, Qing Ye’s faint voice sounded: "Jiuyou, peripheral disciple, how is the selection now?"
Long Jiuyou stepped forward respectfully and said, "In reply to the master’s words, 100,000 peripheral disciples were selected from more than 3 million heavenly soldiers. These peripheral disciples were all based on the four laws of metaphysics, some of them were based on the five laws of metaphysics, and one was the last god of dzogchen."
"Oh, dzogchen is the superior god." Qing Ye and prostitutes glances, slightly surprised.
You know, dzogchen’s superior god is less than the Lord God, and all of them are very arrogant. I didn’t expect dzogchen’s last god to devote himself to Tianjiao.
Actually, it’s nothing strange to think about it. Countless faces, there is no lack of some crazy practitioners. When I heard Qing Ye say that entering Heaven can cultivate supreme achievement methods and break through the shackles of the four supreme gods, even some main gods were moved.
"Yes, it’s dzogchen, called Ertel." Dragon nine deep and remote forward said.
"Well, let’s start the selection of inner disciples now, and let these 100 thousand outer disciples come in." Qing Ye mind move, said.
"Yes, Master Zhang." Dragon nine deep and remote respectful way, and then back out.
Dragon nine deep and remote exit, Qing Ye and prostitutes asked Moxide about some recent god and hell.
Not long after, Long Jiuyou led hundreds of peripheral disciples in.
These peripheral disciples also entered Chaos Palace for the first time. Hundreds of disciples, even Ertel, the superior god of dzogchen, were deeply shocked by what Chaos Palace showed.
Chaos Palace Palace, tens of thousands of miles, 100,000 people lined up on the chaos palace palace, far away. Like a little grain of sand arranged on it.
After these peripheral disciples came in, they followed Long Jiuyou to visit, and then stood there in fear and trembling, with their heads down.
At this time, Qing Ye cold mans eyes flashing. Overwhelming pressure came, and then the gods were launched, and in an instant, the cultivation and qualifications of these 100,000 peripheral disciples were thoroughly seen.
Suddenly, a thousand people rose, and then fell in front of one hundred thousand people, including dzogchen and Ertel.
Before the crowd entered the Chaos Palace, Long Jiu You had already told the story that the leader personally selected the inner disciples. It was natural that these 1,000 people were ecstatic when they were selected.
As an inner disciple, they can practice the higher-order achievement method of "Anti-God Tactics". In recent years, they have entered the Tian religion and practiced "Anti-God Tactics". They naturally understand "Anti-God Tactics" and at the same time believe in Qing Ye’s words of breaking through the bondage of the Supreme God.
After selecting the disciples from the interior of the thousand people, Qing Ye covered the thousand people with a golden light with a finger. In an instant, people’s minds have more advanced cultivation techniques of "Inverse God’s Tactics".
"After the Millennium, the plane war, let’s go back and practice well. At that time, the ten people who participated in the plane war with the most military achievements will each be awarded a spiritual treasure the day after tomorrow." Qing Ye faint voice.
"Yes, master." Everyone respectfully replied. The voice echoed in the palace of chaos, revealing joy.
Each of them has a top-grade fairy. They have seen the power of the top-grade fairy. The day after tomorrow, Lingbao is a higher-grade weapon than the top-grade fairy.
When they quit, Qing Ye gave orders to Dragon Nine and Merced, and then let them step down.
When they stepped down, Qing Ye and the prostitute left Chaos Palace and came to the five continents.

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