"In this case, the first possible root of the underworld is that the root of the lie is not there, but it makes even more sense. If the underworld is not there for so many years, people’s beliefs and thoughts will certainly create a spiritual world of the underworld in vain, and another possibility is that the underworld does exist, but it has been abandoned, and there is no ability to attract souls or to manage the disappearance of the underworld gods."

Wang Gang is full of doubts, but after thinking about it, he will press all this to the bottom of his heart. These things are not only his belief that God can intervene, but even if he knows the reason, there is no place for Wang Gang.
Believers’ souls are called holy souls because they believe in gods and are influenced by the divine power of gods, which is very different from ordinary dead souls. They can continue to believe in the power of gods and return to the kingdom of God after death.
Every god has a kingdom of gods to place the souls of believers after death, and every kingdom of gods has heaven and hell.
Heaven is where believers are prepared to make contributions to God after death, and they can enjoy happiness in the kingdom of God if they make contributions to heaven and earth.
Hell is for believers or believers who have contributed to God but have lost to heaven and earth to suffer!
In Brandon, even believers with a very high level of belief have to put such believers into purgatory if they have a loss to the world.
To put it simply, God is the hand of heaven and earth, and the believers are the hand of God. Even if the hand is loyal to God, if you do something sorry for the will of heaven and earth, the will of heaven and earth will not know it. If you don’t punish this hand properly, the will of heaven and earth will slowly settle accounts with God.
Unless you are a high god, you can be on an equal footing with the will of heaven and earth. A high god never dares to disobey God’s will.
The holy spirit also has a life span, which is usually hundreds of years. The stronger the belief, the more pure the holy spirit can be, and the longer it will last.
Wang Gang is going to open another fixed-line dream paradise to arrange the sacred souls of believers, but on second thought, he threw the idea out of his mind.
Every time an elf is created, it will cost Wang Gang a drop of divine power. At this time, having a pig soul can greatly reduce Wang Gang’s burden.
No pay, no rest, and continuous faith. Where can employees find it?
Of course, although the holy spirit is miraculous, it has no physical support. The belief of duckweed is about 1% of that of ordinary players.
Fortunately, the holy spirit believes in its purity, and it doesn’t need Wang Gang to spend time refining to become a divine power.
If the holy spirit can raise its belief level to the level of the agent before its life, and its own belief is divine power, then the holy spirit will have no life limit, and if God is there, he can be immortal with God.
Even one’s own strength can reach the realm of gods. If one wants to gain faith, the holy spirit can become gods by lighting the fire.
This is how belief in God is established.
Wang Gangsheng’s soul has a pig. It must be lonely to stay alone for a long time, so that the pig can not talk and add an employee to himself.
Wang Gang decided to leave the pig in the virtual to help Wang Gang manage the virtual.
At the same time, let the pig appear in front of the player and let the player know that even if he dies in the real world, he can continue to live.
Imagine how crazy players will become when they see the news that piggy knows that piggy has died!
As the saying goes, there is always misfortune in the sky, and there is always misfortune in the sky.
No one knows what will happen in a moment and when something will happen. Even if there is no accident, parents and relatives will always grow old. If they become players, they will still live for hundreds of years after Wang Gang’s death.
This temptation is not to mention that ordinary people, even the emperor who secretly controls the mascot today, can never stand this temptation.
This is what Wang Gang wants!
In Wang Gang’s hands, from exchanging knowledge for martial arts to now, believers can live for several years, and a warm-blooded man can’t refuse the battlefield step by step, from beginning to end, it is full of Wang Gang’s hard work.
At present, the attraction of the earth is absolutely rejected by half of mankind. Unfortunately, Wang Gang’s bottleneck lies in the acquisition of divine power and the development belief of ordinary gods.
Every time Wang Gang develops a player, he needs to devote 100% of his power to refining a dream order, which greatly limits the development speed.
Sometimes Wang Gang also thinks about whether he can develop his faith in a normal way in reality, but he vetoes it when he thinks about it.
On the one hand, the development of belief in China will never allow the strength to get the white strength that was finally wiped out, and on the other hand, the possibility of developing belief in China made Wang Gang feel desperate himself.
Chapter 7 Believer Level
The information inherited from the deity let Wang Gang know that God believers are divided into nine grades, and each grade can contribute ten times to God instantly.
The first level is not a believer, but a believer. People like this believe that their strength will not be contributed by God. The color of the soul is gray and full of impurities. Compared with other belief levels, believers have the weakest strength.
However, compared with people who believe in gods, believers may become a pioneer of gods if they can strengthen their own beliefs.
In this way, even in the million-year history of the world where the former dream god lived, there were a total of nine believers.
The second-level believers are called pan-believers, whose main characteristics are that they are full of various desires and demands when they meet Buddha, worship God and worship immortals. Pan-believers have no firm belief in God as a tool to realize their wishes, and they are spurned by God, and they hate their souls more than believers. They are also gray and entangled in several distractions. After death, they will be thrown into the abyss of purgatory by God and suffer until their souls collapse.
Third-level believers, true believers have a god in their hearts and also believe in a god. There are also many distractions in their souls. However, compared with pan-believers, true believers really believe in God as a tool and pray that God can satisfy their wishes. In this way, believers are the most basic force of God, and almost half of the souls of God believers glow with white belief light.
Belief that light can reflect the strength of the soul, the stronger the soul is, the brighter everything is, the white light and the golden light!
Fourth-class believers become devout believers, but they believe in God more than they do, but there is still the last trace of obsession in their hearts that has not been reached. In the dark, the soul of God’s various admonitions can dispel the darkness and be as bright as day.
The fifth-class believers have been called saints and dedicated to God. They voluntarily spread their faith and carry forward their great power. They can get a lot of divine power feedback because of their piety.
God is the most powerful soldier in man, and the backbone of faith broadcasting can give all the soul, and the light of faith is as hot as the sun.
Sixth-class believers are called substitutes, which is the highest belief level that people can bear and the highest warrior’s divine baptism, so that the strongest power of the substitute adults is just beyond the limits of the world will.
It is the spokesman of human god, the faithful executor of the standard of mythical god, and if there is religion on its behalf, it is called holy out of the pope’s belief, and the light has turned pale gold.
The seventh-level believers are called eternal believers, who will never betray and always accompany God. As long as God is still around, eternal believers will enjoy immortality with God. At this level of belief, besides believing in God, believers will once again have new obsessions and become gods!
The soul of eternal believers can come, and people will not dissipate the golden light of faith. Faith is no longer the power of faith, but divine power, which is the greatest wealth of all gods.
At the first level, the soul of believers is gradually transformed by divine power, and the soul has become fascinated. Compared with the weak gods, divinity is gradually nourished by divine power and appears in the ecstasy. If you believe in the projection given by the gods, you can gather your beliefs and practice deity to directly seal the gods!
Believers at this level are called demigods! It not only represents the belief level of believers, but also represents the strength of believers. The demigod believers can leave a tenth of the divine power, and they will take the initiative to give it to the Lord God, hoping that the Lord God can give a projection of the clergy.
The demigod is the strongest sword and the strongest shield in God’s hands, and it is also a sign of whether God is strong or not.
By the ninth level, being called a deity has been successfully sealed by a demigod, and it is no longer a belief in the Lord God, and its own belief is no longer generating divine power. However, being a deity must dedicate 70% of all its income to its Lord God.
Although believers become gods, they will never become the Lord God. The strength of the clergy increases, and the amount of the clergy must be projected by the Lord God.
Compared with believers, it is born several times weaker, but it is also several times simpler than believers.
It is not difficult for believers to become gods, but they must always be firm. It is not too dangerous to believe in the Lord God and help and protect him along the way.
Believers who want to become gods must first cultivate their own strength to the limit that the consciousness of heaven can bear, and then they can begin to spread their beliefs, turn their souls into ecstasy, and nurture divinity. Finally, they have to realize a certain kind of strength, such as fear, dreams, seas, rivers and mountains, and so on, and they can realize the divinity and the clergy.
It’s more difficult all the way than it is possible to succeed unless it’s a real face. The world where the dream god lived before is Shinto Changlong, and the number of people in the world is huge. According to the calculation of such conditions, there are only 9 successful people who have written letters for millions of years!
As you can imagine, the difficulty is that Wang Gang is not worried that someone can succeed in reality.
Is it possible for the real-world science and technology king to practice his body to the limit of heaven, that is, to break the virtual or soar to the celestial realm?
If there is no such great strength, even if some people believe and are believed, they will not be able to convert their faith into divine power. Now there will never be deities in society, and even if there is a god, it should have been deified a long time ago.
It is the first time that Wang Gangzhen, a believer of Wang Gangzhen, began to manipulate the idol by reading it into the temple idol.

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