The Nangong Silver Wind’s eyes narrowed slightly. Just now, the excitement and excitement in my heart were weakened by Pei’s warm turn. Several people waited for Pei’s warm words. He always felt that Pei’s warm words would not be a good thing.

"But after detoxification, it will be a little deputy, and I am afraid that evil spirits will appear at this time." Pei Nuan said.
"Now the evil spirits are in troubled times. Although the evil spirits see that I have to avoid three points, if I really fight, I may be unable to separate the evil spirits by myself, but the Yunhua body has another kind of power. If I make clear the toxins of other bodies, I can also move freely. Then the evil spirits may be able to take a little advantage of the chaos in my body. I have a way to detoxify Yunhua, but after this method is very dangerous, I and Yunhua will be weak for a while .. I don’t know how sure."
Pei’s warm face doesn’t change color. Hu said that he was sorry to apologize to Nangong Yinfeng. My brother cheated you into it, too. Nalanyunhua poison has been solved, but it’s just a secret that belongs to them.
Seeing the silence of Nangong Yinfeng, Pei Wennuan immediately said, "Although I am a little dangerous, I want to give it a try even if it is dangerous."
"How sure are you of success? How many percent are sure that evil spirits will not appear? " The nangongshan silver wind tight tight fist.
Pei warm licked some dry lips and slowly put out three fingers.
"Elder brother, you will protect me, right? Ahem …" Pei warmed up and coughed a little.
"Nonsense, even if I send more people to protect everything, I want to take a chance. You know that the evil spirits are strong, how can we protect you?" The Nangong Yinfeng immediately disagreed with Pei Wennuan’s intention. If the evil spirits really appeared, it would be dangerous for Na Lanyunhua. Now there may be Pei Wennuan as an opponent of evil spirits in this world.
"Brother, this is a gamble. If the evil spirits don’t appear, Yunhua and I will survive the dangerous period safely. After Yunhua poison is removed, we will be more able to fight against the evil spirits. But if the evil spirits appear …" Pei continued with a warm look. "I believe I also have the ability to protect myself. Brother Zhou, please believe us."
"You also agree with this crazy girl’s idea?" The nangongshan silver wind eyes rested on NaLanYunHua body Pei warm nonsense, didn’t he detoxification also with her nonsense?
Na Lanyunhua took a deep look at the Nangong Yinfeng and nodded, "Now there is a way to take a chance. You also know that if the evil spirits restore this continent, it will be a bloody affair." If Pei Wennuan said this method before detoxification, he would definitely reject it, but this is different. Now he needs to cooperate with his woman to act.
All I have to tell Nangong Yinfeng is that this decision is enough.
"This is a gambling risk and benefit sharing brother. I hope you can cooperate with us," said Pei Nuan.
The thought of Pei Nuan’s gambling on Nangong Yinfeng is also a sigh. She has never lost in front of her. Although it is also a gamble, it is not the same as before. This time, it is very likely that she will gamble all her life, not money, but life.
"You let me think about it." The Nangong Yinfeng was silent and kept thinking in his mind. He really didn’t trust Pei Wennuan. If the evil spirits knew about this practice, they would seize this excellent opportunity to destroy it. What will happen then is unpredictable.
"How many days will it take you to recover?"
"Three days at most" Pei Wennuan’s face is serious. "The evil spirit has been seriously injured by me, and now the skill is less than the top 50%. If it really appears, I will also be prepared for defense."
The sound of the Nangong Yinfeng clenching his fist came from his teeth. "I will send all my strength to strictly guard this palace in these three days."
"But … you also know that even if the troops are strong, it is difficult to stop the evil spirits." The evil spirits can destroy ideal city in an instant. If the target of the evil spirits disappears, it is just an instant thing. Although now the seriously injured evil spirits have less than 50% capability, who can accurately calculate the real energy?
Pei’s warm eyes showed a smile on his palm, and a wooden token appeared in his hand.
Flame order? The nangongshan silver wind is naturally a token in the hands of Pei Wennuan, but it has always been in the hands of his mother princess Mo Qinghuan.
Pei warm hands with a bright red energy with a fiery red flame seems to have been lux phoenix flying.
This ….. This is … The pupil of the Nangong Yinfeng has shrunk. Is this-Nirvana Fire?
Pei smiled warmly. Now "Nine Days of Phoenix Dance" has already made her break through to the ninth floor in the sea of consciousness. It is the breakthrough of "Nine Days of Phoenix Dance" and her understanding of chaos that made her wake up and finally set foot on the 1000 th step of Tianchen Seal.
In the hands of nirvana fire calcination, the sacred fire gradually began to change, and the wooden token seemed to shine brightly in the red flame, and the color seemed to become deeper and deeper.
The word "saint" in the burning of the sacred fire has actually begun to distort and gradually change, but the word "saint" has become the word "god" in everyone’s eyes.
The order of divine fire was born, and there was no more sacred fire
The fire of nirvana gradually receded, and the wooden token recovered and became brighter and brighter.
"Fire Warrior listens to the order" Pei warmed his wrist and held Shenhuo in his hand.
The gas fluctuated strongly, and in an instant, 60 people appeared neatly outside the kiosk, kneeling on one knee.
The neat slogan of "obey orders" is full of shock.
Pei’s warm eyes flashed, and it was the first time for her to see the sixty fire fighters. Their clothes were all different in appearance, but they were all handsome and beautiful. Roughly speaking, there were about half men and half women.
This scene is quite spectacular. Nalan Yunhua and Nangong Yinfeng are invisible when they see these eyes. These people are even stronger than they thought.
Pei warmed up and slowly came to the front of the fire fighter. The line of sight swept over the sixty people, and everyone felt cold all over.
At present, Pei’s warmth is like the imposing manner of King’s Landing, which can suppress the imposing manner given off by these sixty people together.
Pei Wennuan nodded secretly. It seems that the qualifications of these sixty fire fighters are very high. She saw the romantic in the team. If it is compared with romantic, it is one of the worst, but she is good at it. All of the sixty people have their own characteristics.
"When you pick it up, strictly observe my residence. Before the evil things appear, you should save your own lives. If you really can’t beat it, you will return to yourselves." In Pei’s warm eyes, Jin Mang flashed forcefully.
"It is a life!" After listening to Pei’s warm words, everyone’s eyes were slightly flashing with light. After the neat fuels, 60 people disappeared in the same place as if they had never appeared before.
"It seems that this fire fighter is not simple." What kind of background does the Nangong silver wind have?
Pei Nuannuan smiled. The secret behind the fire fighters is unknown to her. Even the fire fighters themselves don’t know what forces are behind them, that is, their mother’s true identity. Perhaps this mystery is hard to solve again.
"All right, Yunhua, let’s go now." Now that we have decided, we must draw out the evil spirits.
"I’m going to prepare at once," said the Nangong Yinfeng, acting quickly to leave.
Looking at the nangongshan silver wind leaving Pei warm toward NaLanYunHua shrugged his shoulders "let’s go"
"Let’s invite you to the urn." Pei Nuan whispered a sly look in NaLanYunHua’s ear. "Good" NaLanYunHua had a smile in her eyes. Since she wanted to gamble, he would accompany her to gamble.
After everything is settled, the sun is about to rise in the middle of the East Palace, and a huge amount of energy overflows, which will cover the whole East Palace, and the fusion of rich white light and sunlight seems to be softer than white clouds in the sky.
However, this powerful energy makes people feel more comfortable than the body. The fatigue accumulated by people in the East Palace in recent days seems to have vanished, and the whole person feels more nervous than the refreshing spirit.

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