"Hum, ungrateful bastard, you just saved your life, and now you want to kill me. What I said that day was true. You vicious boy will definitely kill me as soon as he catches the chance, but fortunately, you have just made great progress, otherwise it would be really wrong to be killed by you." A young abnormal voice, Jinyang saw a flash of lotus flower, Jinyang that just promoted two levels of life’s core monuments Jian tire actually flew directly.

Jinyang immediately frightened the powerful strength of the people in front of him. Before he opened his eyes, he had already checked his body. He knew in his heart that he had somehow improved two realms, and had firmly entered the’ seventh order’. The internal practice method was also circulated there according to the seventh floor method, and his strength had been completely upgraded to a higher level.
When I looked at it carefully, it turned out to be a young Taoist standing in front of me. The Taoist gave Jinyang an unusually familiar feeling, but there was a strange feeling that I couldn’t figure it out. Suddenly, I remembered that the young Taoist had just waved away the lotus flower made by life’s core monuments’s sword tire, and the young Taoist called himself. His eyes rolled slightly and he suddenly smiled and said, "Congratulations, the magic statue has been transformed into a scattered fairy body and restored to freedom."
The young Taoist immediately shouted, "No, don’t be so polite. I don’t know your tricks yet. I know what you want. Let them all out! Needless to say, I will save them. After all, they are all practicing the methods I left behind. Although they are not apprentices, they are also half of The Hunger’s disciples. They can lay down their lives to save you. It seems that your position in their hearts is not low. Tell me privately, how much do you owe them? " I have been wallowing in the secular world with Jinyang for many years, and I speak a secular rogue tone really smoothly.
Judging from the news from the special space in the’ Zen Leading Demon Array’, it is good that the four seriously injured guys are still alive at least, but they are not dead. When they hear that they are willing to be treated, they are immediately overjoyed. With such a serious injury, Jinyang can’t treat them. Just when he wants to thank you, the open magic statue should say such a thing and suddenly want to swear, but thinking about the four dying guys, he can only hold back this tone.
Without any affectation, the golden light flashed, and four blood shadows suddenly appeared on the slate. Jinyang hurriedly came forward to find out. Although the four people still had breath, the injury was deeper than he had just estimated. Immediately, he looked at The Hunger, meaning in his eyes, it’s up to you.
As soon as The Hunger observed it, he immediately said to Jinyang, "I remember you got a good sword not long ago, so lend it to me first."
Jinyang suddenly looked at The Hunger with a wary face, and The Hunger suddenly became furious and roared: "Son of a bitch, don’t I open the Presbyterian Church at The Hunger Gate to covet your broken flying sword? I don’t like this kind of stuff if you give it to me. "
Jinyang reluctantly opened his mouth, and the green’ Cang Lang’ suddenly flew out. The Hunger held it in his hand and gently played it on the sword. Hearing the sound coming from the sword, he immediately muttered: "The hardness is passable, but it is not the best, so I will just use it once!"
After speaking, ignoring Jinyang’s face, The Hunger directly dragged the huge body left by Luo Cha’s ghost. With a little luck, the powerful The Hunger resin gas suddenly rushed into the "Cang Lang" that had lost all the firm but gentle of Jiulian.
All of a sudden, the whole blade was violently shaking, The Hunger son without any hesitation, the sword to the Luo Cha ghost’s neck, Jinyang had tried his best to just leave a few traces of the neck, was cut in an instant, black blood suddenly shot out.
Jinyang suddenly flashed an idea in his heart. Sometimes, when his own strength is strong to a certain extent, it doesn’t matter much whether he has a flying sword or not.
The Hunger fingers slightly traction, flying out of the blood immediately automatically divided into four parts, directly suspended in mid-air, and then flew into the mouth of four people lying on the ground, The Hunger son looked at the black blood that was constantly shot into four people’s bodies, with a mouth, a powerful abnormal blood could fly out, and it was also divided into four parts, directly shot into four people’s foreheads.
From time to time, four people’s bodies were propped up by black blood, almost reaching saturation, but The Hunger still didn’t stop, and continued to instruct these black blood to fly in. He was the father of playing with blood, and controlling blood was handy, of course. When Jinyang was worried that four people would be propped up, The Hunger finally stopped. At this moment, four people looked like toads who wanted to be flushed with gas, and Jinyang was afraid that it would explode if they touched it slightly.
With a wave of his hand, The Hunger’s son suddenly burst into a dark color light among the four people’s spirits, which directly enveloped all people’s bodies. Jinyang thought it was no wonder that the old devil was so centered, so he had already been prepared.
Looking at the huge bodies on the ground, The Hunger quickly asked: "Is there a jade bottle with yin attribute? This guy’s blood is a treasure. Don’t waste it. It may be useful to you in the future."
Jinyang immediately understood, and took out a huge jade bottle with cold light from another dimension. This is a container made of a thousand-year-old cold jade. A martial uncle gave him a gift when he first made a sword tire. It hasn’t really worked for many years, but it came in handy today.
Black blood suddenly flew into the jade bottle in his hand. I don’t know how much it was. Anyway, the huge cold jade bottle was also filled with a bottle, and it couldn’t hold any trace of blood anymore. Jinyang secretly looked at it, and Luo Cha’s ghost’s blood in the body was estimated to have not been sucked dry.
The Hunger son slightly luck, a finger suddenly flashed out of the dark red flame, directly inserted into the Luo Cha ghost neck wound, I saw a flash of lotus flower, Luo Cha ghost’s body shrank down rapidly, when The Hunger son pulled out his finger, a thumb-sized blood crystal followed, and the breath of yin cold made the nearby Jinyang tremble slightly.
With a wave of his hand, the dark red flame immediately burned the rest of the body clean.

Chapter 089 Day demon out fairy array
One day later, the sun was shining brightly, and the climate in new york, which is located by the sea, was quite warm, and the air was filled with an air that made people want to sleep.
Tyre was shirtless, his muscles bulged high, and behind him was a huge tomahawk about two-thirds the length of his body. The dark axe reflected a strong cold light, and a faint bloody light flashed, which showed that it was not an ordinary product.
After Luo Cha’s ghost was crossed by the golden ocean’s body, his weapon steel fork stayed. The Hunger just weighed it, and was surprised to find that at least millions of murders were sealed in the fork. Suddenly, he was overjoyed. When he thought of the situation of big Tyre fighting, he made a tomahawk and a Zhan Ji. The tomahawk was given to big Tyre, and Zhan Ji was given to bald Lee.
After the transformation, both of them are big, and the speed will certainly not be too fast, but the power is really extremely strong. When you add such a dead magic weapon with a weight of one thousand kilograms in melee, the power can be imagined. After they get it, they are all happy.
Tyre, with the abnormal strength of his muscles, moved huge stones four or five times his own from the secret room, and then put them in the specific position that Jinyang had already painted. Hades and szilard would immediately rush up and directly use their sharp claws to carve countless symbols on the stones that they simply couldn’t understand.
Three hours ago, Hades’ four people fully recovered from their injuries. After all, all the four people practiced The Hunger’s Dead Sutra, with all the blood in the body of Luo Cha ghost as the foundation, and The Hunger, the elder of The Hunger Gate, a living scattered fairy, tried her best to treat them. If it can’t be recovered, their time is up.
With the help of Luo Cha ghost’s cold blood full of aura, four people not only recovered their injuries, but also took a big step. According to The Hunger’s words, his apprentice must be the devil who kills people without batting an eye, but he can’t do it. Only die? Although four people can only be regarded as half of his apprentices, they must also have certain strength.
The Hunger racked his brains and used all the secret methods he knew. All four of them were thoroughly remoulded. szilard, who had the worst strength, also reached the earl’s realm. Plus, big Tyr gave him the extra flying sword, and his strength instantly improved to a higher level.
The most proud of course is bald Li, who has already cultivated the successful Red-haired Ghost King. Luo Cha’s ghost blood is definitely a tonic for him. Moreover, according to The Hunger’s Corpse Sutra, he has been practicing for the longest time, and with his 300-year experience as a ghost, his foundation is the most stable among the four people. With this rare opportunity, he even broke through to the’ sixth order’ and became a powerful Green-haired Ghost King. I don’t know how many times his physical strength has increased.
Hades and Tyre both entered the ranks of "five-order" masters. Tyre didn’t change much except for a sarcoma on his forehead when he turned into a body, but Hades changed greatly. The dark wings turned into silver, and countless ancient dark spells were looming on the wings, which made the whole chamber tremble.
Jinyang feel glad, had spent three years, spent great effort to decorate the large array of Zhuang, and did not do it in vain, otherwise, with the dark energy released by Hades at that time, it is estimated that all the masters of the new york state Vatican will definitely kill them in the first place.
After Li Yi’s recovery, he received a report on the unique transmission mode of ghosts under his command, and hurriedly drove to accept the news. Jinyang knew that if it was not particularly confidential information, Li Li would never be in such a hurry and would never go in person.
At the moment, the whole underground chamber of secrets has already been completely hollowed out by Tyr’s tomahawk, and the interval between the chambers has been completely opened, and finally it has become a huge space of 100-300 square meters and 50 meters high. The Hunger, who has become a scattered fairy, has a face of pathogens suspended in the center of the chamber of secrets, constantly waving his fingers, and the blood blades are flying out, and the walls as smooth as a mirror suddenly flash out strange records, and at his feet there are actually two giant octopus who are not dead yet.
Since Jinyang told him to move, at the foot of the manor is likely to be those who are about to arrive at the right path as a temporary foothold, The Hunger was so excited that he forced Jinyang to find him three tons of blood. There was so much blood in this era, so he had to catch two giant mutant octopus from the ocean, with all the blood of these two giant monsters, which would never be less than three tons.
After painting for three hours, The Hunger stopped panting. Even if he was a scattered fairy, he was absorbed in carving for three hours without interruption, which made him struggling. The main reason was that every stroke must be absolutely standard, and there must be no carelessness. Any mistake was wasted, so he was so tired.

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