Suddenly, there was a terrible roar, and an amazing power like the tsunami of heaven and earth emerged in the void. The shaking of the sky made everyone in the place look greatly changed and felt the terrible threat of suffocation. However, the six-star devil Curtis roared and his body bloomed with immortal magic light, which was extremely terrible!

You know, the five-star demon king is not a roadside wild flower or weed, but a demon king who is second only to them. Even if you look at the whole inferno, there will be a few deaths, one of which is a great loss. He will be so angry and roaring!
"Dead! Really dead! This is the inferno’s five-star demon king, not the former Pecsius and Az, who are new to the middle level of the sanctuary, while the former is comparable to the middle level of the Terran sanctuary, and the latter five-star demon king was still killed by this little guy. Am I not dreaming? It’s amazing! " Hovering in the holy city wall Terran sanctuary strong shock dull way
You know, under normal circumstances, a five-star demon king is less powerful than a half-man’s strong strength in the middle of the sanctuary. However, this kind of super terror has been killed by a junior, and it is still a junior in the early stage of the sanctuary. Although it is both magical and martial, it is a bit terrible! It’s like being in a dream!
"Damn Terran, I will slaughter you!" Terrible Curtis finally got angry. He didn’t want to bear such a huge loss. His body released a strong immortal magic light, shaking the heavens and the earth, shaking the field of Leo and trying to avenge Albert and kill the Terran’s future hope!
"Damn it!"
In the field of fighting magic, Leo is bathed in the blood of the devil at the moment, watching the terrible magic gas press toward himself, and his eyes suddenly welled up with a strong trembling color.
This force is really terrible, not to mention that he is now in the overdraft stage, even in the heyday, it is difficult for him to compete. It turns out that this is the super terror of the Six Star Devil, and even he can’t give birth to any rebellious thoughts. It’s amazing!
In fact, although the Six Star Devil is powerful, he is not so powerful that he feels desperate to compete!
The truth is that even among the four great demon warriors, Curtis is undoubtedly the most powerful one, and the others are weaker than him. Leo’s despair is so profound because the other side is really too strong to be called the first demon king!
"Wait, Lord Curtis, I seem to know the face of the Terran … that’s him. The Duraze Stone is in his hand. He just escaped from me. The Terran got the seal artifact in the temple-Duraze Stone!" Suddenly, an exclamation came from behind the inferno of the terrible sanctuary. The sound turned out to be from an acquaintance of Leo who used to be a two-star demon king and now a four-star demon king-Kazan.
He once witnessed Leo coming out of the dark temple and personally fought Leo, so he could clearly see Leo’s face.
"What? That’s him? Have access to the seal artifact of the Great Devil’s adult-Duraze Stone is in his hand? Do it! Do it for me! Be sure to catch him. I want to get the artifact from him and save the big devil! "
Curtis suddenly went crazy and hit an extinct blow before withdrawing it. This is not because he suddenly became merciful, but because he wanted to capture Leo alive and get the seal artifact in Leo’s hand-Duraze Stone could unlock the seal of the Great Devil and save them. There must be no accident and must be captured alive.
"Damn it, everyone has to stop them. We must guarantee Leo safely or our Terran will be in a desperate situation. The Great Devil will resume breaking the seal and destroy the world!"
Siwei was the first to rush out of the holy city, and the body released the breath of the strong in the late period of the super-terrible sanctuary. In an instant, his feet were brown and the earth was crushed by ten feet, and his fighting power was frantically pressed toward Costi, trying to stop the other party from personally capturing Leo, otherwise everything would be completely desperate. Leo could not escape his pursuit!
"With you also want to stop me? Dreaming? " Curtis gave a deafening roar of the demon king, and his scaly arm smashed at Siwei, setting off a fire. The magic glow was so terrible that it suppressed Siwei in an instant. It was amazing
"Old guy, hold on. I’ll help you!"
However, at this time, a majestic sound came from the Holy City, and an extremely terrible force appeared, which belonged to the late period of the sanctuary. This level was extremely terrible. The divine power wanted to join forces with Siwei to stop Curtis, the demon king, but he was already a little slow.
"stupid and humble people, you are too weak. Get out of the way of the great Lord Curtis!"
Black Long Lin, ferocious spikes quickly emerged, and instantly Costi completed the recovery form of the terrible demon king’s war. This is his powerful body, covering the sky, and his arms around the rolling magic gas were caught and cracked!
Siwei was wearing that dark blue robe, and the fragments of the robe were shattered by the crazy quarrelling and were suspended around Siwei’s body.
Although he has tried his best to stop it, Curtis, the super-scary six-star demon king, is really too powerful. Just this blow made him fall madly and almost get seriously injured. It’s shocking. It’s simply a huge gap. It’s terrible!
"Siwei, are you okay!"
However, at this time, a terrible sanctuary with extremely fast speed finally appeared. It was an old man who was out of shape and aged, and his eyes were bulging with dried pippi-wrapped bones. It was like that kind of toad’s eyes were turbid, and he couldn’t attract the slightest attention when he was still holding an inconspicuous dark magic wand in his hand. However, it was such an old man who looked like he was dying, but his whole body released a horrible breath, which was earth-shattering and terrible!
This person is the Bauhinia Magic Association Weizi! In the later period of Sanctuary, the super-law god is strong!
"It’s okay, Weizi. We’ll stop him together. We must not let him free up!" Siwei wiped the corners of the mouth trace said
"Um … field!"
Weizi nodded with a dignified look, and suddenly opened a terrible magic field, pulling Siwei and Curtis into it and condensing them into a ball. The clouds hanging in the sky covered the sky, and the horse was terrible! Formed a single war, two strong men in the late period of the sanctuary faced the Six Star Devil!
And it’s not just their holy city, but also other strong people in the holy area. Looking around, there are even a dozen or so, and the number is not worse than that of the strong people in the inferno. How much is that the strong people in the middle of Terran’s holy area are less prominent than that of the inferno? There are actually two, that is, Lin Nasi and another strong person from the Adventurers’ Association. He is a strong god of war in the middle of the holy area!
"roar! These lowly terrans dare to rebel against their brothers. Give them some color and let them know quietly what is the greatest inferno. They are not qualified to provoke! " Suddenly in the distance, there are four or five smells of the earth demon king, and one of the five-star demon kings makes a deafening roar, which is extremely terrible!
At this moment-
Apart from those dense inferno armies on the ground, there are nearly ten strong men in the original sanctuary, among whom Costi is a six-star demon king and two other five-star demon kings. The number of six four-star demon kings has been exaggerated, but now they have even come to reinforce!
"Damn it, how can there be so many demons? Are they really rushing out?" A strong man in a sanctuary has a cold behind his round eyes!
"Here we go again, two five-star devil lords and three four-level devil lords …" Lin Nasi tightened his heart. "Now they have four five-star devil lords and nine four-star devil lords, and their strength has suppressed many of us. If a large group of people come together to kill the consequences …"
His heart is not a pimple.
"boomed! Boom! Rumble … "
"whoosh! Whoosh Whoosh … "
"Come on, the Terran with the seal artifact Duraze is over there. Lord Curtis just pronounced me dead. We must take him away from the seal artifact in his hand! Otherwise, I will see you first! " A ferocious-looking, double-headed The Hunger inferno’s unique language sounds fully gathered four magic dynasties, Leo Wai, to go to the magic gas.
Add him to the five demons. There are two five-star demons and then three four-star peak demons. This array is already terrible, which makes everyone in the place turn pale!
"Run Leo, you run quickly. If you want to run out of this besieged cage, it will be difficult for them to find you again. Come on! Let’s go … "Raphael had a loud roar in vain and let Leo escape from this cage in the holy city first.
After all, if he is still alive, there will still be hope for the Terran, and there is no way for the Great Devil to break the seal and get out of everything. Just drag it to the bottom of despair!
Imagine that Leo had such a terrible strength just in the early days of the sanctuary. If he entered the sanctuary in the middle and late days, it would definitely be the enemy of the whole day. Even if the most powerful demon king in the inferno broke the seal and walked out, it might be said that the Terran would really have the initiative and would not be so passive as it is now!
"Run …" Leo smell speech hesitated for half a ring, but he bit his teeth and turned to gallop into aurora and disappeared into the sky.
He knew that Rafael said it was really good. If he wanted to escape, there would still be hope for everything. If he tried to be brave and stayed here, it would probably be all over. So he had to go as far away as possible!
"Want to run? You all come into my body and I can catch up with him quickly! " A ferocious falcon demon king opened his mouth to release the field and enveloped the other four powerful companions. Then he saw it turn into a bright streamer, and the speed was super scary. It was as urgent as chasing it out!
Although this falcon demon king is a four-star demon king, his speed is even scarier than that of the six-star demon king, because it is his natural ability to fly in the blue sky in his body, which has almost reached the speed of this world. It is difficult for anyone to escape!
Bloodthirsty group warfare
Although Leo’s speed is very fast, he has pulled out a rapid and horrible speed in the sky, and he is crazy away from the battlefield, but behind him, the four-star Falcon Lord is faster than him, and he has almost reached the horror several times. The speed of light is heart-pounding!
"damn it! These guys are determined to kill me … "
Leo gnashed his teeth while thinking in his heart about how to deal with this crisis. Although the other side has five demons to chase him, the four-star demon king can look down on him, but there are two five-star demon kings who have some magic complications because he has gone through two top wars in a row and is not at his peak, so it is difficult to exert his real strength!
"Cyril, if you hurry up, don’t let him take out this world. If you let him escape into Azerbaijanis, it will be very troublesome!" The two-headed The Hunger roared in the field of Cyril, the falcon Lord, that the magic gas was terrifying.
"I know!"
Cyril, the falcon demon king, showed a cold smile, and in an instant, the speed soared by half. Suddenly, the distance between Leo and Leo began to approach rapidly, and when he saw the tandem of two lights in the sky, it was too fast. If this development continues, I am afraid that Leo will be chased at most half an hour, which made him show ferocious color.
"Do you really think I’m afraid of you?"
Leo’s eyes showed a cold luster and swept to the front. There was a marginal ancient jungle, which was estimated to be a marginal boundary of the holy city mainland. He hesitated a little and flew straight in and rushed towards a dark area of the Grand Canyon. I don’t know what he was planning!
From the depths of the ancient jungle, a giant earthworm unexpectedly emerged. Look at that battle, it has less level of sanctuary.
But as soon as he started to stir up, the angry and high-spirited department in the eyes was sluggish and then trembled. "Five or five lords of sanctuary! ?”
"Rumble …"
At that moment, he rushed into the ground at the fastest speed in his life without hesitation, and never dared to say anything about showing off again! Run fast! You know, he’s only just entered the sanctuary at most, but those demons have two five-star demons and three four-star demons. The gap between them is too big to crush him, but they seem to be chasing someone …
"I’m going to chase it! Stop it for me!"
And in this ancient jungle, when all Warcraft was shivering, the four-star falcon demon king finally chased Leo and grabbed it like a claw that could tear the claws of the gods and pierce the clouds and sky. It was terrible to catch Leo!

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