May be because of the existence of the prophecy, fin yuan to Xiao Lingyu is trust, after his conversation with Xiao Lingyu, really went to assemble the dorsal fin clan.

Xiao Lingyu heaved a sigh of relief, andao himself got away with it, but he didn’t have much confidence in the strategy he just said, but …
Chapter 793 Tongtian strong, Human-God 2
? Xiao Lingyu’s strategy of winning peace by war has achieved fairly brilliant results. Whether the dorsal fin clan plundered the cultivation resources, forced several small and weak races to swear allegiance, or allied with more than a dozen races, it laid a solid foundation for the peace and future rise of the dorsal fin clan. [Yun Kun] [Yun Kun] [Small] [Say] [Net] [ ]
There are dozens of races around, and one third of them are allied with the dorsal fin clan, while the other two thirds have their own ideas, so it is difficult for them to get together and dare not compete with the dorsal fin clan at all.
Xiao Lingyu knew a truth on the earth, only by showing his strong posture and strength can he win the respect and awe of others.
Peace is fought with fists and weapons, not by diplomacy or language.
Luckily, the dorsal fin clan was able to quickly assemble a huge army when it was hit hard, and launched a strong counterattack. If we give some time to the surrounding races, the situation will definitely not be like this.
Fin Yuan doesn’t have much gratitude to Xiao Lingyu in his heart. In his view, it is no wonder that it is Xiao Lingyu’s responsibility to let the dorsal fin family get through and become brilliant. Even if he is not polite to Xiao Lingyu, Xiao Lingyu will help the dorsal fin family.
In fact, Xiao Lingyu didn’t mean to help the dorsal fin clan, but he was stared at by the fin yuan every day and couldn’t leave alone.
Fin Yuan is convinced of the prophecy, and Xiao Lingyu is the key figure in the prophecy. Fin Yuan will never allow Xiao Lingyu to leave easily and change the result of the prophecy. Even when he is fighting against a strong enemy, he will lock Xiao Lingyu tightly with his gods. As long as Xiao Lingyu changes slightly, he can respond quickly.
Xiao Lingyu was actually put under house arrest by Fin Yuan!
If the fin element is just an ordinary holy spirit, Xiao Lingyu can try to move it away with a tubular hallows, but the fin element, after all, has a supernatural treasure, which makes Xiao Lingyu dare not take risks.
Anyway, there is no hurry to leave, and the prophecy of the dorsal fin prophet is used as an amulet. Xiao Lingyu is happy to have a holy spirit who holds a heavenly treasure to follow him. He doesn’t need to fight, but he only gives advice occasionally, and all his spare time is spent offering and refining his own hallows. It’s not a waste of time.
The overall situation around the dorsal fin clan has been stabilized, and they naturally have the time to recuperate. In addition, there are Tongtian Lingbao in the clan, and the revival should be a matter of time.
In fact, Xiao Lingyu has given the dorsal fin clan an opportunity to rise, and the prediction should also refer to this, which means that Xiao Lingyu’s mission has been completed.
With Xiao Lingyu’s current strength, it is impossible for the dorsal fin family to rise in a short period of time. If the dorsal fin family wants to revive, it will have to accumulate more strong gods and saints.
Fin yuan is impatient, always asking Xiao Lingyu, delusional dorsal fin family rise in a short time, but it is repeatedly disappointed.
Over time, the fin yuan naturally understood, and the prophet’s prediction may be that this Terran monk is no longer of much use to the dorsal fin family.
In that case, what’s the use of keeping this terran monk?
Fin yuan’s mind gradually became active, and Xiao Lingyu was not so polite as before.
Just fin yuan can’t be completely sure, the terran monk really didn’t work, not sure whether the prediction is so far, so he still patiently stared at Xiao Lingyu’s every move.
Ten thousand years later, I saw that the patience of Finyuan had run out, but a strong man suddenly fell from the sky and landed beside Xiao Lingyu and Finyuan.
To Xiao Lingyu’s surprise, the newcomer turned out to be a strong Terran, but Xiao Lingyu could not get a glimpse of his strength.
Newcomers are burly and seemingly Terran, but they are born with double horns, giving people a mysterious and weird feeling, but they make Xiao Lingyu feel familiar and seem to have met somewhere.
"It’s you!" Fin yuan is frightened to disgrace.
"Do you recognize me?" The newcomer asked with a smile.
"It is recorded in my family that it was you who made my family decline." Fin yuan answered.
"Your dorsal fin clan declined, not because of me, but because your king was not generous enough. I just wanted your Tongtian Lingbao, and he was unwilling to give it to me, forcing me to do it." Able to shrug off the newcomers tunnel.
"That tongtian Lingbao is the treasure of our family, how can we give it to each other? If we don’t give it to you, you will rob it. What’s the difference with that robber? " Fin yuan asked.
"Since ancient times, Tongtian Lingbao has been inhabited by virtuous people. If there is no ability to protect it, don’t blame others for competing." The newcomers are confident and authentic.
"Hum!" Fin yuan cold hum a way.
"I’m too lazy to tell you more. Since Tongtian Lingbao has been sealed, if you are smart, hand it over." The newcomers are polite and tunnel.
"Why?" Fin yuan said angrily.
"I am stronger than you, and much stronger!"
Newcomers’ words fell, and the body immediately surged out of an unusually strong breath, which turned out to be a direct seal to the surrounding large space.
Not to mention Xiao Lingyu, even a holy spirit like Fin Yuan is hard to move in this sealed space.
The other party just released one share of momentum, and it has already made a holy spirit lose the power of resistance. How powerful is this?
Fin yuan just woke up at this time. Newcomers can make the powerful dorsal fin family decline countless years ago. Now that time has passed for so long, the strength of the other party is definitely stronger than that of the previous year.
"You are no longer a holy spirit?" Fin yuan surprised and asked.
"Not many years." Newcomers nodded.
Just then, another monk wearing a dark gold armor and holding a dark gold pike suddenly arrived.
This monk who looks at Yingwu is also a Terran, which also makes Xiao Lingyu very familiar.
Just a little memory, Xiao Lingyu is remembered, he had protected Yan Tianzi once before he ascended to the celestial world, and at that time, the strong man in the celestial world who came after Yan Tianzi was wearing a dark armor and holding a dark pike.
However, at present, this person’s face is much worse than that of the middle-aged monk in the lower bound. The two are obviously not one person, but they are probably from the same family.
"Chiyou, I didn’t expect you to show off your magical powers in front of these young players." Brother shining golden mocked the tunnel.
"I can do whatever I want, and I don’t need you to mind your own business!"
Tall human-god replied coldly, but it was his own momentum convergence.
Xiao Lingyu’s heart was even more shocked and somewhat excited. No wonder he looked a little familiar at the tall monk. It turned out that he was a character in the myths and legends of the earth.
At the time of the fix true boundary, Xiao Lingyu heard that the strong in ancient times on earth were very powerful, and now I finally met one of them.
"Ha ha, as a strong person in the sky, we should be reasonable and force others to hand over their magic weapons, but it’s a bit of bullying. Everyone says that you Chiyou never do things that bully the weak. It’s really disappointing to see it today." Brother shining golden said with a smile.
"Which eye did you see me bully them? I’m just discussing with him. If he is willing to hand over Tongtian Lingbao, I will naturally not treat him badly. " Human-God said unconvinced.
"It’s a pity that people don’t want to, haha …" Brother shining golden laughed.
Chiyou blushed with anger and his neck was thick. He said to Finyuan, "To tell the truth, your heavenly treasure has been targeted by many powerful people. It is impossible for you to keep it. If you transfer it to me, I can promise you some conditions that are not excessive."
"Don’t listen to him, he is famous for being stingy. It is better to transfer it to him than to me." Friar shining golden interjected.
Fin Yuan and Xiao Lingyu can see that both Chiyou and this shining brother are far more powerful than the holy spirit, and they also come for that heavenly treasure.
These two strong men seem friendly at this time. If they really get angry, they won’t be polite any more.
Fin Yuan seemed very hesitant. He never thought about transferring Tongtian Lingbao to others. With Tongtian Lingbao, he was able to kill the enemies in the holy period and become strong with the dorsal fin family. But the situation is very obvious now, and he simply cannot keep Tongtian Lingbao.
If you don’t hand over the Tongtian Lingbao, not only the fin yuan, but even the whole dorsal fin family will suffer, and there is no need to think about any revival plan at all.
Fin yuan couldn’t help but think of the prophet’s prophecy again. He looked at Xiao Lingyu.
Originally staring at the fin yuan friar Chiyou and shining golden, naturally followed the fin yuan’s eyes to Xiao Lingyu.
At the same time, Brother Chiyou and the shining golden brother gave a strange low shout.
"I seem to have seen your image." The shining golden friar said with a frown, and then lost in thought.
"You have a few smells that make me feel a little familiar."
With a wave of his hand, Chiyou said, Xiao Lingyu’s three hallows were flying out of the body at the same time.
"Where did you get these three sacred objects?" Chiyou asked Xiao Lingyu.

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