"Shock wave, when did you learn this trick?" Aaron asked with a smile

"This also need to learn? You can draw the gourd according to the pattern. Although the propulsion efficiency is not very good for the first time, it is just a little more physical strength, but you can master the skills after once. "Super Dream said that although the enemy is a machine, it is also a copy of the strength of riding Latina against the" force "attack of riding Latina. It should be said that Aaron was quite surprised
"Are you me very relaxed? Yeah, the shock wave was still a little dangerous just now. "Super Dream seems to have guessed Aaron’s idea?
"No, no, no, I can’t see from your words and deeds that you are embarrassed." Aaron said that Dreaming is to close your eyes and laugh and then rush away thinking about the spaceship!
Sure enough, it is very difficult for the machine to turn its head from speed and accelerate. The dream easily reaches the square of the spacecraft and then there is a mind wave facing it! Although this ship can resist the attack of the riding Latina, the riding Latina attack is a fireball attack. Although it is very strong, it also disperses the power into the whole fireball. The riding Latina attack is an explosion injury, but in fact, sometimes it is even more terrible than the explosion. For example, dreaming is a direct blow through the ship!
"Hey, even if you reduce the stress area to a smaller size, isn’t it a bit ridiculous to directly hit the armor that can resist the attack of the Atletico?" However, even so, the attack was really terrible. When Aaron spoke here, the Jethro spacecraft had already landed on a piece of flying land because of the engine explosion and flameout.
"No matter how good the metal is, it can’t be directly smelted into the shape of a fighter plane." Super Dream said here, but Aaron is also a white one.
"That is to say, even if the perfect joint is always weaker than other places, you aimed at that place and hit it?" Although it has been confirmed, Aaron still said it. After all, riding Latina may not understand this explanation alone. It may be because of the pride of the beast and the dream …
"Not only that, this guy’s attack just now actually did damage to the aircraft, but it’s not obvious from a distance. I’m aiming at the joint and the damaged part to meet these two conditions at the same time, or there’s no need to get so close." Super Dream said, how should I put it? I spoke with relative confidence
But it seems that the Jethro aircraft has been unable to move for a long time, so Aaron asked Riditina to open the passage to throw Jethro out. It was not at all fun to carry this ship by super dream ability. As soon as Jethro was thrown into the passage, Aaron also withdrew his dream, so it was easy for him to solve Jethro, who had the power of Riditina. This was what Aaron himself did not expect.
"I’m afraid riding a Latina doesn’t lose you much at this point. It’s terrible that you still have the ability to exert your combat power to the extreme. It’s a bit redundant to think that I am a trainer." Aaron said that the dream has returned to the master’s ball, but because he couldn’t come out to reply to Aaron’s side in the reverse world, he immediately passed through the passage and went outside. It should be said that it was a shocking picture. Two Regigigas are cooperating with a large group of ivory pigs to resist the prospect of glaciers, and the Jerome spacecraft has been frozen, so he can’t escape if he wants to escape.
"There are two Regigigas at the same time. Is one wild?" Aaron asked immediately after he came out. Xiaoyong nodded his head on his side.
"But you don’t want to help us solve the problem, do you?" Xiaoyong asked Aaron with a sly smile and shook his head.
"It’s enough for me to have this guy." Aaron took out Lugia’s master ball and said that Xiaoyong’s hand holding Ba seemed very unexpected? Show approval
"Before you grow up, Aaron, you will not hesitate to challenge and recover whatever way you can."
"What do you want this tone! Are you my elder? You and I are equal, even if you are a few years older than me and where did you know, I will definitely do it before? After all, I have only been a Poké mon trainer for more than 4 years. This’ before’ is too short, and the last sentence is that you deliberately added it, deliberately trying to make me vomit! " A Longli said that talking to Xiaoyong is more tiring than FuJieLuo …
"I didn’t expect to know that I was trying so hard to vomit. I’m really worthy of being Aaron." Xiaoyong continued to show his surprised expression, but this expression was obvious to face a fool. When that fool really did something extremely stupid and sighed, he sometimes saw Xiaoyong like this. Aaron didn’t even say "I’m not happy at all" but sighed instead.
"But I always feel that we are talking and laughing a little early, and the glacier movement has not been stopped." Xiaoyong said at this time, and Aaron shouted "You are not qualified to say this" in his heart, but Aaron knew very well that Xiaoyong was also leading himself to vomit, so he continued to resist talking.
And then the glacier suddenly stopped moving?
"Oh, stop. Then let’s go on, Aaron."
"To tell you the truth, I really want to beat you up …" This is the so-called forbearance. To tell you the truth, it feels like Aaron may be the first time to forbear in this respect …
And Latina rode here? Then I looked around, called a few times, and then I seemed to notice something and flew away.
"Dialga is nearby." The uncle looked at the instrument sticking out of his backpack and said Aaron was surprised.
"Wait, uncle, is that an instrument that can detect the position of Di Ya Lucapa Road?" Aaron immediately asked
"hmm? Yes, Diya Lucapa Road, a strange horse riding Latin Dina, will cause some time fluctuations in its own passing area, but the time fluctuations caused by the three are different. This is a device that can detect and distinguish fluctuations. "Uncle seems to be overwhelmed by Aaron’s momentum and can make a statement.
"Okay, I know." Aaron called Xiaoyong Xiaoyong back to a sentence and immediately started talking.
"What’s the matter?" Uncle seems strange.
"If it is an instrument that can detect time fluctuations, please lend it to us. Xiaoyong is now applying for formal entrustment to the Olympic Union." Aaron said seriously that the uncle seemed very surprised
"But I made this thing for Diego Lucapalu, and the design is not extensive."
"I know that’s what we need, and I can’t tell you the details, but we will never hurt these three Poké mon, and I can assure you that," said Aaron, and the uncle still doesn’t seem to understand the situation at once.
Finally, everyone calmed down, and then Aaron and Xiaoyong slowly talked to the uncle about their identity and what they were doing with Miss Herona. This was not said, after all, it was confidential. After listening to Aaron’s words and after the uncle received the official entrustment from the Olympic League, the uncle also agreed
Considering that when the time comes, Aaron reckons that he won’t have a chance to bring this instrument, the instrument he has learned will leave the matter to Xiaoyong, and the most important point is that Aaron is not suitable to be a teacher. To be exact, he often finds it easy to understand, and others don’t understand it after telling it to others. This is the problem. Although these three roles are also very intelligent in the face of Xiaoyong Xiaoyi Xilona, there should be no such problem, but it is convenient and safe. Let’s just do the other one. Bian Xiaozhi and others are going to say goodbye to Shaymin, and Shaymin’s companions are all here. Aaron first admitted that he didn’t get acquainted with Shaymin here, and secondly, he was not suitable for any kind of sad scene, which means watching quietly in the back and not seeing intervention.
"It suddenly occurred to me that I still have something to answer, that is, before I left, you said that, I learned a lot of wisdom from you, and one more person will do more. Your mind will not hold me back, which is of great help to me, and most importantly, I need someone to be my pillar. This is actually the biggest difference between making Poké mon feel that he has a master and no master, and I can feel at ease when you are in the back. I want something to be a metaphor, just like a general in the front line of the battlefield, no matter how strategic he is. The brain still needs a counselor to strategize in the back, which is almost the case. "Super Dream suddenly came out and told the truth. Even if the other person is his own Poké mon Aaron, he still feels very shy.
"Even if the other person is Poké mon, will you be shy? I am gradually able to feel Bai Xiaoyi and Xiaoyong. "
"No, you don’t need to know that at all."
"By the way, there is one more thing. In fact, the secret that the four rockets have been in possession of Regigigas in Yulong Yong has been exposed, and maybe they will also start work on this Regigigas here. Should Junsha protect Regigigas?" In the end, Super Dream told a piece of information that made Aaron feel headache, although I guessed it before …
And then in the secret base of the Rockets, the words of the underworld rang.
"Hey, how was the dream? Did you get anything?"
"It is Yu Longyong who owns Regigigas, and I found a wild Regigigas here, and I captured a Shaymin" …
17. hand it over to no? Determined to fight by the lake?
"Aye, Regigigas, indeed as expected, the Royal Long Yong also has a trump card. But judging from the confrontation between Damumao and Wolf Pill and Miss Ai at that time, I’m afraid that person also has any hidden killer. Then, we will focus on investigating that person. Wild Regigigas is very attractive, but Regigigas can be said to be the most difficult technology to capture Poké mon. We can transport technology to limit the speed of Poké mon, and the most troublesome thing is the attack power. Can resist the beast attack device, but it is difficult to do it. Instead, we chose to let the beast attack. If it is a struggle, we need to make the device strength able to resist the Poké mon power struggle. But Regigigas has the power, even among the beasts, I am afraid it is the strongest! This Poké mon struggle to be honest, as far as our scientific and technological strength is concerned, we may not be able to finish it. It is better to have a dream to deal with Lugia and Deoxys. Send a person to follow Regigigas to see its habitat there. Regigigas is very slow, and even if you walk, you should not lose it. Finally, you said that you caught a Shaymin, although it is not a powerful Poké mon, but it is still rare, and there are still many puzzles in its flash bomb. I believe that those researchers will be very happy when you catch Shaymin. "The deep world seems to be very satisfied with the success of this dream operation.
"But at this point, I don’t want to send Shaymin out. I hope it can be my Poké mon"? The deep and remote world is one leng, but the horse is smiling
"How is Shaymin cute appearance? Or do you feel that your heart has been purified? "
"I’ll send Shaymin when I’m white," the dream said in the words after a short pause.
"No, Shaymin, you can keep it. You still want a god beast more than Shaymin’s gang." You said that you will hang up here and don’t give your dream a chance to continue talking.
Going back to Aaron’s side, Aaron is also very troubled by the fact that the dream is still there. After all, what she observed nearby means Xiaoyong has something to do with Regigigas and a wild thing about Regigigas has been known by the Rockets. Beasts generally choose to avoid the crowd life, even if Aaron asks Officer Jenny to protect Regigigas and Regigigas, they will certainly escape in this respect, but Xiaoyong’s situation here is more troublesome. Xiaoyong has something to do with Regigigas and the Rockets do not. I don’t know that Suo Along is also planning to put Regigigas’s trump card here, but as a result, the trump card has disappeared. I always feel that it will be very troublesome to come to the top of Tianguan Mountain.
Things have also been solved, and Jerome has been handed over to Officer Jenny and the uncle. Xiao Zhi is continuing their trip, and Aaron and Xiaoyong are going back. Although a special player has also come out, the Rockets should not start work so soon, but it is better to nip in the bud and get back as soon as possible.
On the way, I met Xiao Yi. After learning that things had been disposed of, Xiao Yi also seemed a little lost. Xiaoyong also played all the way and got the instruments from that uncle.
"Oh, finally riding Latina and Dialga are all back to themselves." Xiaoyong sighed so much when he was about to return to Shenhe Town. This thing can explore the situation with a radius of several kilometers, but it seems to be coincidental that Dialga and riding Latina are moving in the same direction as their own side, and they have always been in the detection range.
"It’s not so good. Dialga will return to himself so that the Rockets can start at any time," Aaron said.
"Long-term pain is better than short-term pain. It seems that this sentence is not the same. The Rockets will start work sooner or later. Now we can’t find their base. So simply come and solve it quickly, which can also save a lot of money." Xiaoyong said so. It is indeed very expensive to ask the police to station the class. Although it is not Aaron’s own money, it is actually called to some extent … but it is also a little more to save for the league.
I just got back to the Poké mon Center in Shenhe Town, but it seems that there is already Officer Jenny waiting there, and I immediately took three people to the police station. Three people also didn’t understand what happened in the fog. When they arrived at the police station, they found that it had become a mess.
"What’s the matter, Miss Girona?" Three people arrived next to Miss Herona, and Mr. Wusong and Mr. Daye, the four heavenly kings, had already arrived first.
"You three are finally here. The trouble rockets have already started to capture Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie." Miss Shilona said that it seems to be very troublesome.
"Isn’t Mr. Aaron, Mr. Brandon and Gary Oak here?" Xiaoyong is very strange.
"But they didn’t start work in Shenshi Lake and Yingzhi Lake at all, but all their troops gathered at Lizhi Lake!" Miss Girona seems to feel very unwilling that she has not played this role after her deployment.
"But in this case, the Rockets will capture Azelf at most. What about the other two?" Xiaoyi asked.
"This can be said that we don’t know the Rockets about the three Poké mon" Wu Song, who has a spontaneous head with glasses, said, "Since they chose to do this, they must have their own way to succeed, but now we are in a hurry here, and it’s almost time for you to sort out something first and just come back to replenish it. We will leave soon." Wu Song continued that the three people also immediately understood the urgency of the matter. Sure enough, Miss Sirona and Mr. Wusong are all white rockets. They always do things slowly, and they will do things quickly. Maybe there are already rockets preparing in the mountains now. Maybe there are still a lot of tourists this season, so they can’t investigate them one by one. They can go to their own side and make preparations early.

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