The wind city can’t help but cheer loudly at the moment. In his view, Chen’s cold is intentional. After all, among the men of both sides, his men are obviously the strongest, and the chances of winning far exceed those of the other three. This is clearly that he is embarrassed to betray the four childe wind Yan face to face, so he chooses to follow himself in this way.
Feng Kui, the eldest son, frowned, but soon came to his senses and cried, "Then I can do it, too, don’t I have to do it?"
"Of course, but if all the people sent by the three childe lose, I can only follow the four childe."
"That’s natural."
Feng Xi responded with a smile on the surface, thinking: "The guy is quite considerate of others, so it means not to embarrass the fourth brother. The more people who care about feelings, the easier it is to control. Do you still want to escape from this childe’s palm?" If I give you some benefits, I can’t wait to go to war for my son, fool! "
Of course, these are just the thoughts in his heart. Hehe smiled gently: "What if the Chen Han brothers are defeated by two or even three or four parties?" Being a brother never means to look down on a brother. After all, there should always be a rule than fighting, and it is better to make everything clear first. "
"If I lose to several parties, then I will continue to send people to fight, and each party will send one person at a time to see which party wins me the most. How about it?"
"Brother Chen Han is really thoughtful, and I admire him!"
"You childe, it is inevitable that there will be some damage in the fight. I am afraid …"
"Don’t worry, boy!"
Feng Kui laughed unconcerned and said aloud, "I promise I won’t hurt your life, otherwise what’s the use of getting a dead person?" As for you hurting us, haha … As long as you have that ability, no one will say no even if you kill us. Is that all right? "
In their view, it is not clear how Chen Han’s talent is, but after all, he only has the late state of fit, how can he kill the Du Jie master who also has an increase?
In fact, Bidou only comes from two sides, namely, the eldest son Feng Kui and the second son Feng Xi, and the third son Feng Wei has always been the boss’s follower. This time, in order to help the boss, he directly gave his pro-guard to Feng Kui in a way that was almost cheating.
As a result, Feng Kui obviously has fewer bad pro-health experts than Feng Xi, and the number has been enhanced a lot, but there is still a gap in terms of experts.
There are three Du Jie masters under Feng Xi, who originally had the opportunity to enter the top ten Xuan doors, and became the master of the disciples outside the door. Because of Feng Xi’s strong imperial way, they were determined to follow him to the death. On the other hand, there is only one master in the early days of Du Jie, but he is also a master in the early days of Du Jie, and he has nearly two grades of growth, so he is only one less than Feng Xi.
However, due to the fact that Feng Wei’s pro-guard was also allocated to him, in terms of the late master of integration, the number of his men was a few more than Feng Xi’s.
"Big brother, please first." Feng Xi’s manners are comprehensive and gentle.
"Second child, am I a fool when you are my brother?"
Feng Kui snorted with a sneer and said, "Let me hurt him first, so that I can pick up ready-made bargains for you? Dream on, you go first in the first game! "
Nodding his head gently without any signs of being angry, Feng Xi said to a master in the early days of Du Jie, "Brother Bai Ling, please do this first game. Even if you lose, it doesn’t matter. Don’t hurt Brother Chen Han. Just call it a day."
Darling …
It’s another word of concern for the sake of Chen Han. In order not to hurt him, he is even willing to lose this game. Feng Yan drops to the front of a long table and has no strength at all.
He has learned the second brother’s methods for a long time. Unless he is a top player, he can’t stop this kind of sugar-coated artillery attack and directly disintegrate the most fragile emotional line in a person’s heart.
Bering spent a long time with Second Childe, and in many ways he continued his character.
When everyone was in the courtyard of the refined house, which was specially used for fighting, he smiled at Chen Han and said, "Chen Han’s little brother, you have seen the generosity of the second childe. It is my blessing to follow the second childe, and I hope to work with my little brother in the future. You’ll just have a little discussion later. If you make a concession, please stop at once and don’t hurt your peace. "
Chen Han smiled lightly and nodded. Hehe smiled and said, "My predecessor is a master in Du Jie, and I only have the late stage of integration. I’m afraid I have to go all out."
"Little brother, don’t worry about Baimou, and please don’t be commensurate with your predecessors. Isn’t that too obvious?"
Just after a word jumped out through his teeth, the smell of cold suddenly changed, and the top-quality spirit-level floating combat knives that had been kept before appeared out of thin air.
All people can’t help but be furious. Previously, they only saw Chen’s state of cold, and didn’t feel the fluctuation of true yuan. They thought he practiced some kind of practice of hiding energy breath. However, when this unusual magic weapon appeared, they realized that the young people in front of them, I’m afraid, had cultivated some strange achievement method, which was by no means so easy to deal with.
You know, such people are very familiar with the conventional method of fixing truth, and it is extremely common for the true qi to attack the royal sword to fly.
On the other hand, the strange achievement method he practiced was unheard of by others. The so-called know yourself and know yourself and win every battle. Without knowing the truth, he lost a line before he started.
However, this also makes Feng Kui and Feng Xi happy in their hearts, and there are many people in the fix true world who have created some strange achievement methods. It may not be very powerful, but this brand-new achievement method can hide people’s eyes and ears, play the role of letting the other party be deceived in ignorance, and even produce the effect of defeating the strong with the weak.
The most important thing is that Chen Han’s hand turned out to be the best spiritual weapon. With his later cultivation, it is theoretically impossible to get the best spiritual materials, so maybe his master cultivation is extremely weak.
Be sure to win him over!
The two brothers’ eyes sparkled with different kinds of clothes, showing cold eyes between each other, and even had a trace of unspeakable dangers to each other.

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