"Master said before, since even death is not afraid of what? The royal family of Dade was completely slaughtered. Those are the closest people. As long as they can avenge them, they will die! " On her young face, there is a rare look of firmness.

"When I enter this door, I will naturally spare no effort to spread the supreme road to you, but you must also make a blood oath and obey me 100%."
"Dare to ask the master’s name?"
"Chen Han."
"Heaven can be a mirror. I’m sorry that I’m worshipping my teacher Chen’s cold door today. I’ll be obedient to my teacher’s orders in the future. If I disobey heaven and earth, I can’t tolerate it!"
Chen Han walked over and helped her up personally and said, "Remember! This door is called Jing Hui Yun, and there are more hidden things to talk about later. Since you are already a disciple of the teacher, I will give you a deadline to be promoted to Du Jie within 30 years. Can you do it? "
More than a dozen people have been trembling beside without opening their mouths, and the old man headed by them almost didn’t bite off his tongue.
Upgrade to Du Jie in 30 years?
Are you kidding me?
Even a genius among geniuses can’t be promoted to Du Jie for more than a thousand years, which is simply a joke that is not funny at all.
Even the little princess Xin Ying, who is still wet behind the ears, is blindsided and unable to speak. She just gave herself an impossible task when she was a beginner. Is he kidding herself?
Take out a blank jade slip, quickly engrave three sets of secret methods in it, and after stuffing the jade slip, Chen Han said faintly, "Later, I will promote you to the fit period first. Here are two sets of methods and one array method. As a major, the sorcerer’s mind method opens the sky. With your universal Huan Tian body, you can improve your speed by using array method to cultivate truth. If you can’t reach the Du Jie period in 30 years, you don’t have to call me master anymore. "
Witch’s mind method and the mind method of cultivating truth are two completely different systems. Witch’s power is stored in the witch point between the eyebrows, while the truth is stored in the abdomen. Therefore, the two mind methods can be cultivated at the same time, just like Chen Han herself is also a combination of two different cultivation systems.
Huan Tian in the whole world has a very ordinary personal combat power in the aspect of fixing the truth. Although the powerful witchcraft method has requirements for blood, its own cultivation is more important than blood. As long as its qualifications are not bad and it is cultivated with great concentration, it will surely have extremely strong self-defense.
As for the method of cultivating truth, it exists as an auxiliary as Chen Han, because only by cultivating truth can Huan Tian exert its amazing power.
Open the sky!
This is Xingtian’s best sorcerer’s decision. Usually, ordinary mortals have ordinary qualifications. It takes at most 50 years to cultivate to the eighth-class sorcerer equivalent to Du Jie’s period from the initial stage.
At the beginning, when Xingtian Xuan Zhi and Chen Han first met, he was only 24 years old, and he was not weaker than Du Jie’s later state. According to the practice calculation from the age of five, it only took him 19 years to be promoted to the late Du Jie, so it is not difficult for Xin Ying to be promoted to Du Jie within 30 years.
However, Chen Han values her body as the Huan Tian of the whole world, which is the foundation that can greatly increase the strength of Jing Yun Club, so fellow practitioners must take another method.
If it were for other people, the two systems of meditation practitioners would certainly enhance the combat effectiveness, but it would make the already extreme training speed even longer. However, Xin Ying doesn’t have to worry about this problem. The strength of the Wu nationality’s heart tactic is that the speed of cultivation is far faster than that of fixing truth, even if Chen Han is proud of the speed of ascension. On the other hand, as long as there is enough array base to burn the array map continuously, the cultivation speed of Xin Ying, who has the body of Huan Tian all over the world, is also extremely amazing.
Even though the two mental methods will slow down the practice speed, her practice speed is still extremely amazing, and the two mental methods complement each other to make up for her personal lack of combat power.
Chapter 422 The miracle was born
"Master, I can do it!"
I didn’t have any confidence at first, and even thought that Master was teasing me, and suddenly my eyes flashed with confidence.
If she can’t improve quickly with such a method, she might as well die. What qualifications are there to be a disciple of this mysterious master?
At the same time, the image of Chen Han in her mind has become more mysterious and powerful, like a bottomless abyss.
Chen Han waved his hand lightly and said, "Although this sorcerer’s mental method has improved rapidly, the fly in the ointment is that Shou Yuan has been greatly restricted, but fellow practitioners of witchcraft and Taoism have solved this problem, so we must practice both mental methods and never neglect either."
"I understand, thank you for your teaching."
"Well, I’ll help you improve your cultivation for the teacher first."
With a wave of his hand, the big sleeve rolled up more than 10 people, and a huge amount of fairy power burst out from the fairy baby, just a breathing room, which has reached a remote place hundreds of miles away.
With the usual five robberies and scattered immortals, the distance will definitely be greatly affected when the immortal strength is fixed at the same level as Chen’s cold, with nearly 20 people performing teleportation. Chen Han doesn’t have any worries, and his meridians are enough to convey the immortal power far beyond the five robberies of the same order at the same time.
Arrange a seclusion array at will. In this strongest universe with only the middle Mahayana, it is absolutely impossible to have a fix true person who can break his ban.
Quickly ascend to the fit period?
There are many natural resources and treasures on this planet, and there are even treasures of the first grade. It is not impossible to improve quickly.
For example, when Chen Han used only a few pills, he could raise a mortal to the late stage of Yuan Ying.
Zhu Ji Dan’s tendon washing and pulp cutting make people have the physique of cultivating truth. Ning Yuan Dan is directly promoted to the early stage of the elixir, while Wu Ling Ju Shen Dan breaks the elixir into a baby, and the last one can go straight from the early stage to the later stage of the elixir. However, these are all spiritual elixirs. At the beginning, Chen Han could only force one person to be promoted to the later stage of Yuan Ying, which was actually not as good as this planet.
Because, this planet has the first-class fairy medicinal materials, which is enough to make people ascend to the OBE period.
However, there are still two great realms from the OBE period to the fit period. Not only Xin Ying himself, but also more than a dozen generals loyal to the old emperor do not believe how to make a person directly advance to the fit period.
Chen Han gave Ji Yuanqing almost all the resources to fix the truth, and asked him to bring Kouxun to develop the Jingyun Club, but it doesn’t mean that he didn’t leave anything.
At least these Dan medicines and medicinal materials used to improve the realm are useless to the development of JingYun Club. All the disciples who join JingYun Club have a minimum of Du Jie training, but what do you need to do with these things that have been promoted to the medium realm at the highest level?
"First take Wuling Jushen Dan to break Dan into a baby, and then take Poxu Dan to upgrade the cultivation to the later stage of Yuanying."
Handed two pills to Xin Ying and handed her a jade bottle: "Then, by combining the essence of this spiritual vein, you can speed up your practice tenfold before the Mahayana period. Call me when it’s all done, and take the opportunity to practice for the teacher for a while. You guys … well, swear allegiance to Xin Ying, that’s all. "
Xin Ying respectfully accepted the elixir and the jade bottle. This planet is still in the initial development state, and the refining device, alchemy and array method are still very poor.
Many Dan medicines simply don’t know how to refine them, and when they are collected, that is to say, to find out their efficacy, most of them are taken directly. Have you ever seen such a magical Dan medicine?
That more than a dozen people heard Chen Han say this, and they were already shocked by his magical power. Besides, they could hear it from his voice. He simply despises the power of this world, and there are more powerful practitioners in the wider world outside. What’s more, they were originally loyal to the old emperor. Now there is only one member of the royal family of the old emperor’s lineal line, Xin Ying. There is nothing to say about loyalty to her.
They are even looking forward to, after pulling into the relationship with Chen Han, they can also benefit from him like Xin Ying.

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