For a time, the real fire monkey was quiet in his thoughts, and the words of his ancestors kept coming out from the depths of his mind: "Little monkey, I am not biased by my ancestors. You are born with fire, and even the most powerful three flavors of real fire on earth can’t help you. Just like your ancestors, you were born with stones and jumped out. Since your birthday, it is the indestructible body of King Kong."

"With your qualifications and innate conditions, you can definitely reach the realm of your ancestors and me. Of course, this is inseparable from your own diligence and the acquired opportunity. I can’t tell you clearly about this opportunity. I can only tell you that as long as that day, this human monk stops practicing his duty and sticks his minions out of the mainland of Jiuzhou, he will naturally meet your opportunity. Remember, no matter whether he is a demon or a ghost, he must seize it."
All of a sudden, within a few miles of Fiona Fang, centered on Jinyang’s body, a golden orange flame was burning fiercely. Wherever the flame went, those fogs were burned up instantly. Although there were still many fogs, they flowed out from unknown places, but they couldn’t keep up with the speed of flame spread. Soon, Jinyang’s whole body ignited a huge fireball with a diameter of three miles, and the raging fire continued to spread outward.
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The fire monkey Zhen Jun was suddenly awakened by the scene before him. He knew that the opportunity mentioned by his ancestors was just around the corner, and he had to seize it. If he missed this opportunity, he might never meet it again.
Since the day when Shushan pushed his paws into America, he was excited and surprised that his ancestors were well-connected and could predict things three hundred years later, so when The Hunger began to lobby the leaders of the major forces of the Left Road, he agreed happily. To let originally still need some breath to The Hunger door palm to teach a doubt.
This Huaguo Mountain is a different kind of monster in the world, but none of the monkeys and monsters in the whole mountain practice witchcraft, either quietly practicing Buddhism or realizing Buddhism, but they have never had anything to do with doors or Buddhism. Self-contained, because of its great power. Heaven has a strong background, so even Kunlun has to make three points.
According to Xuanyinzi’s prediction, it will take some time to convince Huaguoshan to send troops, and it is only 50-50, but when Xuanyinzi personally goes to Huaguoshan, after some explanation. The current owner of Huaguoshan, without the slightest consideration, readily agreed.
Now, Xuan Yinzi was confused. The owner of Huaguoshan seemed to be more excited than the initiator, and he couldn’t wait. He immediately ordered 3,000 monkeys and grandchildren, all of whom had cultivated Yuanying or sarira. Put on the armor, pick up the war gun, and look at Xuan Yinzi’s eyes. There are a group of monsters here and there, which is simply a well-trained demon army.
Bang. . 。 ’
Bang. . 。 ’
There was a loud noise, and the fireball instantly swallowed up a dust and a fire monkey. Although others are a little strange about their strange behavior, they don’t fall back at all, and they don’t want to have a close contact with this strange flame. As everyone has seen, this flame should never come from the world.
Roars are endless, and the true fire of the burning sun does not stop, and it keeps spreading around. Wherever there is fog, it will be burned up by the burning sun in an instant.
I don’t know how long it took, dozens of muffled grunts. The roar of Jinyang slowly stopped. All the true fire of the sun, but also a slow convergence to Jinyang’s forehead in the past. The speed of recycling is indeed much faster than that of spreading, and it disappears in a blink of an eye.
Eight people who have been retreating, this just stopped with a cold sweat on their faces, and their eyes were full of fear and surprise. Once again, they were deeply stimulated by Jinyang’s bottomless strength. Surprised, they didn’t know what to say, but they could only look at a relaxed Jinyang in a daze.
All of a sudden, they discovered that while the flame was being retracted, the fog around it didn’t come out again, but disappeared forever like it was completely extinct.
A dust particle near Jinyang has also received work, and he is also practicing Vulcan True Solution. Every cell in the body is also a true fire of inflammation and yang, which is homologous and forcibly absorbed. Although others don’t understand it, anyone can see from his slightly smiling face that nature is beneficial.
But the fire monkey is still wrapped in Cindy Yang fire. Jinyang doesn’t talk, just looks at him with a smile, a smile that benefits him.
Before long, suddenly a violent explosion sounded, and in the eyes of all people, the armor worn by the fire monkey Zhenjun exploded violently, and then all of it turned into molten iron under the melting of the burning sun, and then it was posted to him again.
Even the iron bar with the mysterious heart gave off a little black gas, and then it shone off. It was no longer as ordinary as it was at first. It was obviously the only magazine left in the iron bar, and it was finally completely melted by the burning sun.
"Boo ~ ~ ~ Boo ~ ~ ~" In a strange howl, Cindy Yang fire began to recover quickly, and then shot back to the forehead of the fire monkey Zhenjun in a blink of an eye.
All of a sudden, The Hunger old ghost and others suddenly felt a flustered, an unusually strong breath, broke out from the fire monkey true gentleman, violently second, mixed with endless murderous look.
However, it caught their eyes, but it was a golden monkey. Every monkey hair in the whole body turned golden, and the armor was completely refined and melted into every monkey hair, holding a stick wrapped in the same golden light.
"Ha ha, ancestor, I finally arrived, finally arrived. . 。 ” The true gentleman of the fire monkey actually wandered around like a child, howling wildly in his mouth, venting his soaring joy.
Suddenly, I don’t know how he turned to Jinyang’s side, and his eyes shone with two golden lights. He grabbed Jinyang’s arm excitedly and laughed. "Good boy, I knew you weren’t from The Hunger Gate. . 。 ”
Because he just blocked the line of sight of others, Jinyang was afraid that he would make eyes at him. The latter immediately understood and changed his mouth and said, "I won’t say much nonsense. I am a fire monkey, just like my ancestors, and I will never submit to anyone. But I promise you, as long as you can use my fire monkey’s place, you will send someone to my Huaguo Mountain to let me know. I will do my best.
Jinyang was naturally overjoyed, but he didn’t show it. He said, "Let’s break this large array in front of us first. If I didn’t guess wrong, we have been trapped in the real’ two-instrument dust large array’. Just that fog is one of the means of attack of the large array, the fog dreamland. The person who presided over the large array has been injured by me, but other means of attack will probably come. Everyone should be well defended, so be sure.
The fire monkey shouted loudly, and no longer took out his clothes to wear, so he was naked, grabbed the mysterious iron rod, and threw it at the sky, a golden rainbow more than a thousand meters long, and rushed out at once, shouting, "Come out, shushan bastards!" . 。 ”

Chapter 273 Broken array
Chapter 273 Broken array
Hearing the roar of the fire monkey, a sneer flashed in the surrounding air, and then it returned to silence.
Seeing such a reaction, the fire monkey was furious. His monkey body, which was two meters high, jumped into the air with a sullen face, showing infinite ShaQi. The golden stick shadow flashed on his hand, and the wind roared down all over the sky. He roared, "Two instruments are a big array of dust, hum, break it for me, ah. . . Ah. . 。 ”
With the roar of the monkey, the mysterious iron bar in his hand, which has been sacrificed again by the burning sun, began to lengthen for no reason, and its diameter was also increasing. Just like the ancestor of Huaguoshan, Monkey King, he just poked a hole in the sky with an iron bar, which caused the three realms to fluctuate.
In fact, the monkey looks angry on the surface, but his heart is bright. After all, he is the leader of the world’s most powerful monster group, and it is absolutely impossible to find a Beowulf to bear it.
What we have to deal with now is, after all, a large array of two instruments of dust. Although his mouth is very dismissive, he doesn’t think so in his heart, because in this world, if anyone knows about this large array of two instruments of dust, the fire monkey can definitely count as one.

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