Mackey secretly said beside Tang Wenlong.

"What, where do you get confidence?" Tang Wenlong’s face turned black. Listening to McKee seems to be saying the declaration of battle. It’s a bit strange to listen carefully.
"I am a genius!" Mackey eyebrows a pick pointed to himself and said
On the other side, Griffin’s horse snorted with disdain.
Chapter one hundred and fifty Dunk Contest ()
In the NBA, there are the world’s best basketball players who can run and jump, and there are many people who can fly flat and dunk.
However, since Carter’s dunk contest in 2006, the quality of the NBA dunk contest has been worse than that of the previous one. This guy like Pat Robinson won three dunk contests. If Howard hadn’t come out and Superman had won one championship, he might have won four.
The audience will have aesthetic fatigue. This year, the NBA is determined to refuse to let Pat Robinson play again.
However, it is still the point that really bothers many dunks in NBA. It needs to be creative, difficult and ornamental. NBA officials vote on the internet to let fans vote for the way they like to see dunks. As a result, windmills still rank first, followed by turning around 360 degrees and changing hands with their hips, and tomahawk dunks still rank behind.
Tang Wenlong has his own opinion on dunk. He thinks that dunk needs not only creative keys but also the form of dunk, which is domineering and elegant …
This year, the five judges invited here are famous historical bucklers.
From left to right, there are Glider Clyde drexler Laker James Worthy, White Flying Man Brent Barry, Dominic Wilkins, Doctor J and julius Owen.
Tang Wenlong and other four players returned to the side, and then the workers were busy setting up the venue and setting up cameras … The audience at the scene were not idle, and they cheered with the host’s mobilization.
The first appearance is demar derozan.
Speaking of last year’s dunk contest, demar derozan also participated in it, and he was also the first to play. He was born again and again. This time he played well.
He found his teammate and made two hands to lift the atmosphere outside the left baseline.
Immediately after that, demar derozan ran away.
He chose a basketball to smash the backboard and then the bracket bounced back to catch the ball. After that, it was very difficult and imaginative to dunk with a sideways hand and hip.
But maybe it’s nervousness or teammates’ cooperation. demar derozan tried twice, but both of them missed by a mile.
It can be seen that he made serious preparations, but by the time of the third cooperation, he still failed to succeed, and nothing was deducted. By this time, 30 seconds had passed. demar derozan stepped aside and had a serious exchange with his teammates. The audience cheered with goodwill
Sprint again and buckle again!
Demar derozan smiled. At that moment, an audience raised a 1-point card and cheered. It was obvious that the audience were satisfied with his contribution to this dunk.
But the judges were very strict and finally gave 44 points.
Tang Wenlong was the second appearance, and Howard became a live commentator. He was wearing headphones and joking with two hosts.
"I am very optimistic about him. He has an incredible performance in the regular season. He doesn’t look like a rookie at all. It is very easy for him to score." As early as before Tang Wenlong participated in the dunk contest, julius Owen expressed his appreciation for Tang Wenlong. Of course, he also said that Tang Wenlong’s performance would be seen at the highest standard in the dunk contest because he was a material.
China fans have been ecstatic. When Tang Wenlong appeared in this stadium wearing red armguards, they felt that it was like their dream.
"What would you do?" In the early summer, Fang clasped his hands on his chest and prayed that Tang Wenlong would succeed once.
Tang Wenlong easily grasped the ball with one hand in his hand, at a 45-degree position on the top of the arc.
Staplesma sounded deafening cheers, and Tang Wenlong heard it clearly, and there was a lot of screaming in it, which was not given special courtesy when former demar derozan appeared.
Concentrate on the basketball court. Tang Wenlong has this iron basket and the orange basketball in his hand.
The host wakes up for one minute and 30 seconds.
Tang Wenlong made a shooting posture and threw the ball high, just as he usually did in the game. It was still so wonderful. The arc was that basketball was no longer spinning.
When the basketball flew to the highest point, Tang Wenlong jumped out and stepped on the floor with great rhythm.
The basketball hit the expected paint area and then rebounded high …
At this time, Tang Wenlong just flatters and rushes to his sudden stop. His left foot steps on the free-throw line and his right heel is less than ten centimeters away from the free-throw line.
His calf tightened and held his breath in his chest, and then suddenly burst into an explosive force out of gravity, leading from his leg to his waist and twisting. The whole person was like the same hovering dragon, and the hand with the red armguard accurately found the basketball that was still falling, and then grabbed it with five fingers together firmly.
The body is stretching and dancing and spinning.
36 degrees, one hand turns into two hands and suddenly extends!
Tang Wenlong is like an unstressed leaf, elegant and natural. His hands can reach the basket and slam a dunk.
A success!
What a wonderful and beautiful dunk!
When the audience went crazy, it broke out ten times louder than before. The cheers, applause and screams could almost overturn the ceiling of the Staples Center Arena!
Fang jumped up happily in the early summer, followed by fans who got up with her, and then a group of rookies such as Wesley Johnson and Greg Monroe made exaggerated expressions of leaning forward and backward, with their mouths wide open.
"We can go home! We can go home!" Howard’s host language is very standard, which tells the classic language of the host when Carter finished the amazing dunk.
Tang Wenlong greeted the worship with open arms. At the moment, he is like a king. Who remembers that this is the home of LA?
Go to the venue and play Tang Wenlong’s dunk playback immediately.
He dunked 360 degrees at the free throw line with one hand and two hands. From the point of view of the bottom camera, his take-off height was so amazing that the dunk was like a winged dragon.
The signal was lost to China and the fans in China went crazy.
This is simply amazing. The bangs blown in Tang Wenlong are like the most precious memories of youth in their memory. How touching and memorable this scene is. The fans are excited to leave tears and count their brains. At this moment, they complete the screen capture and quietly remember the picture at this moment.
Mackey looks a little ugly. He doesn’t care about this. His opponent doesn’t seem that simple. He seems to have his own unique skills.
Tang Wenlong got a perfect score with the first deduction of 5 points. Even if his performance is critical, the judges of big-name hotels can say nothing.
"You are so embarrassed, how can you let the noodle people buckle?"
Wesley Johnson pushed Tang Wenlong’s chest and shouted out loudly.
Griffin just wanted to say hello and listen to Wesley’s sarcastic words. Suddenly, his face turned black and he applauded awkwardly.
"Come on, maybe everyone has a unique skill!" Tang Wenlong is very impressed. He has always remained modest.
"Hey, what’s this guy doing?"
It was McKee’s turn to dunk, but he didn’t rush to dunk, but he didn’t know what he said to the workers, and then the whole venue moved.
"This funny scene is so big!" Wesley-Johnson disdain said.
It didn’t take long for the workers to push another basketball stand. At the same time, the basketball stand was set up and moved at half court, and two basketball frame were lined up side by side.

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