He wore a tight white shirt and outlined almost explosive muscle lines, but his body was very coquettish. A pair of red pants and shiny black leather shoes were as bright as uncle Tom just wiped the stainless steel handle, which was really fashionable.

It happened that this person’s skin was dark like a piece of black charcoal.
"Hey, Andre, good morning!" Uncle Tom greeted him and looked very familiar.
The man called Andre smiled warmly. "Hey, Uncle Tom, you are early!"
He turned out to be the star of the 76ers now-Andre Iguodala, the most famous devil in the Mesozoic NBA!
No wonder he looks like a bodybuilder.
However, Iguodala, with 76 players in charge, finally smiled and talked and laughed with old Tom at the door.
"You are the first Andre today. You train very hard!" Old Tom sincerely praised
Iguodala was a little happy when he heard the old man praise him for his hard face. He was immediately praised by old Tom generously. He laughed. "That’s because I’m used to getting up early to participate in training. You know, the competition in NBA is fierce. People who don’t train hard will eventually be eliminated."
Two people talk kung fu is the door suddenly a tall, thin figure.
Old Tom’s eyes are bright and he knows that another 76 ers player has come to report.
When the player approached casually, his face looked surprised and he muttered to himself that someone had trained before him!
"You are tang! I have seen you before! " Old Tom looked at the bearer’s face and suddenly a flash of light flashed through his mind and Tang Wenlong’s name came out.
Iguodala was also a little surprised. I didn’t expect the newcomers in the team to be so active. He naturally knew Tang Wenlong, who was the most important signing for the 76ers this summer. His iconic yellow skin and handsome face were impressive.
"Hello, I’m Tang Wenlong." Tang Wenlong stared at Iguodala with interest in his eyes.
Iguodala looked at this bold newcomer with anger and laughter, looked at himself without fear, and then generously extended his hand. "Welcome, Don, I’m Andre Iguodala."
Two people hold a heavy hand feel slightly surprised by the width of each other’s palms.
"A pair of big hands are poor in the basketball game," Iguodala said with a smile.
Tang Wenlong zheng don’t know what Iguodala suddenly say so.
Iguodala obviously saw Tang Wenlong’s doubts, but he was not prepared to explain that he was still satisfied with the younger brother he had just met, whether his height, shoulder width, palm or arm span looked excellent at present and he seemed to be diligent.
"Go for a walk and go into the locker room to change clothes." Iguodala invited Tang Wenlong to the arena.
Tang Wenlong didn’t expect to be so enthusiastic when he met the 76ers boss on the first day. He was a little happy to look at his face and it wouldn’t be too difficult to deal with the team bosses. Old Joe Thomas had repeatedly told him to deal with this with his teammates.
Iguodala chatted with Tang Wenlong while walking. "Your speech at the draft before the Tang Dynasty was really good. Wow, you want to make a contribution to world basketball."
Tang Wenlong was praised a little embarrassed by Iguodala, scratching his head and saying modestly, "I am just such a small idea. I didn’t expect to be recognized and resonated by everyone, and I feel honored."
Iguodala looked at him and laughed. "You lied about your height, too. You are almost as tall as me."
Tang Wenlong shrugged and said, "I reported that when I first arrived at Syracuse University a year ago, the data was indeed a few centimeters shorter than now."
"Do you still play point guard in the new season? I think you can play on the flank at this height, or learn from me and I’ll teach you how to be an excellent winger? " I’ll take care of you after Iguodala has a big bag.
Tang Wenlong rushed to nod excitedly, "really? I actually like the flank position. "
"Well," Iguodala exclaimed, "I’m just kidding."
Tang Wenlong ""
"Ha ha" Iguodala saw Tang Wenlong’s sad face and smiling even more, and felt that the new little brother was simply not fun.
During chatting, Tang Wenlong asked a lot of common sense about NBA, and Iguodala patiently introduced him. While walking, Tang Wenlong always looked at Iguodala, a hipster, and couldn’t help but look at it and spit it out several times.
Tang Wenlong asked about some of Iverson’s deeds that witnessed the peak of Iverson. No one knows Iverson better than Iguodala.
"Brother Allen is my NBA guide. He is always the greatest NBA player in my heart. He changed the whole NBA game!" Iguodala commented on Iverson’s heartfelt admiration for the powerful Iverson in those days. Then he gave Tang Wenlong a strange look and suddenly said, "Don, let’s pick a few balls in the arena while it’s still early!"
"Ah ~" Tang Wenlong didn’t expect Iguodala to make such a request, but Mata was filled with excitement-fighting the top five defenders in the league! So he nodded quickly and promised, "Okay, no problem!"
"Then let’s hurry and change clothes." Iguodala saw Tang Wenlong’s confident face with a strange smile and stepped up his pace and went to the locker room
Tang Wenlong followed closely behind.
In the dressing room, Iguodala skillfully found his wardrobe and then found his No.9 jersey of 76ers, while Tang Wenlong was there in wait for a while, but it didn’t take long for him to find the wardrobe with his name on it.
He secretly glanced at Iguodala who had put the No.9 jersey on his body and sighed.
After being selected by the 76ers, Tang Wenlong realized that Iguodala had just entered the league as No.4, and then Chris Webber joined the 76ers. Iguodala gave the No.4 jersey to Webber and made the No.9 jersey himself, saying that he was selected as No.9 in the draft that year, and Tang Wenlong occasionally fantasized that Iguodala gave the No.9 to himself, but that was impossible. It was almost the same for a rookie to give the number to others.
After that, he wanted to choose No.3, but it was impossible for the 76ers. No.3 is forever. Iverson can’t say when he will retire from Iverson’s jersey, and he won’t go to No.3 against all odds.
Number two is Moses Malone, who has retired.
So he finally chose No.1 after picking and choosing, and now there are workers in the closet, and the white No.1 jersey looks pretty good.
They quickly changed their clothes, and Tang Wenlong walked out of the locker room side by side with Iguodala.
"Why don’t you wear protective gear?" Iguodala glanced at Tang Wenlong and said in surprise.

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