The audience was naturally amazed. Tang Wenlong scored two goals in 2 of 3 shots in the field, both of which were very enjoyable. He was still on the defensive end and had a wonderful blocked shot, which was very active on the court.

Not to be outdone by the Spurs, Danny Green hit a three-pointer in the next attack, which was also the first three-pointer hit by two teams. The Spurs were 7-1 behind the 76 ers.
Then when the game entered the official timeout, one third of the first quarter passed.
Tang Wenlong was surprised by the Spurs’ self-adjustment ability and tenacity. Few teams he has seen have adapted to the pressure of the stadium in such a short time. Many teams who come to play in the Wachovia Center Stadium will be folded in this high-decibel stadium, which can be called the home of the NBA devil.
Now it seems that the audience has little influence on it, and their movement and tactical execution are still so smooth without any delay.
After this time-out, the game between the two teams became more intense. When the Spurs scored a score of two points and the 76ers scored a score of three points, the Spurs rarely succeeded in attacking when the 76ers continued to attack poorly. The score of the two teams rose alternately and the rhythm finally reached a suitable range.
Chapter three hundred and fifty White-hot
Before halftime, the Spurs and the 76ers just tied at 49.
Fierce competition, dazzling tactics, endless personal skills, the two teams interpreted the tactical movement like a teacher and explained what is the best team.
The 76ers feel that the Spurs are very difficult, and the Spurs also feel that the 76ers are difficult
"It’s more horrible than meeting that knight six years ago." Duncan’s expression was dignified.
"That’s right, and they are really well-balanced and the substitutes are strong." Ginobili Spurs led the second team leader, which was the most talked about.
"Usually in the third quarter, when the 76ers attack, there will be a wave of high court. It is very important to defend this wave of attack," Duncan nodded and said
He said that superstars generally like to strengthen their independent attack in the third quarter, including Kobe Bryant and James, who are playing against him now, and so is Tang Wenlong, because this game is very crucial. If you can’t pull the score difference until the fourth quarter, it is likely to drag on until the last moment, and once the winner is decided at the last moment, it will increase a lot of unpredictability in vain.
Ginobili and others immediately thought to themselves that the third quarter was bound to be more difficult.
On the other hand, the atmosphere in the locker room of the 76ers is rather dull. Although everyone is a veteran player, it is also a few who have met a tough team like the Spurs. They almost made no mistakes on the court and always ensured strong concentration when defending.
"It is still necessary to strengthen the outside breakthrough and reduce mistakes." Doug Collins listed the half-court data. "We actually have more half-court mistakes than Spurs and two offensive rebounds."
The voice dropped 76 people, and the young players turned slightly red. They all said that the Spurs were an elderly team, but they were not slow at all when they were present. In some places, they were even more fierce (dirty) than their young people.
Can’t stand …
Half-court match between two players in referee’s whistle.
The jump ball didn’t win. The Spurs took the first attack opportunity and fell to the low position. Duncan caught the ball and hit David West hard. Then he turned around and dribbled the ball and hit the board with his right hand.
Basketball should be in the net. The Spurs took the lead at half-time, 51 to 49, leading by 2 points.
At halftime, the 76ers made a fine-tuning of the array. Ray Allen replaced Loridan. At halftime, Tang Wenlong was directly moved to the point guard position, which was the case when there were fewer offensive ends.
The Spurs were still defended by Leonard when Tang Wenlong controlled the ball over half-time.
Tang Wenlong scored a total of 11 points at half-time. Leonard’s defense was indispensable. There was no forced shooting in Tang Wenlong. He did well and he only fouled once. This was a very crucial and important thing in the next game at half-time.
Tang Wenlong dribbled twice at the top of the arc. The dribble behind the basketball was randomly exchanged to the right hand, and then it was thrown out by Ray Allen.
Ray Allen caught the ball and made a direct hit.
Then Danny Green jumped up consciously, and then Ray Allen took two steps sideways and chose a long-distance stop jumper.
Miss the backboard, brush it once and roll out. Duncan gently gave the ball to Parker, who turned around to protect the backboard.
The French sports car started very fast in an instant. Tang Wenlong retreated to defend himself. Iguodala followed by two men to form the first line of defense.
Then Iguodala and Parker Tang Wenlong ran to the other side to stop Leonard at any time.
Parker kept changing direction and didn’t dump Iguodala. When he saw that there was no particularly good opportunity, he stopped and waited for other Spurs to reorganize his position.
Split missed the rebound and David West grabbed it.
In 11 minutes, Tang Wenlong’s back-to-back singles, Leonard’s shoulders swaying, and his wrong turn is a standard jump shot like Jordan’s.
Hit the two teams and tied 51.
How classic and collectible! Tang Wenlong fans are intoxicated by Tang Wenlong’s picturesque and elegant gesture and can’t help but arouse the purest basketball dream.
After counting, the talented super scorers in the Jordan era seem to have mastered a lot of scoring skills, and how to compare them is one of the most efficient ways, but different scorers have different ranges, rhythms, skills and final results when using this skill.
Tang Wenlong’s shooting ability is the league leader’s wingspan and bounce, and it is also the top level. When he mastered this skill and made it out, it was really difficult for the average person to prevent it. Just like Leonard’s defense didn’t lose his position just now, and the cover was also very oppressive. However, Tang Wenlong still entered.
Then in the third quarter, at 14 seconds, Tang Wenlong had another baseline shot and turned back and hit a jumper in the third quarter to score four points in a row.
The 76ers lead the Spurs by two points, 56 to 54.
Popovich’s heart is tight and there is no change, but he is worried about Tang Wenlong’s attack and Leonard’s defense.
In one round, the Spurs attacked Parker and missed the jumper at the free throw line.
The 76ers attacked Tang Wenlong’s elbow to collect the ball and stood tall, holding the basketball to make a tentative step. He looked at Leonard but watched his feet change
His heel finally left the ground, and then there was a disorienting breakthrough.
First, pretend to the right, then suddenly dribble the ball behind the right hand and switch to the left hand. At the same time, control the ball, the left hand grabs the basketball and pulls back the body. Suddenly, it turns counterclockwise and suddenly changes back to the right breakthrough. By the way, the center of gravity has been shaken unsteadily, Leonard.
Tang Wenlong was thinking of playing a street ball with his back on his back to solve the battle, but he didn’t think of the extraordinary effect of playing a streetball. The effect was that he blinked into the Spurs array and then the Spurs front suddenly contracted
At this time, his vision was wider than that of a magician, and he found his teammate-Iguodala in an instant!
A three-pointer from the corner of Iguodala! 59 is five points ahead of 5476!
This is a big difference rarely seen in half time. Popovich Ma called a timeout very carefully, and both the 76 ers and the Spurs just rested and walked back to their respective benches.
The audience clapped their hands on a piece of arena with four big screens hanging in the center, and then the horse replayed Tang Wenlong’s second, especially when Leonard dribbled luxuriantly in the first row. At the most thrilling time, Leonard’s long finger was even less than five centimeters from Tang Wenlong’s fairway.
Tang Wenlong looked up at the playback and shouted that his opponent had a narrow squeak. The young man’s arms showed wonderful palms and the defense was outrageous. It was very oppressive and aggressive.
Pause and come back to Ginobili’s debut for nothing to play Danny Green.
Ginobili broke through on the first ball of the Spurs’ attack, causing Iguodala to foul and send himself to the free throw line, killing and injuring 76 people.
The Argentine made two free throws and the Spurs were 3 points behind 56-59.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-one Don’t pull?
Near the second timeout in the third quarter, the 76 ers finally got a fast break.
Lori steals the ball from his back, and Duncan runs to the frontcourt like a civet cat. He leads the Spurs as soon as he gets there. The others, Tang Wenlong, react quickly and turn around and double with Lori at the first time.
Then the Spurs and the defensive pace have Leonard alone, but it is very difficult for him to protect two people.
Almost at the same time, two people stepped into the three-point line. Lori dived into Tang Wenlong from the left and cut Leonard from the right. In the middle position, Lori could be the first to harass the dribble.

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