Everyone knows that Michael Jordan scored 63 points in the playoffs, but few people actually know that there are only a handful of superstars who scored 5 points in the playoffs.

For example, opponents like Heat Wade and James are both super-giant stars. Personally, they once scored more than 3 points per game in a single season. However, Wade only scored 46 points in the playoffs, just one year before Tang Wenlong entered the league in the summer, and then James scored 49 points in the playoffs.
Getting a high score sometimes depends on the right time, right place and the Heat. Tang Wenlong won’t get a career playoff high of 52 points without overtime, and his name has surpassed many active stars such as Wade, James, Kobe and Nowitzki in a very high position.
Tang Wenlong has become the second highest scoring player in the playoffs after Allen Iverson.
This is a great epic. James almost won the game with a 41-second key. Tang Wenlong whistled for a three-point equaliser and saved the 76 ers from the cliff. After the game, NBA officials whistled for Tang Wenlong’s equaliser, which topped the top five goals.
Tang Wenlong scored 1 of 29 3-pointers, 13 of 7 free throws, 1 of 9 free throws, slashed 52 points and grabbed 12 rebounds and sent 7 assists. The personal score was exactly half that of the Heat, while Wade scored 2 points, 7 assists, James scored 39 points, 7 rebounds and 11 assists, and Bosh scored 15 points and 7 rebounds. Wade was the team’s soul, and James’ performance was critical. The Big Three naturally made the data sad and urged Bosh to take the blame, especially after Gasol grabbed 16 rebounds in the opposite field.
Some media joked that Bosh, the dragon king, was now a pitcher floating outside, and his rebounding ability was almost the same as Bagyani’s.
But actually Bosh is the best co-defender in the Heat’s defensive front. His powerful mobility is that the whole Heat has to rotate to carry out defense. The key is the line defense axis, which greatly limits the breakthrough effect of Tang Wenlong and Iguodala.
It is reasonable that the data is definitely not as good as that of Gasol and the West Heat who lost rebounds.
Tang Wenlong left American Airlines Arena contentedly, won G3 and the 76ers regained home court advantage, which was an important turning point for the whole competition.
At the same time, the Western Thunder and the Spurs also played the third game.
At the home of Thunder, the young Oklahoma beat the Spurs head-on. At the end of the third quarter, Popovich gave up the game early, and the Thunder field won the Spurs 12-2 for two points. Durant scored 22 points, followed by Thunder blue-collar player Sofloza, who scored 19 points in Westbrook and James Harden. One point and 15 points helped the team win by defense.
Tang Wenlong was shocked when he saw the technical statistics of both teams. Everything else was fine. Thunder field contributed 14 steals and Spurs had 2! As a result, the Spurs made as many as 21 mistakes, while the Thunder made only 7. Comparatively speaking, there is no solid routine, and the Thunder played more rigorously than the Spurs.
This is also the first time that the league has seen that there are three sets of tactics outside the media that Thunder has three sets of tactics: Westbrook holds the ball and pulls singles; Durant holds the ball and pulls the singles; Harden holds the ball and pulls the singles. At most, one more line is called to cover the pick-and-roll tactics. It is simple and rude.
After two days of noise, the 76ers in American Airlines Arena played G4 with the Heat.
Spoelstra finally changed his starting position. Turiaf was abandoned and replaced by a bigger and more tonnage Joel Anthony. This is a change for Gasol. The card position is excellent and the low-post offensive efficiency is amazing. Gasol is too big for the Heat’s weak line.
This change did have a certain effect. Although the same data was not obvious, Joel Anthony made Gasol and two people who were very uncomfortable with the real line of seven-foot big men get two fouls in less than minutes, which is good news for the Heat.
At the end of the first quarter, the Heat led the 76ers by 6 points 25-19 at home. Tang Wenlong’s hand was generally defended by James, and his efficiency was very low. He scored 6 points on 2 of 7 shots and made 2 mistakes.
Tang Wenlong rested for two minutes and returned to the field in the second quarter. The situation of the 76ers was bad. The substitute array could not prevent Wade from scoring two three-pointers in a row. After he came back, he hit a three-pointer, and his popularity stopped falling.
However, after all, it was to quench thirst by drinking poison. Collins knew in his heart that the hidden danger of changing Tang Wenlong’s former game would probably be devastated in the fourth quarter of the decisive battle
"Trouble" Collins put his arms around his hands and calmly looked at the change.
By the end of half-time, the 76ers were 44-54 behind the Heat by one point, and Tang Wenlong scored one point in the second quarter, which would have been even worse if he hadn’t scored several morale goals.
Pau Gasol was caught in a foul, and James made a foul shortly after half time. Before the game, the 76ers rested, and the strength of the guard frame in the penalty area suddenly dropped a lot.
In this section, James and Wade hit the basket frequently, just like beating on the reef, and the wave after wave did not stop.
In this section, the 76 ers lost 7 points, and the score difference was 17 points.
The fans of American Airlines Arena are worried that today’s game is the season. They saw the 76ers, the league first and the MVP!
Tang Wenlong didn’t rest. Collins simply put him on the scene and went straight to the fourth quarter. If he can make a comeback in the first half, there is still a chance. If he can’t make a comeback, so will the rest in the last half.
As a result, the Heat was more cautious than the 76ers. When Spoelstra saw that Tang Wenlong didn’t rest, he simply let James not rest. Anyway, James’s steel warrior was superior in physical strength
In the past half quarter, the difference did not narrow. Collins changed the venue for tired Tang Wenlong and gave up the game directly.
At the end of the game, the Heat won the 76ers 14-9, with 14 points, James 27 points and Wade 29 points. Two people fined 25 goals and the 76ers line was almost broken.
Tang Wenlong made 24 shots in 39 minutes, hit one chop, scored a maximum of 34 points, and lost a great opportunity to get a match point.
Chapter two hundred and forty Match point
The total score was tied to 2-2, and the two teams returned to the same starting line.
However, the Western Spurs lost two games in a row, and the Thunder also tied the big score to 2-2. Their G4 game was more anxious. Durant was always able to score at the crucial moment and hit several shots that made the Spurs sad. It was after these games that Durant’s heart ability was praised by the league.
Compared with Tang Wenlong in the East, the performance of the two people at the same stage is almost inseparable. In the playoffs, the superstar’s aura is limited to amplification
On June 5, the 76ers played against the Heat at home.
"According to previous years, it’s already the finals, but this season’s hesitation is shrinking. The playoffs are much later than in previous years, and it’s still the finals of the East and West." Before the game, China webcast commentator Ke Fan and commentator Wang Meng chatted about some seemingly unorthodox game details.
After 12 years, the number of people watching NBA on the Internet has increased dramatically, and different webcasts have been broadcast in a unified way. It looks faster and the location is not so limited, especially when the commentary style changes. When I get used to talking about tactics and players’ ability seriously, a short and more casual way of explanation suddenly appears, and the fans shine at the moment.
The rise of Tang Wenlong has driven a large number of young post-90s fans, most of whom are in the university stage. They have personal notebooks, brains and dormitory networks, but there is no video room. It is very convenient for them to watch the live broadcast on the network.
Sina is now the leader of NBA webcasting. Although there are not many games, it has caught the needs of China fans and broadcast every Tang Wenlong game.
Ke Fan’s commentary style trained by Sina itself is not slow, steady and humorous, and gradually the fans like it, while another guest, Wang Meng, a Houston correspondent of titan sports, always reports some first-hand NBA information because he is often at the forefront of NBA, and is also a popular commentator.
The interpretation style of the two people is quite a bit Buckley and Smith’s style. They tease each other around the stadium game and make the explanation interesting and relaxed.
A Joel Anthony start worked well, and Spoelstra continued a start
After waiting for the audience, there was an uncomplicated appearance ceremony on both sides of the tribal seat. Then Tang Wenlong took off his training coat and pressed leg press to twist his waist and go to the bottom of the basket to jump gently, holding the hoop and doing five pull-ups
A few minutes later, the referee called both sides to start the midfield. The screen showed that the referee checked against a stopwatch and the technical desk staff checked each other and announced the game.
Bosh won the jump ball. The Heat attacked the first wave.
Iguodala approached James Tang Wenlong and clung to Wade. The Heat chose a pick-and-roll attack. Gasol jumped out of the high position and delayed Chalmers. Then he changed the defensive withdrawal line and blocked Shun Joel Anthony.
Chalmers catches the ball to Wade on the flank and cuts into Tang Wenlong’s defensive position obliquely to the 76ers. He has never had an absolute chance.
In the middle distance, Wade turned to jump shot, and Tang Wenlong tapped a hand to interfere
The missed rebound was grabbed by West.
The 76ers attacked Lori’s arc top position to control the ball to West to pick and roll him. Iguodala’s baseline ran to the right bottom corner with the double cover of Tang Wenlong and Gasol. Gasol ran to the left with the cover of Tang Wenlong and approached the three-second basket. Tang Wenlong came out and met the cover of West’s ball.
Lori chose to distribute the ball to Tang Wenlong, and Tang Wenlong’s position was not very good. After he took the ball, he made a rhythm change in the counter-line. At this time, Haslem was in a mess and almost didn’t get knocked down.
Tang Wenlong took two steps to step on the floor in the paint area, and there was an uncertain change when he grabbed the ball with both hands.
Then Joel Anthony jumped up and Tang Wenlong leaned against him and switched to the right hand with one hand holding the ball low and hitting the ball into the basket.
"If you score two points, you will be punished!" Ke Fan shouted, "The 76ers first made a wonderful basket by Tang Wenlong. We saw that it was very difficult for Tang Wenlong to score this goal because of a change in hand control. This is not good news for the Heat. The center started and got a personal foul."
"That’s right," Wang Meng echoed with a smile. "And we saw that the 76ers executed their tactics very well this time. When Tang Wenlong broke through, the defender in front of them was Haslem. Although Haslem was a short line, he was still stretched out in the face of Tang Wenlong’s defensive end with the strongest explosive force in the league."
Coach Spoelstra was "thumped" in his heart, and he seemed to have a bad feeling when he saw Tang Wenlong’s penalty hit.
However, there was no explosive situation at the end of the first quarter, and the 76 ers led by one point 26-25.
The scores of the two teams are similar. In these games, there are few cases of directly pulling the score in the first quarter.
After changing the bench, Louis Williams returned to home in the second quarter and became alive again. Not only did he hit a three-pointer on the outside line, but he also succeeded in the basket. Fortunately, Battier and James Jones hit three-pointers respectively, and the heat tied and surpassed the score, and then he was overtaken by the 76 ers in a few rounds.
By 6 minutes and 29 seconds after Tang Wenlong, the two teams gradually put the starting force back on the court.
In the third minute and 19 seconds, Tang Wenlong ran out of the opportunity three-pointer line and received the ball from Louis. He directly projected a three-pointer with a backward range. This was his first personal point and his first three-pointer.
At halftime, the 76ers led the Heat by four points, 53-49. The game looked very anxious at last.
At halftime, Tang Wenlong, Wade and James all stepped up their personal attacks, especially in the third quarter, which is an adjustment stage and the most prone to a wave of development. All three of them are top-notch in basketball IQ, and they have made every effort to show ten martial arts at this stage.
Tang Wenlong and James just used pick-and-roll head-on. Although there were more mistakes, the ball came back to life as soon as it was played. In addition to James and Wade, the Heat could limit Tang Wenlong. Everyone else gave points, just as the Heat desperately tried to avoid Tang Wenlong and Igodara’s defense.

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