Then the second rule is that you must bring a flash, a tower, a blood and a hundred dollars.

The single rule is that both sides allow BAN two summoners to have unlimited skills.
ADCSOLO is popular or a policewoman in Wei Lusi.
That Dravidian fuck looks strong and obscene, just like Ng Man Tat adding a flower to divide by two. That looks and Dravidian style are quite like the whole idiot.
"How dare you let me go?" The strong man proudly said to others
This man is quite popular, surrounded by a group of cheers, and the goods are really like the reality of Draven’s passive worship of Draven’s alliance.
"Look at this ADSOLO competition. There are quite a few masters here, and they are not limited to the middle and single side. How about that? Are you interested in signing up for the first ADC of FD team captain city? " Aishi beside urged.
To tell the truth, I’m not interested in this SOLO contest. Now, a group of ADC giants have emerged, and I’m competitive and a little eager to move.
"Now that the competition is over, can’t you sign up?"
After a heart struggle, I’m still going to entertain once with a try mentality.
"But the registration is still in the preliminary competition. After the registration, the radio will assign personnel to you immediately. Once the preliminary competition has passed, you can’t register. This hour should be in the preliminary competition. You should register." Ai Shichao said to me.
I went to the cashier’s desk in the Internet cafe under the guidance of Aishi, handed in the 20 yuan registration and got my number 16.
It’s past the 1 ST, so many people are taking part in this SOLO competition?
I am also secretly frightened, and I don’t know when it will be my turn. Since I have an hour, I can’t think much slower when I come to the preliminary SOLO.
Chapter 147 The best gunman
It’s past the 1 ST, so many people are taking part in this SOLO competition?
I am also secretly frightened, and I don’t know when it will be my turn. Since I have an hour, I can’t think much slower when I come to the preliminary SOLO.
"Please No.16 player to prepare! Please prepare for player No.16! "
"It’s your turn!" Ai Shi aside wake up way
After about fifteen minutes, Aishi and Zhong Yi were lucky to find three online, and the environment was very good in the smoking area. I was concentrating on customizing and familiarizing myself. I was waiting for the ADC in the venue, shaking my knife meticulously. It was not Aishi who woke up. I didn’t notice the broadcast at all.
"ah? Good "I hurriedly quit the custom. As soon as I quit, there was a referee who added my friend.
I agreed. Judge Friend Request dragged me into the custom room.
"Hello, what hero do you need BAN?"
"Ice it." I’ll call.
This ADCSOLO still has a BAN hero?
"Well, your opponent BAN is Draven." The referee sent another message.
Sure enough, if it weren’t for BAN, I would still take Dreven to solve the battle as soon as possible in this SOLO competition.
In this competition, you can see the heroes chosen by both sides, and you can choose the same hero and choose Obama in the opposite second.
Then I’ll choose a male character who plays with guns, too
So I chose the male gun.
My rune is three attack speed essences, red attack yellow fixed armor, blue four attack speed and five armor.
Opposite Obama, I have no impression that I have never played with him.
Men’s guns against Obama can’t add skills at the first level. For example, men’s guns add Q at the first level in most cases, which is controversial. However, against Obama, this skill can’t be used by Ma Jia, who has to be present to see the situation.
The soul skill of a man shooting Obama is the e skill, which is the most important point.
At the first level, both sides are Dolan Sword and One Red. Before going out, SOLO played many people with red medicine, and if it wasn’t a grudge, most of them would still choose Dolan Sword and One Red to go out. This is the most important way to pay attention to fairness and wake up. Both sides need to be more careful about the timing of the fight, which will be more technical and ornamental, and will not pollute others when they are loaded.
Obama and I are both on the same team. I still have skills in my hand. It makes sense not to add this.
I have to see whether Obama’s Q skill comes to Q soldiers to grab the second place or Q. In the early stage of my blood consumption, Obama’s Q skill plus two general attacks is a very powerful skill to harass you when grabbing the second place or making up for the second place.
Opposite Obama, he is also very experienced. One person on both sides of us should have a small soldier, and the other person should immediately make sure that both small soldiers are at the same time and the blood volume will not be pulled at the second level.
That Obama has no skills, and I have no skills. Two people should grab two, and there is a tacit understanding. There is no A soldier in control of the line.
This Obama is experienced!
I didn’t pay attention to this. Obama immediately ordered Q skills, and Q soldiers were ready to grab the second. When Obama saw it, he also rushed to grab the second.
If you are so stupid and Obama make up for each other’s last knife, it will definitely be bad for me to drag on for a long time. Then when Obama reaches the second level, it will be much easier for him to consume my blood volume than I consume his blood volume. EAQA can go to the base and not attract the hatred of the soldiers. In my opinion, whether it is the line EQ or the backhand QW explosion, Obama will attract the hatred of the soldiers even if he doesn’t recruit as fast as him.
Men’s guns can’t beat Obama in the first six levels. The reason is this.
The male gunman is not as long as Obama, and the consumption of A is not dominant. Then Obama keeps his distance from you. EAQAWA is the highest continuous recruit in all ADC in the early stage, and the male gun E is slightly inferior to the face Q.
In this way, the consumption is also consumed, but it is also right to fight, but it seems that it can wait for death.
But there is also an advantage for men to shoot Obama, which involves personal level.
After level 6, Obama can’t beat the male gun, so Obama must find a way to suppress the male gun in the early stage. If Obama dares to use the male gun first and has a way to avoid Obama’s Q skills, everything will be fine. The power of Obama’s previous enemy tactics will be greatly reduced
I reached the second level with Obama almost at the same time. Both of them want to fight. At this moment, there are three long-range creeps on both sides. If both of them attract hatred, I have a passive effect. The pure man adds ten points of armor and magic resistance to the combat form. It is not a loss to fight with Obama in the aspect of creeps.

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