My little girl’s voice sounded like nature, and she couldn’t see any injustice between her looks, but she had a strange psychology that she was proud of.

The other day, whenever Chen Han practiced, she would leave and spend a lot of time listening to stories in the cyclops family.
She has known all about Chen Han since her debut, and it is in the process of listening to the story that Chen Han’s image in her heart changes every day. A total of 30 years’ experience, like a magnificent picture scroll, is full of spectacular beyond people’s reach, which is the peak that no one can match.
What kind of human is he?
How many unknown secrets does he have?
What kind of height will his future stand on?
Four generations of disciples from a second-line martial arts school that was abandoned and cultivated climbed at an incredible speed, and finally touched the power vortex of the whole world. This process was only seven years.
He rose rapidly like a myth, swam among the major forces like a myth, and made the cyclops and elves complete the transformation from caterpillars to butterflies like a myth.
The song was floating in the wooden house forbidden by magic. When the last sentence fell, Jill stared at him with big eyes and asked doubtfully, "Elder Chen Han, I heard from Razer that you have two wives. Is that true? Don’t humans only have one wife? Why do humans have wives? "
Chapter 179 Ignorant girl
Poof …
Listening to the cold of Xiaoqu drinking fruit wine, he opened his mouth and sprayed out a mouthful of wine, exclaiming, "What did that bastard Razer say?" If those two maids hear you and don’t know what will happen, you’d better pretend you don’t know. I never said I had two wives. "
"Oh … that I don’t say, what’s a wife for? Razer just won’t tell me. " Jill cleverly chose to keep it a secret, but her question stumped Chen Han.
"That … this …"
"Don’t you know?"
Jill looked extremely surprised and puzzled, and the information conveyed in her eyes made Chen Han collapse, as if to say: So you also have something you don’t know?
Pretending to cough twice, Chen Han solemnly said: "This problem is profound. From the perspective of human reproduction, a wife, as the saying goes, is used by two people to reproduce. From an emotional point of view, a wife is the person who will accompany her for the rest of her life, and will never give up. From a physiological point of view, a wife is … that’s all, you just need to know so much. "
He didn’t want to teach the children bad. If some things were known by Jill and spread to Evelyn’s ears, the super beauty patriarch had to find himself desperately.
"People who support each other … never give up … who have gone through life?"
Jill frowned thoughtfully and muttered the above words repeatedly. After a while, she suddenly said, "Jill also wants to stay with Elder Chen Han all the time, so don’t be separated, okay?" Jill likes being with Elder Chen Han very much, really. "
Poof …
The fruit wine just poured into his mouth was sprayed out again, and his eyes almost jumped out. Chen Han waved his hand again and again and said, "That’s no good! You don’t understand. You didn’t listen to your mother. What did the dark elves betray? You forest elves don’t allow that, understand? "
Jill shook her head with a puzzled face and said, "Isn’t it that a wife is a person who supports each other and never gives up for a lifetime?" Jill wants to be with Elder Chen Han. What does this have to do with the betrayal of the dark elves? "
It’s no use how to explain to a completely ignorant young girl who hasn’t yet begun to understand. Chen Han turned supercilious look and didn’t bother to explain.
However, when he ignored Jill to sing a ditty again, there was no sound after waiting for a long time.
"Oh, bitch, when did you learn to disobey orders?"
Chen Han turned away very uncomfortable, only to find that the tears of bean were spinning in my girl’s eyes, as if they would fall at any time.
"hey! Your mother asked you to come over, and you asked for it yourself. I didn’t force you to do anything. Don’t blame me again! "
"Elder Chen Han doesn’t like Jill, right?"
"I which have …"
"Is it because Jill speaks ill of you in the family?"
"It’s not …"
"Jill is wrong, Jill later change also not line? Jill is going to spend the rest of her life with Elder Chen Han, just like this. "
"That what …"
The in the mind is a little lesson her idea, so these days more than once deliberately spite, but see my girl crying into a crybaby, Chen cold suddenly felt at a loss.
Quickly tidying up his messy thoughts, he said solemnly, "Jill, listen to me. This wife must be based on feelings first, and it must be mutual affection. Do you understand this?"
Seeing her nodding in ignorance, she continued: "Besides, why are the dark elves regarded as traitors? It is because they violated the rules of the Elves, as I said before. From a physiological point of view, the wife is going to do that with her husband. "
"What is it?"
"It’s just … anyway, it’s something that you elves don’t allow. The dark elves are the best example, so it’s impossible for us to drop."

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