Pointing to Ling Qing, he said angrily, "I asked you to teach him to learn Taoism. Why did you teach him love?"

"Where do I dare to look down on love? This power of love can be described as the greatest power in the world. First, being original makes me happy. "Lingqing laughed and got up and came to the table.
"Good food and wine are also available, but the nun 1 is prepared, which must be dispensable.
It’s not my intention to teach him about love.
But his infatuation hangs on you. "
"Hey, this shows the charm of the fairy!" Lan Caihe jumped beside Lingqing and smiled at him.
Tie Guai Li, Han Zhongli and Zhang Guolao also laughed one after another. "Who can resist the charm of a fairy?"
"Ha ha ha ~"
The fairy pointed to several people and said, "Can’t you stop your mouth when you eat?"
But it made everyone laugh even more.
There are pangolins who have been absent-minded while eating tables and looking at Xiangu from time to time.
However, everyone didn’t care about the reason. They all told him how to choose is his business.
A person’s personality determines what path he will take in the future.
After eating and drinking more than half, Han Zhongli asked Lingqing, "Why are you back now? Is something wrong? "
"I’m here for my doom now." Lingqing spoke to Zhang Guolao and said it again.
He took a look at the crowd and added, "Sister-in-law’s false heart is hard to get rid of, and she is entangled with my love affair."
Now I have to spend pangolin on Buddhism.
The three of us will even have a dispute. "
Han Zhong is puzzled. "We know that you two are robbing each other."
But what is this pangolin? "
Lingqing laughed. "You immortals came into being, but there is also a fairy and a demon, which is your doom."
This fairy is a peony fairy demon or a pangolin. "
All smell speech looked pangolin.
"Me?" Pangolin surprised pointed to his hurriedly motioning with his hand, "not me, I didn’t want to talk to you."
Then she gnashed her teeth and pointed to Lingqing. "Hey, I said you don’t want to frame me!"
Chapter one hundred and ten Infatuation
Han Zhong fanned his fan and said, "Seriously speaking, pangolin has had conflicts with each of us."
"Oh," Lan Caihe nodded. "Sister-in-law was almost killed by him."
"Now do you want to …" Zhang Guolao stretched out his hand and made a path with a knife. "Speaking of which, he also ate ginseng for one thousand years.
Just pangolin stewed ginseng tastes good. "
"Don’t kill me!" Pangolin looked at several people and felt more and more terrible. He ran behind Xiangu and shouted, "Xiangu, help me!" "
Tie Guai Li saw that he would either frighten pangolin to death or push him to the extreme, and hurriedly stopped him. "Okay, Zhang Guo, don’t make fun of pangolin."
For pangolin again, "you are not afraid of this thing in the past.
We will not do anything to you. "
Lingqing calmed him down and said, "It is now that Sister-in-law wants you to cultivate. We have no intention of ruining Sister-in-law’s kindness."
Pangolin saw his anger rise in his heart and pointed to Lingqing. "You’re the one who provoked it there and now you have to pretend to be a good person?"
Ling Qing shook her head and smiled. "You are going to blame me for telling you today?"

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