Su Wei laughed. "The more chaotic they are, the better we will get benefits. Since someone has an accident, we don’t have to worry and wait for them."

"Well, I don’t know much about things in the real world. I listen to you."
Yun Yun said, "If you need me to do anything, just ask me."
"In this way, you’d better communicate with the players more and learn what is going on in the real world."
Su Wei thought for a moment and said, "I guess you will go to reality soon. Let’s make a body for you. It’s much more convenient to do anything like this."
"Fuck … What do you want?"
Yun Yun smell speech zheng qiao face unconsciously fly up with a blush can alert seems to want to be angry but feel a little …
Finally, I can pretend to be ignorant.
Su Wei sees points.
A black line said, "Forget it, I get it. It seems that you really haven’t talked to those stupid carving players less. Should you learn it or not? You have learned almost everything. Then just learn more about the real world layout and terrain with them. Don’t learn anything else. Don’t learn it again, okay?"
Yun Yun immediately made a big blush.
It seems that it is difficult for her to maintain her dignity as a patriarch when facing Su Wei.
Since when?
Yun Yun felt that he was already unclear.
this moment
Ellie consciously got a very important message and contacted Xuanzhen as soon as she returned to her residence.
Inform XuanZhen of the many messages he got …
"banned? Hastily practicing privately can cause serious injuries? Very serious, it will hurt itself. "
Xuanzhen suddenly came here in vain. What the hell is going on?
It turns out that quarrelling practice still needs permission … If permission is granted, it will be possessed.
And fighting legion these people such as fighting achievement method is not yet known, but it is conceivable that Pope crown is definitely not through any formal channels.
Coupled with the practice of quarrelling, they have already achieved something in other practitioners. The old-fashioned strong people can rely on their own strong strength to forcibly suppress their homes even if they find any problems. Everyone of them has problems, but they have forcibly suppressed the problems.
But the Pope’s crown gave them the strengthening quenching potion from Congcong.
As a result, I can still control the instant rage of quarrelling and turn to bite myself. How hard I am depressed in front of me, and now I am hurt.
At this moment, XuanZhen suddenly came over for nothing. The martial arts achievement method is just that the body is injured and the fighting achievement method will make them die …
It’s not just the reason why quarrelling is stronger.
Xuanzhen said angrily, "We are outsiders, and those Central Asians are hiding anything from us. If we had known earlier that those different artists were practicing martial arts, things wouldn’t have gone viral …"
"they can’t tell us such a shameful thing."
Ellie paused and said, "And there’s something I think you should know, captain."
"What is it?"
"Before me, Kaori also went to ask Yu Pisces about being possessed, and the question was exactly the same as mine. It seems that someone told her about our current situation in Galia."
"oh? !”
Xuanzhen shocked.
Surprised, "did she ask, too?"
"Isn’t this your arrangement?"
"Oh … it’s … it’s me"
XuanZhen smell speech look micro mind inexplicably emerge before Pope Mian that a pair of awkward expression.
Corona and others have foresight. Now that they have found themselves, they can never just say what they need to do to comfort themselves. He already has a chest full of cases, but his posture is divided into …
Maybe he should guard against me?
But the question is what to guard against me?
It’s his fault
It was he who personally taught the achievement method … and so on …
Is it because he suspects me …
Xuanzhen suddenly reacted.
Suddenly, the terminal lights up and it sounds like the Pope.
Xuanzhen pretended as if it were true and said, "OK, if I know this, you will rot in your stomach. Don’t tell anyone and don’t say anything in front of Kaori."
"I’m white in addition …"
Ellie hesitated and said, "My father’s words will bother you, captain. You should be considerate."
Say it.
She took the initiative to hang up the communication there.
Xuanzhen hurried through to the Pope’s communication and respectfully asked, "Is there a command from the crown?"
"Xuanzhen, there’s something I want to entrust you with. Please contact Alice for me and ask her to go to the quarrelling army camp to talk about something important on my side."
Through Kaori, I learned that there is no problem with the achievement method

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