Although he has a can of Sophora japonica honey tea given by Lingqing in his hand, he is reluctant to drink it himself.

Besides Wu Wailing Qing, he also met Lei Heng, Zhu Tong and Sung River in turn.
Classical saw that he was bent on living in the temple and was bent on settling some troubles for him.
The temple is abandoned there and nobody cares. Ordinary people might as well rest for a while.
But if someone wants to keep him for himself, they have to report it to the government.
First, Lei Heng and Zhu Tong found out that Lingqing, who was living in a temple, wanted to punish him.
After classical play, the two talents went through the formalities, but they wanted Lingqing to go through the formalities.
So Classical went to Song Jiang and asked him to complete all the formalities and put the temple in Lingqing’s name.
Lingqing is also the reason why three people met.
However, he didn’t have much contact with three people except that he learned everything from the stars with Wu Shuo and really said that he wanted to understand the magic of other bodies.
First, Song Jiang had his own nine days, and Empress Xuan Nv went to his Tianbao Juan and Bing Fa Men.
Moreover, Lingqing doesn’t intend to personally meet each malefic and do their exercises.
In that case, I will be involved in the disaster, and I am afraid I will be involved in it when I get to Liangshan Juyi.
He is now understanding the characteristics of the cat’s star demon and knowing his ability.
It is not good to be forced to Liangshan by calculation in one thousand.
In his spare time, he constantly realized the dream dharma realm.
He intends to hook the malefic masters into it one by one through dreams.
Realize the magic spirit of the body in a dream
In addition, Daoqing’s practice is progressing steadily now.
It’s been three months since the five-character true shape was set in the capital of song dynasty last winter.
He was familiar with the five characters, so now he has finished setting them and they are out of the true shape.
A little bit will be condensed into a true shape by refining the five spirits from the Five Zang God Mansions.
It is not only to further refine one’s mana, but also to prepare for the future practice of refining the gods on the spot.
At this time, he saw that there was a seal hanging high in the middle of the five houses, such as essence.
It has five colors of light, shrinking and releasing like breathing.
Lingqing used this five-color light to sacrifice and refine the five gases, and woven them into clouds and called them in the seal.
This is the true shape of condensed five clouds.

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