Qiang Qiang!

After a short period of power storage, it will be cut faster.
That cold mountain is harsh, which makes ordinary people see things differently.
The sharp blade is enough to break one person in the middle.
Jelter closed his eyes and enjoyed the pleasant aftertaste.
Just as the long knife was about to pass over his neck, he slowly raised his hand and clamped the blade.
"Too slow"
Jelter commented.
The knife-wielding man pulls the knife, but Jelter’s two fingers seem to be welded to death with this long knife, no matter how hard he tries, he can break free.
Just like that.
What makes the knife man uncomfortable is the words in Jelter’s mouth
"continue to resist"
"Just like at the beginning"
"The more you resist, the more excited I am."
Jelter just flushed again at this time of normal face.
Shame and anger, the knife-wielding man let go of his knife-wielding hands, so the whole person hugged Jelter to hide his body and explosives as he pressed the detonator.
The fire flashed and roared.
Smoke and dust scattered and Jelter’s clothing department was destroyed
The man with the knife is shattered.
"Ah, still so strong-willed."
Jelter smiled lightly and didn’t surprise himself at the moment, so he looked at Goethe on one side of the road.
He is in a pretty good mood.
However, Jelter’s mood immediately became worse when he saw disgust in Goethe’s eyes.
"Are you disgusting me?"
"You are one of the most disgusting people I have ever met."
Goethe nodded his head.
He won’t have this kind of psychopathy except in the’ hometown’ club. I didn’t expect to meet Jelter here
Goethe’s bad memories immediately came to mind.
In fact, if that bastard hadn’t been ready at that time, Goethe wouldn’t have taken the risk to destroy the whole club.
"How dare you call me disgusting?"
"Didn’t your adoptive father tell you who I am?"
Jelter looked at Goethe quite unexpectedly.
He thinks that even if Goethe hates him again, he won’t answer directly and continue to show his thoughts in his eyes at most.
But most people don’t even dare to show their eyes
Those timid guy dare to express their anger from that bottom of their heart.
In front of him?
Obey more than a dog
Get down, get down, get up, get up.
Goethe’s outspokenness made Jelter "interested."
He hasn’t met such a person for a long time.
"I should be glad that my adoptive father didn’t treat me like you, otherwise I’m afraid I’ll be so sick that I have no appetite for dinner, right? It’s really disgusting. "
Goethe said happily with a face
This infuriating remark did not infuriate Jelter.
He is getting more and more excited.
He couldn’t help but say
"Come and say a few more words."

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