As a misty green light gushed from the sky, a series of screaming sounded around, and what they saw was clearly a gourmet fairy.

You know, as a relatively low-level cosmic planet, the highest-quality resources are usually only medium-grade fairy-level resources, and even top-grade fairy-level resources are rarely seen. Therefore, it is good for the local forces on the main planet to get a top-grade fairy, and the best fairy has always been an elusive dream.
Chapter 580 Catch turtles in a jar
The fairy in the sky was blindsided on the spot, and he felt sorry for the mountain axe in his hand, which was suitable for the control of the earth property fairy force and weighed more than the peak.
There is a gap of two grades between the two sides just as a magic weapon. The other side is also the realm of the late fairy in the sky, and it is impossible to sit in the position of the elder of Juxian League without any talent growth.
Not much, as long as there is a talent increase, with the help of the magic weapon on the gap between the two levels, he will lose!
"Big man, what are you still doing?"
Chen Han smiled with a sinister smile, and the immortal power of the wind was injected into the flying sword. He pointed to the sword and whispered, "The ethereal sword code-floating clouds flash!"
There are also levels of celestial art and martial arts. The cultivation speed of inferior art is slow, and the cultivated immortal power is complicated, and the power increase of inferior martial arts is relatively poor. Under normal circumstances, the art and tactics spread outside the super power are all inferior, and the top grade is rare. The real top grade, the best, and even the sacred art and tactics are all in the hands of the super power.
Like Chen Han’s later practice of wind attribute and mental method, it is a door-to-door mental method, which is absolutely top-notch in the field practice, but it can be put in the super power only for the most ordinary disciples to practice.
The elite disciples of the super power practice the best mind tactics, while the elders in the gate and the emperor’s clique practice the most profound and powerful holy secret code.
Clouds flash!
Not the kui is the fastest wind attribute sword tactic, with the ethereal tactic immortal power of the same top grade, the sword light flashed in front of the big fellow.
The biggest advantage of soil properties, regardless of physical fitness, mentality and fighting skills, lies in defense, and the biggest defect lies in speed.
The Yuan God and the immortal knowledge reacted, but it didn’t mean that the immortal power of the soil attribute could keep up. The big fellow had no time to attack the imperial weapon in a hurry, and directly grabbed the tomahawk and smashed it into the sword light that was extremely fast.
Bang …
The two figures flew backwards, and the defense of soil properties and mental methods was incredible. The big fellow was not hurt except for some fears.
Now he finally felt relieved, and the tomahawk waved a khaki streamer all over the sky, and shouted, "Boy, your talent growth is not as good as this one. Even if the magic weapon is clear, how can our defense be broken so easily?" The soil property and mental defense are unparalleled, and the ability to continue combat is unparalleled. After a long time, you will die! "
Sustained combat capability?
Chen Han almost didn’t laugh out loud. He is a blend of the innate elite of Yimu. He doesn’t need to absorb the external aura and take Dan medicine. Fairy power can be continuously bred.
Although the breeding immortal power is not as fast as the consumption of this high-intensity battle, it is enough to make his sustained combat capability several times higher than that of the immortal with the same order and the same physique. Even if the soil attribute constitution and mental method are stronger than the wind attribute, it is only a few percent of the gap, which is far from several times.
You can’t take Dan medicine in a fight, which is undoubtedly the biggest advantage for Chen Han, and no one present has better sustained combat capability than him.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Violent crash sounds are heard one after another, and high-intensity attacks are wave after wave. If Chen Han doesn’t talk, he simply releases the strongest attack.
As time goes by, there will always be a time when the immortal power is exhausted, and the big fellow is getting more and more frightened. According to the estimation, the immortal power of the other party should have been used up long ago. How can it still be attacking?
How is that possible?
Everyone’s heart is full of doubts, and they are deeply shocked. As long as the soil attribute constitution and the method can block the attack of the wind attribute, which side of the wind attribute will definitely lose the first step, but the truth that the five elements are mutually reinforcing is suddenly subverted by this unknown guy.
Hoo …
The big fellow’s face turned from pale to livid, and the immortal power in the body was consumed a little in the uninterrupted attack, until the last drop of oil was exhausted.
He was panting and his mouth was foaming at the mouth. He looked at the cold without red face and breath and exclaimed, "What the hell are you?"
"Stop it, I give up … Mom, Labazi, you still fight when I give up?"
"Blare … don’t hit the line, I really don’t have a fairy force …"
"Eldest brother, I know I’m wrong, I know you, stop fighting …"
In the end, the big fellow couldn’t stand up on the ground, and his immortal strength was completely consumed by Chen Han, and there was really no half left.
Now, don’t say it’s a fairy, even if it’s an attack by a person who fixes the truth in the golden elixir period, he has no strength to resist it.
The tip of the sword provoked the big fellow’s chin, and Chen Han smiled and said, "I was born with a double abdomen. Isn’t it a death to play terrazzo with me?"
This answer has made many people wake up. In reality, there are people who have demonstrated their talents, and this kind of physique is not unusual.
The two demonstrated fields, that is, the stored immortal power is doubled, which will not produce qualitative changes, unless it has a third-order special constitution, and it is just a fuss that the double demonstrated fields are not qualitative at all.
The big fellow can’t even lift his arm on the ground. What kind of way has he never seen before?
Killing, arson or being hunted down, there have been n bloody battles of life and death, but as it is today, I have not been hurt at all, but I have simply polished a fairy force. It is the first time that I can’t make a little force all over my body. I can’t even stand up without being injured and banned.
As an elder of Lian Xin Sect, if he still humiliates people like this, it would be worse than death. He just closes his eyes and pretends to be unconscious.
Immediately, two disciples came to carry him out, and Chen Han looked at Mu Ji with playful eyes: "I don’t know what kind of masters are there in your school to learn from a small person like me?"
"You …"
Mu Ji was speechless, and the first game was lost in the hands of the little people in his mouth. What are you talking about?
At this moment, Chen Han took the opportunity to send a message and said, "You and I are fighting for face, and we are competing with the elite masters in the sect. Let thousands of low-ranking masters watch, it is good to win, and the loser loses face in front of the younger generation. Does Pastoral Education really think it is good for each other? "
You can see at a glance that just after the defeat of the elders in the door, although those masters dare not say anything, their eyes are clearly full of anger and disdain.
You can guess with your toes, and they are blaming their elders for their incompetence. They lost and lost face, along with everyone else.
"We are fighting, not playing monkey tricks for these young players, as long as the people who take part in the fighting are present, and I don’t want to be despised by my own master when I lose, don’t you think?" Chen cold call said.
"So you mean …"
"The back hill of our sect is a retreat place for the elders in the gate. Today, all the elders have gone through the customs, and there is no one there, which is the best place to compete."
"Is it possible that the Pastoral Sect thinks that there will be something wrong with this seat?"
Chen Han’s look clearly showed a touch of disdain, as if laughing at the other party’s cowardice: "How many disciples of our school are known all over the world, and all of them are on the court today, and all the elite disciples of your school have come to our school. What’s the problem with Houshan?" If it’s an ambush in the array, how many clues can you detect even if the array method is ordinary? "
Think about it, it’s true. There are only two ways for the other party to play tricks, or ambush a large number of masters, but it turns out that all the people in Juxian League are on the scene.
Besides, the income of Juxian League can only support so many people there. If you want to attract more masters, their economic ability can’t keep up.
Another kind of ambush is the offensive array. As the peak of the later period, Luo Tianxian is a fairy in the sky. Unless the array is arranged by a master above the middle period of Chinese Xuanxian, or it is the top array of super powers, he can see at a glance that there is a problem. How can he rush into it foolishly?
Wen Yingchang, who teaches in the palm of the League of Immortals, is not in the late fairy period in Luotian, and there is no strong man above the middle fairy period, let alone the top array of super powers.
In a word, Juxian League has no ability to play tricks, and he can put his heart into ten thousand.
The real reason for his decision to go out to the back of the mountain is the existence of the seal of the treasure. Even if Juxian League squeezes out some money to hire a few masters, what can it do with him?
The first scene of humiliation is not human, which makes Mu Ji really don’t want to make a fool of himself in front of low-ranking masters. In turn, Juxian League doesn’t want this kind of thing to happen to itself. As a result, both sides ordered their masters to stay in Qianshan, and each sent an elder to take charge of the overall situation, so that these masters could learn from each other and compete with each other, and then each selected 10 people to go to the back mountain for secret competition.
"The scenery is pleasant and the breath is elegant. How about here?"
In a small valley in the back of the mountain, Chen Han tiptoes on a emerald grass, but the grass doesn’t bend and fall at all, as if it didn’t bear any weight.
Mu Ji was very pleased with Chen Han’s proposal, and his opinion of him was slightly better. He nodded and smiled: "Very good! We lost one game before, and we still don’t know who will win the remaining ten games. If we win by luck, if the outside world hears that Juxian League is vulnerable, don’t blame us for not telling you first. "

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