After a few seconds, she put chopsticks, took a paper towel, wiped her mouth and poured the whole dish into the sink without lingering.

….. When the boss has it, let him help bring a recipe.
Today, she discovered that cooking is quite interesting.
After getting the sand sculpture props, Baishi sneaked back to his room while the butterfly was distracted.
Although it is not too late, considering that there are not many masks left, Baishi plans to visit the haunted house again tomorrow.
[target liberation, resentment-ridden wandering souls]
When I first saw this, Baishi was once nervous.
But now that he’s confident, he’s not so flustered. At best, his liver is a little tired
[Coming into Virtual World Planning]
[Countdown to 5, 4, 3, 2, 1]
Out-of-body experience, once again, the whole body is changing rapidly.
After a few seconds, Baishi sat in the virtual space and looked at the front projection screen.
Chapter 49 Children are still young
Unlike Okuno’s ex-boyfriend, this time the target Sugiyama Jiangxu is a successful person with various meanings.
He has a gentle and beautiful wife, who is quite accomplished in art and is good at oil painting and sculpture.
The only regret is that he is grumpy and eccentric, and he is addicted to working and his wife, and he has no independent opinions. He listens to him until he finally raises a crooked child.
The career line was not finished, so he focused on the body of Akio Sugiyama, who had just been in kindergarten.
This child is gifted in some ways-from kindergarten, he was bullied by several young sports school bullies. After grabbing toys and food, he wrote "Good humiliate".
Baishi thought about writing "Send your son to a hand training class" in the planning of Sugiyama Jiangxu. Saiyan people should be cultivated from an early age.
In addition, in order to cultivate love and responsibility, you need to match a lovely pet … Just a spider with white forehead and high legs, which is strong enough to carry around and is not easy to be taken away by the school bully.
The liberation of wandering souls consists of two parts: one is to make them have no regrets, and the other is to prevent their souls from degenerating.
Make up for the child’s physical defects, and there will be nothing wrong with Baishi in terms of "eliminating regrets". Sugiyama Jiangxu will work hard by himself.
However, in terms of "preventing depravity", Baishi has no clue, and Shan Jiangxu has not shown too much moral defect.

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