Jize turned around and fled. His posture was not weak, and there were several pieces of blessing speed treasures and source skills that dashed more than 100 meters in an instant.
However, he was injured by the thunder bombardment, and the speed was hard to show.
Blink of an eye and be chased by Zhou Jia
"You can’t kill me. My father is the owner of the Ji family. I have a strong silver in the Ji family. You can’t live if you kill me!"
"Don’t kill me. I won’t say anything."
"I swear!"
On his deathbed, Kizawa frantically shouted threats, begged for mercy and bargained for the other side to save his life.
Once upon a time
There are also many such people at his feet.
It was his turn.
Life and death are in his hands.
Zhou Jia wielded an axe to chop off his head and shouted, but the body staggered and fell to the ground.
"You didn’t escape?"
Turned Zhou Jia with a surprised look at Sue nine ye.
"What a surprise!"
He will definitely run away, although this will not change the ending, but he can always delay for a while, and maybe there will be a turn for the better.
"You really shouldn’t have thought that" everyone except him was dead and his breath was weak.
But Su Jiuye’s brow was filled with inexplicable ecstasy.
"There is one thing you can’t think of more!"
Don’t stay Zhou Jiakou he has nasty way
"Every core brother in the Jijia family has a unique curse called" Lock Pulse and Blood Thread ".If someone kills them, they will be transferred to the murderer."
"If you are cursed, your strength will slide greatly, and your energy and weakness will be tracked by the secret method of Ji family."
"And this curse can’t be solved, even if the Ji family can’t solve it themselves!"
"Ha ha …"
Master Su has a long face and a wanton smile.
"What strength do you have left now? I’m afraid it’s a little stronger than when I first entered the black iron man. Will Su Mou escape again? "
"Well …" Zhou Jia eyebrows.
"So that’s it!"
"Blame it on you for not killing me first, but choosing to kill Jize first." Su Jiuye’s eyes were latosolic red and excited, and it was difficult to control his body trembling.
"Do you know how nervous I was just now?"
He danced and said
"I have been looking forward to your killing him quickly. Only by killing Jize can I have a chance to turn over and turn over in adversity."
"Ha ha …"
"God will live up to me!"
Long laugh, nine masters of China and the Soviet Union jumped high and cut off with double knives.
Lei Guang scroll blast knife mans also blew Sue nine ye fell to the ground and was immediately Zhou Jia step before one foot on the chest.
"Lock the pulse and blood line?"
Zhou Jia raised his arm light mouth
"Do you mean this?"
The filar silk blood line appeared on his skin.
"How is that possible?"
Su Jiuye’s face was dull and his heart was at a loss. He almost lost his mind because of the extreme peak and trough experience.
"How can you be all right?"
"I already have this thing." Zhou Jia shook his head regretfully.

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