Shi Haiteng is nodded seriously.

He’ll never forget how exhausted he was when his grandfather came out of the operating room, not far from Zhuang, Dean Tian and two other doctors.
"This little bastard dares to hang up on me!" Outside the tunnel in the imaginary city, the three brothers of Shijia squatted on the roadside and wanted to cry.
At the end of the operation, they just saw the stone and were unceremoniously driven out by Zhuang at first sight and thrown outside the tunnel.
Three people want to ask Zhuang for forgiveness not far away, but they don’t know what they are doing. Even if the car enters the valley through the tunnel, it will come out from the other side without knowing what to do. Even the valley shadow can’t be seen.
Three people wonder if there is a fork in the road in this tunnel?
After this, three people almost fought in the tunnel and were caught by the traffic police and taught a lesson.
There is no way for three people to desperately call their father and son.
"Otherwise … call the second sister?"
"Call your second sister?"
"The second sister is always soft … and can always convince."
"Yes, yes, my second sister loved me the most when I was a child …"
"Only the second sister can plead."
At this time, three talents thought of Zhuangma.
"That … that we have a try"
Three people are really going the wrong way.
Shi Yougang really can’t get along in the unit now. What’s the good day for offending his big boss?
But he is actually in the best situation. The business model of Shi Laoer is gloves and white wolves. Now the capital chain is broken and the assets are frozen. The creditor’s door is exposed. It is said that even the family has been smashed.
I’m afraid my house and car will be taken back by the bank in a few months, and my family doesn’t know how to live in Nut State.
"We’re so miserable that second sister won’t ignore it …"
The mobile phone is connected
"Hello second sister?"
There is no sound across the street. Click and hang up.
"She hung up?"
"Second sister actually hung up on me?"
Just then, a long-distance running car came out of the tunnel.
The car stopped at the side of the road and two people came.
Zhuang dad is holding a mobile phone in his hand.
"Who is calling?" His eyes swept three people.
All three people stayed away.
Have you been waiting for me to talk in the tunnel?
The other two people refer to Shi Yougang together.
"I told you, this group of dogs can’t change their habits." Dad Zhuang sneered. "Fortunately, I helped your mother change her number."
"Mom, you really dare to call my daughter-in-law when my warning is false!" He rolled up his sleeves and showed a ferocious smile. "Don’t start work, son, let me do it myself!"
Zhuang is not far away. "Really?"
"It’s not a piece of cake for me to hit these three people …" Zhuang Dad sneered at you when I was a bad middle-aged man.

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