"Return three pieces?" Yanji shivered.

"Just buckle a source crystal once?"
Zhou Jia sighed lightly
He does understand what happened. The more powerful and complicated the procedure, the more difficult it is to have layers of deductions.
This was the case in his company department in those days.
This matter may not have been solved by the Gan Kun Dao Ke Jing, and even if it is checked, it will be difficult for outsiders to sort it out.
No one knows who is clean and who is not clean in this process
"This matter can’t be forgotten like this."
Yan Ji gritted his teeth and glared at Bai Yuan.
"I won’t kill him today, but I’ll break his leg. A source stone is enough to buy his legs."
Bai Yuan a face of fear he knew Yan Ji really dare to start work.
At that time, it was also because some strangers Yan Ji had an argument with several cousins, but it was really fatal at that time.
"I’ll return that one."
"I can’t find the door … I know how to enter the outer door. Brother Yan forgives me. It really has nothing to do with me."
"I’m just an errand boy"
"Outside the door?" Yanji sneers.
"I have to find you when I go to the outer door?"
Did Yu ever take money from him and refuse to do things? Is there any reason to ignore him?
"Forget it"
See Yan Ji really going to start work Zhou Jia had to stretch out his hand to stop him again.
"In order to find a place to live in Hongzeyu, it’s actually quite good to be outside the door, and there are not so many disputes."
"Yes, yes" Bai Yuan nodding.
"Everyone’s head is crushed to be a younger brother, but it’s not that good to be a younger brother. It’s not being bullied."
"Outside the door brother everyone is a local tyrant …"
His voice did not fall, but he was screamed by Yan Ji with a foot in his stomach.
"Brother Zhou"
Yan Ji took a deep breath and his eyes were red.
"This is my thoughtless door …"
"Yanxiong" Zhou Jia raise my hand positive color way
"If I say it’s true, I’ll be satisfied if I can face the corvee and pay taxes."
There really isn’t much difference between his inner door and outer door.
"You …" Yan Ji stared at Zhou Jia seriously for a moment before slowly nodding.
"Let it be"

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