"That’s not … it’s not a case technique!" Shimabukuro Makie ceng got up and tried to make up a suitable story with a cold sweat in her hand.

But the other party didn’t listen to her.
Du Linbiao had made a plan and said, "I believe you heard about the witch in the shrine …" As soon as he didn’t remember the name of the word, he changed his statement to "meet certain moral standards before you can bear it."
"Of course, I will find them to confirm before the transaction.
"A just man won’t let go of the bad guys in front of him or wronged a good man. I hope you want to kill them for a legitimate reason, otherwise you may not be qualified as a witch …"
Chapter 434 The scenery is really murderer
As soon as Shimabukuro Makie received too much information, the whole person was stunned.
Du Linbiao relaxed and sat in the chair. The pocket part of the windbreaker fell right on the chair surface.
Shimadai Junyi glanced over there and felt that the convex shape in her clothes was not quite right. She stared at it for a while and gradually reacted. It seemed to be a … gun?
….. This person turned out to be serious?
Realizing this, Shimabukuro Makie heard her thump thump heartbeat.
She is not a pervert who can’t get happiness in the process of killing, and she wants to do it herself because she doesn’t want to see the three people who laughed and burned her mother at large.
If someone can kill those three people, if she doesn’t, then she …
People seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages can make Shimabukuro Makie want to promise to come at once.
But her conscience tells her that she can’t let others take the responsibility for killing herself.
But soon Shimabukuro Makie found herself thinking too much-the choice was not in her hand.
Although the man in black put a "ba" at the end of the sentence and asked for advice, it seems that it is purely a meaningless tone. The root is not asking her "how is it" but informing her that it is a deal.
"I heard that the arrow should be prepared for you at one o’clock every year to keep the divine power-just put it here before twelve o’clock." Du Linbiao knocked on the table to indicate that "I’ll come and get it."
"…" Shimabukuro Makie has a feeling of being forced to buy and sell.
Now the problem she faces is not "whether to ask this person to help kill people" but "whether to eat the overlord’s meal or honestly hand over the arrow"
I’m sure it’s impossible to choose the overlord meal, so people won’t hesitate to kill her for long …
Shimabukuro Makie himself didn’t notice the magnitude and ordered a head.
Du Linbiao looked at her thoughtful expression and said, "I’m not worried that the dead won’t be with you-you just broke into the room and rummaged around and were threatened to hand over a few arrows, and you stopped me from killing people. You tried your best."
"…" Shimabukuro Makie just nodded and wanted to ask him what he was so skilled in picking pots for others, but he was afraid …
Finally, I said "thank you" in a low voice.
After a while, I suddenly remembered that the black dress person just thought there were few arrows. She quickly asked, "By the way, how many arrows do you need?"

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