"No, no," bulykin quickly changed his mind. "Zhang, you have great strength, fast speed and strong body. You don’t need to judge anything. Do you know what I mean? You need to go over and push the opponent’s ball, and that’s you. "

Zhang Tiehan was stunned. "You mean to foul?"
"It’s not a foul, it’s a reasonable position. That’s how English football defense works. If you are strong enough to get stuck in a good position, you will win." bulykin said that he seemed to be afraid that Zhang man of iron was not white and asked, "Can you understand that?"
Zhang Tiehan black face nodded "I’m not that stupid …"
"Don’t emphasize Zhang. We know you are very clever," bulykin said seriously.
Bulykin dialect is really not very nice. It took Zhang Tiehan several breaths to suppress his anger and sigh that his face is really weak in wisdom.
Ps for tickets for collection!
Chapter 10 Three Defensive Measures
Bulykin is sometimes annoying, but he is the team’s main centre-back, and his defensive ability is still very strong. Zhang man of iron knows very well that he is not better than bulykin’s defensive skill, but he has a physical advantage.
"Running over to push away the opponent and grab the ball … sounds simple," Zhang Tiehan thought.
Before, every time I went to grab the ball, I had to’ see through’ my eyes and see through my opponent. He could see through it at the first time if he wanted to change direction or make a fake move, but it would make my opponent feel sad and it was not easy for him to grab the ball from his right hands and feet.
In addition to the choice of the ball, the opponent can also eat his own roots directly, so he can’t react.
Bulykin said that the method can really be tried.
It’s much more brutal to do this before grabbing the ball in memory. Many times, if you don’t grasp the’ degree’ well, you will be worse than yourself before the foul.
"I can definitely do better when I steal my body."
Zhang Tiehan began to try to do this.
The foundation left to him before is very good. bulykin said that he would understand almost everything.
In the team’s small-scale confrontation training, he kept grabbing the ball and running fast. The player who chased the ball squeezed the opponent’s card holder to steal it.
He soon got the hang of it.
In fact, everything is much simpler with’ seeing through’. He greatly simplified the process of individual stealing into three steps-
Run to the stuck position and push each other away.
Running past is naturally faster. Zhang man of iron is very explosive and can easily catch up with the dribbler. No one on the team can run faster than him, let alone when the other team dribbles.
Keep your eyes on your hands and feet when you run, and he will find a good position.
This’ good position’ means that if the opponent’s body and football are carrying the ball before, he must push the ball forward with his feet. When he controls the ball, he will always go to the ball. If he has great strength and small strength, he will have such a force to exert himself. Then people and the ball will have the ability to’ see through’ and quickly find this when he turns around and directly squeezes the opponent.
After Li’s body separates his opponent from the football, he protects the ball. All he needs to do is to push his opponent away, which makes it easier. He has to push his back and ass backwards. Few players can resist this.
The three steps sound simple, and it is not easy to do them.
He has the strength to’ see through’ the cocker position and needs to be inserted between the opponent and the football. If it moves a little too much, it will kick the other side or cause other physical collisions, which is likely to be a foul.
Pushing away opponents is also a technical job.
Unless it’s the perfect position to keep the opponent behind, it means a foul, because the field can’t benefit too much from shoulder and arm strength
I trained this day
After dinner, Zhang Tiehan did an hour’s shooting training and then went back to the dormitory to watch the videos of the defense masters, which would inspire his defense.
Soon the next day, in free confrontation and small-scale tactical training, Zhang Tiehan began to practice card defense. This kind of practice needs to be defended again and again, but it is not too high. Soon, every time he defends, he can know some scales, such as where the opponent needs to exert his strength to avoid fouls, such as how to isolate the opponent from the football for the first time.
Of course … the trainees don’t feel so good.
For example, Andy Riddell is the core of the team’s midfield and the offensive commander. His work is very important in the team, so his personal skills are naturally excellent and he has great experience in ball control.
Often the ball is safe when it is at his feet, and few players can snatch it from his feet.
But in these two days, Dell felt that he had suffered a lot.
This new guy, Zhang, has already met this guy. Whether he plays cards according to common sense or not, he always sticks to his roots. No matter what’s more important, this guy doesn’t know what’s going on. Every time he looks at it, he can be directly seen through what he does.
This’ rude’ guy doesn’t have any artistic beauty of football, so he is brutally thrust over and pushed him away.
Often there are two consequences in the end-his ball is taken away or the other side fouls!
Time and time again, Dale learned quickly and sighed that this guy was * *. At the same time, whenever he saw Zhang Tiehan rushing over, he always gave the ball to his teammates at the first time, which was the least safe and his life would not be threatened.
"Zhang, you are so rude …" Liddell wry smile way that expression is like a kannika nimtragol that has just been tossed for a few hours.
There is a training match going on at the stadium.
Zhang Tiehan was assigned to the substitute team, and Dell was the core of the main midfield team. He just tried to cheat Zhang man of iron and was crushed to the grass.
Even if he is prepared to face a powerful ass offensive, Dell still feels ability.
Ass alone is not a foul.
What’s more important is how this guy’s ass has so much strength that he can’t help but take a step back and fall to the ground without supporting his body.
Zhang Tiehan is embarrassed to touch the back of his head and smile. That expression looks like a koo, which makes people distrust Liddell. He feels that he has completely seen through this guy’s roots.
He did it on purpose!
Zhang Tiehan didn’t care so much. After grabbing the ball, he immediately handed it to his teammates.
Riddell is still good. He has suffered a lot from Zhang Tiehan’s defensive deficit in normal training. As the saying goes,’ A fall into a pit and a gain in wisdom’ has made his first reaction when he saw Zhang Tiehan coming by himself.
But others don’t know!
Although I have seen Zhang Tiehan grab the ball many times, in their view, it is also different from others, but it is good for the body to crowd out the opponent. If you rush out, you are likely to be cheated directly.
They don’t believe it.
The fruit is robbed again and again …
With Zhang Tiehan, who keeps running and grabbing the ball in front of the restricted area, it greatly disrupts the opponent’s attack. Playing in the reserve team is a colorful performance and not in the main team.
"This young man is really good. He is very decisive!" Assistant coach Lester Brown stared at the figure in the field and said, "I didn’t expect him to defend so well."
Dever said, "His steals are excellent and decisive. Perhaps his only shortcoming is that he can’t grasp the overall situation well. If his opponent keeps hitting the ball, he can’t do anything."
"You ask too much, Paul! This is League One. If opponents keep having problems with the ball first, they will! " Sterbrown laughed
Dever think also nodded.
Sterbrown is absolutely right. This is League One, not Spanish or Portuguese League One, but English League One.
English football is not too short. Premier League teams are better, especially in junior leagues. Too short often means more mistakes. Few teams are good at subtle short cooperation.
It’s enough to watch that running figure just because of his excellent stealing ability.
After 20 minutes of training, Zhang man of iron kept running and grabbing the ball, and he completed nine perfect steals and fouled three times, all of which were minor fouls. Roots would not get a card.
It was only after 20 minutes that the players of the main team learned to be smart that Zhang Tiehan’s steal data was not quickly refreshed.
Stebrawn couldn’t help wondering, "It’s strange that Zhang has such excellent defensive ability. Why should Manchester United sell him?" That’s Manchester United. They don’t seem to have sold the genius system. "
"He had a problem with Portuguese Ronaldo and fought at the game. You should have seen it this time," Dever said.
"Good luck for us, too."

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