The "beauty" of her body and the "light" of Sal’s body are that the amber worm has awakened.

While Torvatus, Amirus and Kamahl are "amber" with lower clarity, and the worms have not yet woken up.
Reminiscent of "budding lovers" awakening, they still break away from the "prototype" body … For example, it’s like a frozen skin. Although the body is crumbling, it still embeds the devil and makes the law completely emerge.
Reconnect what he saw with his own eyes. Russell was finally able to determine …
The "fate" of the attacking elves is the fourteen most powerful demons who have awakened or have not yet awakened.
Their designers will use the elven battery or pedestal to make these evil forces.
The solid soul of the elves can bind the devil, and their "fate" may be some way to suppress, seal or induce the demon power …
-So who are these elf designers? Those dragons?
-what number of elves will be so much more than the number of attacking elves? Nowadays, the number of elves is much more than the "ten thousand possibilities" of psionics, that is, there are more than ten thousand demons sleeping in the dream world, but the number of elves who can seal the devil’s name has never increased …
A puzzle solution brings more doubts.
He already had some answers in his mind, but there was no detailed evidence. He decided not to speculate for the time being that those unresolved ambiguities came first to produce diametrically opposed answers.
Anyway, after he saw the knotted pistol today, Russell had an increasingly strong hunch-
I don’t know how many people have kicked the accelerator after this shabby car went downhill.
Directly bombing the civilian boat crew, personally intervening in Sal’s chairman, even coming to Sally Ruth without waiting for a day, and specially inviting him here to Amirus …
….. and from the "embers" school who hoped to accelerate the destruction of the world, he saved himself from the crashed boat.
Now things must be developing faster than people expected.
How many people are involved?
How many people are still in control of this situation now?
Russell doesn’t know.
But he can be sure-the moment of revealing all secrets is getting closer and closer.
Chapter 29 Bubble-3
[Warning that you have entered the silent zone. The network link has been broken]
[Warning that you are in the monitoring area, and everything you say may be recorded. If you continue to stay in this area after receiving this notice, you will be deemed to have known and allowed the unit to monitor the recording]
Russell floating car suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.
The network signal icon on the farthest side of his vision suddenly jumped from full grid to "signal" in an instant.
"… this is the black area?"
Russell was a little surprised. "Underground area?"
He had seen the black area in the former Sogo Island urban area, where the coders gathered, but it was the first time Russell had seen such a large black area in the urban area …
Once you enter the black area, it means that all types of lines are cut off-broadcasting, calling, video, positioning and navigation will be paralyzed, and those wired monitoring devices that set up fixed-area wired telephone connections can operate normally.
This means that once the remote control freight truck passes by here, it will lose its signal and stop at the side of the road, and if a criminal hides here, the head office can also locate his specific location
It is doomed to be very inconvenient to establish urban areas in the dark areas in the era of automatic navigation and remote control.
And this whole special park-about more than 20 fifty-story high-rise buildings are in the dark area.
All the surrounding buildings are coated with special black paint, which can absorb magnetic waves very efficiently, so that even if someone enters the black area with disk-like networking equipment without relying on chips, it can effectively suppress the opposite signal.
Now it’s completely dark, but these buildings are darker than the sky. Those dark buildings are like monsters in nightmares.
"Is a secret …"
Mr otter said with a wry smile from the floating car.
Seeing Russell coming from the floating car, he realized that he had to wait for a few seconds before he realized that the girl with pet dog temperament had not followed.
….. Shouldn’t she be monitoring the youth scouts?
Have you been bribed by the youth so soon …
Mr Otter became more cautious when he was startled.
"Mainly to prevent the theft of important research materials … This happened before."
Mr. Otter said cautiously and softly in a low voice, "Simply build a black area to study the most important data."
"Don’t you have a network security department?"

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