This doesn’t send a few people behind the mountain, and the Taoist gathering pace will also be sent away

At the same time, I brought him a copy of the spiritual fruit produced by the Green Emperor’s Spiritual House.
People also have a home and a room to come to him. It’s a job in a different place
It’s natural to go back to my family after the New Year.
At this time, in addition to Lingqing, there are only four people left in the view: Grandpa, Aunt, Sense and Wen Jun.
Three aunts and Wen Jun are going to stay in the mountains for the New Year, while Grandpa and a brainwave are not in a hurry because Brother Zhong is not busy yet.
Now is the first Chinese New Year since Daoqing concept was established.
Today last year, Ling Qing still lived in her old house at home.
Qingyun Mountain is still a barren mountain.
Looking at the appearance changed, Qingyun Mountain was also in a trance for a while.
However, after more than a year, he is only one year older now when he remembers his identity information.
At this time, his face is a few years younger than before.
But his actual age is already in his thirties and almost forty.
When you are in secondary school, you will still consume your life.
That is to say, if there is no way to live forever, it is very likely that the secondary school will not have a good life for a few years after coming back for decades.
Manmu Qingyun Mountain turned a circle.
Lingqing suddenly felt that the five hills were a little small.
Not to mention that southern Xinjiang has occupied thousands of miles of Zhushan religion in Fiona Fang.
Even when the mountain gods were deputy, there was a mountain range with dozens of hills.
He planted a hilltop oak seedling and now it looks decent.
All kinds of fruit trees in Taoshan bear fruit even in the first year.
There is also a peach tree that has been raised by the dysplasia dragon staff and turned into a spiritual root.
But these things have occupied all parts of Qingyun Mountain.
He brought back all kinds of bamboo and flowers from southern Xinjiang, and there is no place to grow them.
Not to mention all kinds of poisonous flowers and weeds, all kinds of poisonous insects and methods, there is no place to put them.
Good spells are forbidden in the warehouse
Thought of here, Lingqing turned to the altar in front of Sanqing Hall.
Reach out and lift the yamagata tripod cover with Longshan handle with one finger.
Looking at the model of Qingyun Mountain handle in the turbid evil spirit Yuan Ding, I found that it has been completely condensed and formed, but it is still not satisfactory.
Since the second time, he used the power of the Dunsha array to enhance the mountain array method, the coagulation speed of the handle has been several times faster.
Look at this state, it won’t be long before it can be completely condensed.
Sweeping away the dust, the Qingyun Mountain model shows 72 detective trees.
The air conditioner condenses into a shield to cover Qingyun Mountain.
At the same time, there is a pair of array diagrams looming.
The detective tree was brought out by him from Laoshan Mountain and planted directly as a mountain array to protect the mountain.
Nowadays, the same array blessing has cultivated some power enough to make it work.
Lingqing looked at the law of the underworld and the handle of Qingyun Mountain and gradually got some ideas.
Chapter three hundred and eleven More gas again
In the Jade Book of the Qing Emperor, there is the method of offering sacrifices to the Taoist Palace in the Qing Que.
This practice will be able to temporarily accept the Qing Emperor’s Lingfu in the Qing Dynasty.
Although Lingqing doesn’t have the ability to make peace now, it will be refined into Qinghuang Lingfu.
At the same time, there is no such thing as refining a Taoist palace from offering sacrifices.
But he can refer to the practice of refining Taoist Palace to build Qingyun Mountain.
He’s planning to go to a cave in Qingyun Mountain to sacrifice and practice.
This cave, of course, can be mustard, sumeru is equivalent to a small world.
Now he has nothing to do, but he can think about it in a blessed place.
Before, he put five yuan on the five peaks of Qingyun Mountain in the altar and turned it into a spiritual place.
Now that the terrain has become this vitality, the savings are enough, and the mountain protection evil array has grown up.
Even the handle of Qingyun Mountain is about to condense
This side of the world can be said to be the best in his hands.
Now it’s time to try to promote to the blessed land.
Blessed land refers to the residence of Shenxianju; Also known as Taoist temple.
It is said that immortals are far away from the world of mortals and do not live in the secular world.

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