Said Xiao Fan raise my hand a recruit all sword mans dissipate soon it was that a rusty sword flew back to Xiao Fan side suspended.

Chapter 1112 Mercenary group out
Xiao Fan easily won the power to beat the horse’s carbon strength, which shocked the whole mercenary group.
Even the old colonel stared at this time. I didn’t expect Xiao Fan’s strength to be so horrible!
"Who else doesn’t? Xiao Mou’s challenge today will be accepted, but there will be no such opportunity after today! " Xiao Fan bash elbows cold eyes look at all words mixed with a method to shake the majesty!
Field crow
To tell you the truth, no one dares anymore.
Xiao Fan’s strength is too fate.
And several of his masters who reached the middle level of God were also eager to try, but at this time they all lowered their heads like frost and eggplant.
It’s a joke. They’re just as good as Ma Tan. Marten is so defeated. They’re even more embarrassed. It’s better to be an honest man with their tails between their legs. Don’t offend this powerful new colonel, otherwise there will be no good results.
After the absolute strength shocked this group of mercenary members, Xiao Fancai picked up the corner of his mouth and sat back in the chair. Lang said, "Since you Xiao are sitting in this position, you will definitely develop our’ death group’ and make everyone rich!"
"Colonel, this is not just shouting slogans!" A veteran league member said angrily.
"That’s nature. You horses will know if you just shout slogans!" Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a pick leisurely say
As soon as the words sound just fell, a mercenary finally ran in and bowed down on one knee toward Xiao Fan. "Colonel, someone outside asked for a big business, and he had already discussed it with Colonel before discussing it in detail!"
"Good, it’s not too slow. Let him in!" Xiao Fan nodded his head.
Everyone cast a puzzled look towards Xiao Fan.
A little while later, a bloated old man came in quickly from the outside with two guards in luxury.
"Old Zhao Gang has seen the head of the’ Death Corps’!" The old man with a red face fuels toward Xiao Fan handing Jianli.
"Zhao master before we talk about things are you sure? Come to order? " Xiao Fan picked the corner of his mouth. Although he didn’t know the old man, he knew that he was a crocodile god, so he began to play.
"Hehe, I made sure that the old lady didn’t come here today to order, but brought the money. I hope that the’ death group’ can act as soon as possible to solve those things for the old lady!" Zhao Gangshen said that he immediately nodded to the guard behind him. The two guards took a step forward at the same time and took out two huge wooden cases from the bosom.
Inside the box, it suddenly exploded and shone brightly.
One box is full of strange stones, all of which are four veins, while the other box is full of countless treasures. Although it is worth a glance for Xiao Fan, it is a wealth that everyone in the’ Death Squad’ can never dream of.
"Zhao Gang … I remember. Isn’t Zhao Gang the richest man in Tongbi City and the master of refining?" The old colonel thought for a long time and suddenly exclaimed.
"Ha ha is the old man!" Zhao Gang smiled and nodded at the old colonel, but he didn’t pay too much attention to him. He accepted the order of the crocodile god and knew that this young new colonel was a great person. He dared not be disrespectful.
"My god these … these are all rewards? What a big deal this is! " When others looked at him, their eyes were straight, and at the same time, their hearts were deeply impressed by Xiao Fan.
Although the old colonel didn’t mistreat them when he was in office, his business was not very good, even though his possessions accumulated over the years were not more than this time, right?
And this new colonel Xiao Fan has just got such a huge business. No wonder he just dared to brag.
"Boss Zhao is welcome!" Xiao Fan knew that no one would come out against himself when he saw everyone’s expression at the corner of his mouth, but the fire was not enough now, and he had to add another handful of firewood!
Xiao Fanda licked his lips and announced, "The league members asked Boss Zhao to entrust us to pick them up, and I don’t want any of these wonderful stones and treasures. It’s all of you according to the credit!"
As soon as this sentence came out, everyone was boiling.
Why don’t the head of the team be everyone?
Wouldn’t everyone get a pot full of money?
You know, the rule of the former’ Death Squad’ was that after each completion, half of the reward should be paid to the squad, and only half of them can get it.
"In addition, it will not only be distributed according to this model after this time!" Xiao Fan went on to say, "I’ll take out 70% of what I need in the group and I’ll do it myself!"
What a big business!
Everyone moved up in succession, and Xiao Fan’s position in their minds instantly rose to the top!
So, the head of the delegation is simply holding a lantern, and he can’t find such a good man, who is strong and kind-hearted. How can he think about opposing him before?
The faces of the elders such as Ma Tan are also eclipsed. They ask themselves, if they become the head of the delegation, they will not enrich themselves at the meeting, but they are not as selfish and generous as Xiao Fan.
"This small … is too skillful to buy off the whole group’s heart so simply?" The old colonel looked at Xiao Fan dumbfounded. He suddenly found that he knew too little about the young man, and now he is even more impenetrable.
"It must be extremely difficult for the head of the delegation to entrust such a huge commission?" Horse carbon hesitated before fuels and said
"Natural difficulties but let’s mercenaries? What’s not dangerous when you lick your blood and put your head on your belt? This is the purpose of our mercenaries! " Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a young way
"Yes, the head of the delegation is absolutely right!" Horse carbon one leng nods
"Boss Zhao, please tell our members the details of this entrustment!" Xiao Fan nodded to Zhao Gang laughed
"Well, let’s get this straight!" Zhao Gang sat in a mercenary’s chair and moved a few butts to find a comfortable position. Then he said leisurely, "It’s really simple. The’ zombie protoss’ has become more and more rampant recently. A few days ago, he also robbed the old lady of a batch of goods. Not everyone can bully the head office. This entrusted matter is to hope that the whole million miles of’ zombie protoss’ in Fiona Fang will be wiped out with the help of the strength of the mercenary group!"
"What? "protoss?" Yet a immediately everyone was dumbfounded.
Although the protoss is a small race, there are still many masters in the clan. How can they accomplish this with their small’ death squad’?
"Please rest assured that when I discussed this matter with Boss Zhao, I had already considered various factors. It is really difficult to complete this entrustment with the strength of the current’ Death Squad’, but don’t forget that our Death Squad was not independent before the crocodile god came. At this time, I have asked the adults to send experts to help us. Naturally, the experts are also sent from the group. You don’t have to worry about getting less benefits this time!" Xiao Fan raised my hand to press the pressure and motioned for everyone to be quiet before Lang said
"It’s worthy that the head of the team is really amazing!" Everyone smell speech immediately relieved to tout Xiao Fan.
The old colonel is even more suspicious of what virtue the crocodile god is. He knows perfectly well that he can beg him to come out. What did this Xiao Fan do?
It’s a pity that even this old colonel generation can’t understand why.
Zhao Gang stayed here for a moment and then took people away, which was officially hung up and completed in ten days.
Xiao Fan was prepared before this. First, he sent people to inquire about all the protoss in Fiona Fang.
After all, he didn’t intend to destroy this race department, but he had to repay it at the beginning, and it was enough to directly mop up their department in Fiona Fang, where the activities of the protoss are the most frequent.
A few hours later, the crocodile god sent his hand.
Newcomers, a total of 30 people, are all masters of the median god realm, and five of them have reached the peak of the median god realm. Even Xiao Fan is not sure that one of them will be easily defeated.
After several secret warfare meetings, Xiao Fan divided the’ Death Corps’ mercenaries into ten groups, one of which stayed at the old camp, and his Jiuzu dispersed to start with the surrounding industries of the Protoss.
Death’ mercenary group is action!
But one day later, Xiao Fan received a lot of headaches one after another, and when the report was just over ten hours, the nine teams sent out by the’ Death Squad’ actually lost half!
I didn’t know that the Death Squad was going to deal with the Death Squad, and the news spread like wildfire. The Death Squad was dealt a fatal blow by spending a lot of money to hire a dozen elite mercenary groups of the earth!
Even a famous expert in the realm of God has unfortunately fallen, which is a disaster for the’ Death Squad’!
"mom! There are ghosts! " Xiao Fan immediately came over in vain and resented a slap on the table. "Let everyone withdraw first and then reorganize the department!"
Chapter 1113 Playing tricks

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