"Xuan Xing, what is this?" Oboro finally got a chance to ask the question in his heart. Although the ferocious beast is a little cruel, it will never blow itself up so casually.

"There is a pearl in its lair, and I took it." Xuanxing’s face is wearing a wry smile. This vicious beast is really horrible.
"No wonder so …" Oboro-gravel mused that Xuanxing would take away someone’s guard baby and it would naturally find itself desperately.
"Xuanxing, take it out and let me see it." Oboro has heard of it, but he has never seen it because it is very rare.
Xuanxing’s right hand waved a pearl and a one-meter-high tender green plant appeared in front of him, and its muddy body gave off a burst of green light.
"One hundred leaves, this magic cheese has been around for some years." Oboro Li looked at this magic cheese in front of him with interest. "Unfortunately … it doesn’t do us any good." Oboro Li sighed. He also heard about it, which is of great benefit to those who have just ascended to the gods. "But you Xuanlin sent a lot of brothers. It can be called Zhenzongbao."
"That’s right," said Xuanxing with a smile. Although he was injured by this, Xuanxing felt that it was very precious in the divine world. There was a Shenjun mansion that was willing to exchange a Dan king for a bead of Shenzhi!
The best god Dan in the divine world is the extremely god Dan, but there is another special one, that is, the King Dan! It’s much more precious than Dan, which is just like the gap between the king’s artifact and the extreme artifact.
It is said that … even if the King of God is injured and wants a King of Dan, his injury will heal quickly. Having a King of Dan is equivalent to an extra life!
Dan Wang is attached to the process of refining the extremely god Dan. Each furnace of extremely god Dan can produce one Dan Wang, and the probability of refining Dan Wang is quite low! There are at least dozens of people in the divine world who can refine the extremely divine Dan, but over the years, these alchemists have refined six Dan kings. Of course, this means that no one can know how many Dan kings have appeared in the divine world.
A moment later, Xuanxing put away the magic cheese. "Let’s take care of this for some time." Xuanxing threw a golden magic pill to Obscure. Xuanxing soared to the celestial world and never refined it. He never bought it. These magic pills were all obtained from the rings of hundreds of dead gods.
Oboro took the elixir and didn’t say anything about cross legs directly. Then the elixir absorbed the efficacy of the elixir, and Xuanxing also healed quietly in the deep pit with Oboro’s cross legs.
After more than ten years, Xuanxing’s body injury base recovered almost, but instead of continuing to practice, they left the pit to explore the hidden treasures in the sacred land. After all, the sacred land has a deadline of one thousand years, and Xuanxing naturally does not want to spend a lot of time on healing. Anyway, their body injury base will not affect their future practice.
The celestial realm is like a marginal land. After walking in the dark stars for more than 200 years, it still hasn’t reached the end of discovery.
Xuan Xing also discovered a dozen hidden God Arras. After breaking those God Arras, he got several advanced medicinal materials. It can be used to refine the extremely God Dan, but there are also hundreds of top medicinal materials in Xuan Xing’s ring. These are the hundreds of dead gods left by Xuan Xing, who is not very satisfied with his harvest.
"Why aren’t these herbs cared for by beasts?" Oboro gravel asked doubtfully that he also had a god beast or monster beast hidden in all the god arrays.
"Except for some plants, there doesn’t seem to be anything in this sacred land before life. The ferocious beast should be an anomaly." Xuanxing was also puzzled by this. He could guess so.
"Are there these broken medicinal materials in the territory of the gods?" Oboro gravel some discontentedly muttered their dragon root is not good at alchemy, even if he gets a lot of top medicinal materials.
"Didn’t the King of God Yu Guo say that things in the realm of God have something to do with the realm of God, and these herbs can really make some ordinary gods make a small fortune?" Xuanxing comforted the oboro.
On the way to go on for several months, Xuanxing Oboro discovered a hidden god array, and what was hidden in that god array was still high-grade medicinal materials. Seeing this, not only Oboro was disappointed, but also Xuanxing.
If there are some medicinal materials in this sacred land, there is no need for them to stay here. Anyway, it is easy for them to buy some advanced medicinal materials from the sacred land with a large number of crystal.
"Xuanxing, should we go out? Anyway, there’s nothing good here." Oboro Li took the lead in putting up with these broken herbs. He hasn’t looked around yet. If he wants to finish, he can return to the dragon territory to collect a ring!
"Also …" Xuanxing was about to agree with Oboro’s opinion, but he suddenly felt that the purple bead in his body seemed to jump slightly for a moment and then it didn’t move again.
"What is this?" Xuanxing secretly thought that he was not seriously injured at this time, but the purple bead suddenly moved.
For a moment, Xuanxing’s face was full of doubts, and at the same time, his brow was slightly wrinkled, which made him feel a little curious. "What happened to Xuanxing?"
"It’s nothing. Let’s not rush out to visit the God’s land." Xuanxing casually said that Xuanxing would go to the right, and the oboro gravel could be followed by Xuanxing.
After following Xuanxing for hundreds of miles, Oboro was too lazy to walk. "What’s good in front of Xuanxing?" Oboro asked, although he didn’t want to continue walking, it seems that there is something good waiting for him in front of Xuanxing, and Xuanxing just suddenly changed his direction. Oboro wondered what it was.
"I don’t know. Let’s move on." Xuanxing should be honest. He just suddenly had a strange feeling that something on his right seemed to call him, but this feeling appeared for a moment, and Xuanxing didn’t know what that feeling was just now.
About two hours later, "there is an array of gods on Xuanxing’s side", and Oboro gravel called Xuanxing in a hurry.
"Oh?" If it hadn’t been for the oboro-gravel awakening Xuanxinggen, you wouldn’t have found this nearby god array, because he didn’t have the knowledge to check the situation around him.
After waking up from the oboro gravel, Xuanxing soon found that there was indeed a god array hidden on his left side. Although Xuanxing had no hope for the things in these god arrays, since he was touched by himself, it was also called charging by the way. Anyway, it was not difficult to break a god array.
At this time, Oboro has come to the side of the God Array to offer his extremely Excalibur and then thrust it at the eyes!
"Boom … boom …" Only two oboros have broken the hidden array of gods in front of them.
After breaking the array of gods in front of him, Oboro suddenly froze there, but his eyes were staring at the land in front of him tightly, which made him quite excited.
I saw a bamboo lacquer black plant standing quietly in front of the oboro gravel, and the top of it was covered with a fist-sized lacquer black fruit silk with a black halo, and the skin of the fruit flowed.
"Shengyuan fruit?" Xuanxing also felt a little surprised after seeing the painted black plant. I didn’t think that Oboro had actually touched a sacred fruit, and this sacred fruit was about to mature.
Shengyuan fruit, Zilin, often eats explosive Yuanguo, which is the same and can be promoted, and they are suitable for demon cultivation or beast.
Explosive fruit is a kind of god for pure growth, but it is suitable for young and growing animals.
The sacred fruit is an upgrade of the explosive fruit, which can not only improve the beast’s self-cultivation, but also improve the mood, even if it is a mature beast!
The oboro-gravel is the sacred fruit of a mature intermediate beast, which is just suitable for oboro-gravel. If oboro-gravel is repaired, it is very likely that it will break through the middle and late stages of the gods in a short time! And there is no negative!
"Congratulate on the oboro" Xuanxing smiles to say.

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